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University of the Sacred Heart
Faculty of Liberal Arts Department of Education
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Associate Professor
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Human Environmental Science, Graduate School, Doctral Research Course in Human Culture, Ochanomizu University
Life Sciences, Graduate School, Doctral Research Course in Human Culture, Ochanomizu University
Department of Human Environmental Engineering,Division of Human Environmental Science, Faculty of Human Life and Environmental Sciences, Ochanomizu University

Awards & Honors

Nov 2017
Achievement of one of the most cited papers of the last 10 years, Architectural Science Review
Winner: (Shin-ichi Tanabe, Yuko Iwahashi, Sayana Tsushima, Naoe Nishihara)

Published Papers

Creating and investigating the efficacy of a check sheet to implement ESD into home economics classes
K. Kaga, M. Seno, H. Ohya, N. Narafu, N. Nishihara, R. Imoto, N. Sato, Y. Sato, Y. Shimura
61(3) 140-151   Nov 2018   [Refereed]
Causal Modeling Between Workplace Productivity and Workers’ Satisfaction with Various Spaces in Office Buildings
Takaya Kojima, Tetsuya Sakuma, Naoe Nishihara, Tatsuya Hayashi, Jun Munakata
Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering   16(2) 409-415   May 2017   [Refereed]
Class Practice in Primary School about Kasanegi (Wearing Clothing in Layers) for ESD
Naoe Nishihara, Yoko Ito and Kyoko Ono
Journal of Home Economics   9(2) 95-106   Feb 2017   [Refereed]
Teaching Materials for Living Environment Studies, Focusing on the Hot Summer Environment: An Experiential Lesson at an Elementary School and a Kindergarten Teacher Training Course
SEISHIN Studies   128 176-196   Jan 2017
Shin-ichi Tanabe, Masaoki Haneda, Naoe Nishihara
Building and Environment   91 42-50   Sep 2015   [Refereed]
Naoe Nishihara, Pawel Wargocki, Shin-ichi Tanabe
Building and Environment   71 153-164   Jan 2014   [Refereed]
Richard. J. de Dear, Takashi Akimoto, Edward A.Arens, Gail Brager, Christina Candido, David Cheong, Baizhan Li, Naoe Nishihara, S. Chandra. Sekhar, Shin-ichi Tanabe, Journ Toftum, Hui Zhang,Y. Zhu
Indoor Air   23(6) 442-461   Dec 2013   [Refereed]
Shin-ichi Tanabe, Yuko Iwahashi, Sayana Tsushima, Naoe Nishihara
Architectural Science Review   56(1) 4-13   Jan 2013   [Refereed]
Cerebral Blood Flow during Mental Tasks with Individually Controlled Task Fans
Naoe Nishihara and Shin-ichi Tanabe
Proceedings of CLIMA 2013 (11th REHVA World Congress & the 8thInternational Conference on IAQVEC)   (USB(4pages))    2013   [Refereed]
Office Worker's Productivity and Thermal Environment
Naoe Nishihara
Young Researchers Forum, Fourth International Conference on Human-Environment System (Sapporo)      2011   [Refereed]

Books etc

Creating the Productive Workplace -Places to work creatively-
Derek Clements-Croome Edition (Part:Contributor, Chapter 9 Workplace productivity: fatigue and satisfaction, pp.135-147)
Routledge   Sep 2017   

Conference Activities & Talks

Measurements of thermal environment and heart rate of elderly people during sleeping in summer
8 Dec 2018   
Does office workers’ awareness of electricity conservation affect the relationship between their thermal environment and their performance? Comparative analysis before and after the great east Japan earthquake
Naoe Nishihara, Shin-ichi Tanabe, Katsumi Niwa, and Masatoshi Kuboki
ICHES2016   2016   
Class practice in primary school about Kasanegi (wearing clothing in layers) for ESD
Naoe Nishihara, Yoko Ito, Kyoko Ono
XXIII IFHE world congress 2016   2016   
Evaluation of sewing lessons for elementary school students in an after school care program in a local Tokyo community
Naoe Nishihara, Yuko Kamei, Rie Imoto, Kyoko Tsubouchi
XXIII IFHE world congress 2016   2016   
知的生産性に関する研究 その7〜その9
西原直枝、田辺新一、柳井崇、多和田友美、高橋幹雄 、野崎尚子、加藤信介、伊藤一秀
1131-1136頁   2011   

Research Grants & Projects

Indoor Environmental Quality and Office Workers' Productivity
Project Year: 2000   
The Regional Differences of Human Responses to Local Cooling
Project Year: 1999 - 2001
Thermal Comfort of Cooling Vest
Project Year: 1996 - 2001