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Toyo University
Faculty of Regional Development Studies
Ed.M(Harvard University)
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Shingo Ashizawa is a professor at Toyo University in Tokyo. His research involves the comparative study of higher education management and quality analysis of the internationalization review process. His publications include “The role of Higher Education in Development of Global Jinzai-Global competence and Leaning Outcome Assessment-”(2014) , “Strategies and Assessment for Internationalization in US Higher Education” (2008) and “Developing Evaluation Criteria to Assess the Internationalization of Universities” (2006). Currently, Prof. Ashizawa is leading a joint-research project focusing on learning outcome assessment of international programs, supported by a Japanese government agency (JSPS).
Prof. Ashizawa is teaching a number of courses including “Invitation of Study Abroad” and “Cross cultural collaboration workshop.” As outgrowth of these activities, he has been organizing several online communities for global education such as “Global JINZAI 5000” and “RYUGAKU NO SUSUME Dot JP.”
As a Fulbright scholarship grantee, he studied at Harvard Graduate School of Education. His past professional experience includes positions at the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), Keio University, Osaka University, and Meiji University.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

:Professor,Organization for International Collaboration,Meiji University
:Professor, Meiji University Organization for International Collaboration
:Keio Academy of New York, Business Officer
:Osaka University, School of Engineering, Associate Professor
:Keio University
:Keio Academy of New York
:Council on International Educational Exchange


International Education, Graduate School of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Committee Memberships

Oct 2010
Japan NPO Research Association  
Aug 2002
Japan Comparative Education Society  
Aug 2002
Japanese Association of Higher Education Research  

Published Papers

Educational mobility and the role of UMAP in the Asia-Pacific region
Internationalisation of Higher Education, International Association of Universities [IAU]   95-109   2017   [Refereed]
“Disseminating the Impact of Study Abroad:-What can We Accomplish through the GJ5000 Project?- ”
RYUGAKU KORYU, JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization)   1-10   Oct 2014
 “The Role of Higher Education in the Development of Global JINZAI -Global Competence and Learning Outcome Assessment”
Journal of the Japan Association for Developmental Education, Vol.9, No.1   9(1) 42-50   Apr 2014   [Refereed]
“Qualitative Analysis of Learning Outcomes of Study Abroad Programs”
RYUGAKU KORYU, JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization)   1-7   Nov 2012
“National Agenda for Recruiting International Students and Highly Skilled Human Resources”
RYUGAKU KORYU, JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization)   1-14   Jan 2012
“International Development of Japanese Universities”Chapter 4,Section 3 (focusing on the funding situation of Japanese Universities), SIH Final Report
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)   107-130   Dec 2009
“Strategies and Assessment for Internationalization in US Higher Education” Reviews in Higher Education Vol.100
Research Institute of Higher Education, Hiroshima University Hiroshima University   (100) 33-48   Jul 2008
“For the Process of Developing Evaluation Indicators and a Pilot Study” Chapter 5, Scientific Research Spending Project Report
Developing Evaluation Criteria to Assess the Internationalization of Universities      Mar 2006
“Non-academic University Staff in Foreign Countries (United States of America)”, Chapter 5, Reviews in Higher Education Vol.79
Research Institute of Higher Education, Hiroshima University   (79) 25-32   Mar 2004
Co-author of the “TeamUp RoadMAP”, a web-based guide to building strategic U.S. –Japan educational partnerships- for today’s new era in student mobility

Books etc

“International Student Mobility and National Policy in Japan” Chapter 1, P.13-38, Internationalization of Japanese Universities and the International Mindset of Japanese Students
Gakubunsha   Oct 2013   
“Foreign Credential Evaluation in China, Korean and Japan” Chapter 7, P.172-199, Asian Regional Governance of Higher Education
Keiso-shobo   Feb 2013   

Conference Activities & Talks

“Next Generation Employability: Strategic Approach towards Employability of students in Japan”
Australian International Education Conference   11 Oct 2018   
National Policies as Drivers of Internationalization in Russia, Brazil, and Japan “Strategic Internationalization and Government Initiative in Japan”
NAFSA Annual Conference   31 May 2018   
University Mobility Networks in Asia: What are they good for?
Session 7, UMAP Sessions, APAIE annual conference 2018   28 Mar 2018   
The Future of Regional Cooperation and Student Mobility
Session 4, UMAP Sessions, APAIE annual conference 2018   27 Mar 2018   
“Global dialogue: how is international education responding to the rise of nationalism around the world?”
2017 Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) 2017   11 Oct 2017   
Student Mobility and Credit Transfer in Asia and the Pacific, New Horizons: Dissolving Boundaries of a Quality Region,c
2017 APQN Annual Conference (AAC), Moscow   26 Mar 2017   
Long-Term Impact of Study Abroad and the Role of University Network─Strategic Partnerships for Maximizing Student Learning Outcomes— [Invited]
CJSJ / JSPS Symposium New Topics, New Technologies and New Times: Japan Ahead, University of California at Berkeley   24 Feb 2017   
Strategic Approach for Global Partnerships and Effective Use of the UMAP" in "Innovations in Student Mobility - How We Cultivate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development- [Invited]
Sophia ASEAN Hub Center, Bangkok   27 Jan 2017   
Lessons and Methods in Outcomes Assessment in International Education
EAIE Annual Conference, Liverpool   15 Sep 2016   
Potential and Challenges to Mobility: The Emergence of National Qualifications Frameworks in Asia
APAIE annual conference 2016 , Melbourne   2 Mar 2016   
Exploring Long-term Impact of Study Abroad Experience: Fostering Global-Minded Workforce
APAIE annual conference 2016, Melbourne   1 Mar 2016   
Towards Establishment of a NQF in Japan Future Form of Recognition and Qualification Framework [Invited]
2016 ERI-Net Annual Meeting on Education Strategies and Responses to Globalization and Regionalization, UNESCO Bangkok Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education   22 Feb 2016   
Towards a National Qualification Framework (NQF) A Case Study of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Japan
Expert Meeting on Developing Regional Guidelines for National Qualifications Frameworks in Asia and the Pacific ( UNESCO Bangkok Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education)   28 Jul 2015   
Identifying, Establishing, & Maintaining Partnerships between Japan and the US
CULCON Forum   20 Mar 2015   
TeamUp to Create a 21st Century Workforce
Presenter for the CULCON Session at 2015 AIEA Annual Conference   20 Mar 2015   
Effective Use of E-Portfolios for Assessment of Learning in International Education
Session Presenter at 2015 NAFSA Annual Conference   27 May 2015   
Defining the Term 'Global Competency' within Global Content
Session Presenter at 2014 NAFSA Annual Conference   2014   
Taskforce Member for CULCON Education Taskforce
Jan 2013   
Exploring e-Portfolio and other Assessment Methods in International Education
Session Presenter at 2013 NAFSA Annual Conference   2013   
Assessing International Learning Outcomes: Exploring E-Portfolios
Session Presenter at 2013 AIEA Annual Conference   2013   
Japan Rising: The Future of the World’s Third Largest Economic Power, organized by Asia Society Southern California
Internationalization of Japanese Universities and Global JINZAI (Talent)   10 Nov 2011   
Quality assurance and internationalization review process; Europe, US and Japan
Session Presenter at 2011 EAIE Annual Conference   2011   
New Strategic Approaches in Collaborating with Third Parties: A Comparative Study between US and Japan
Session Presenter at 2011 AIEA Annual Conference   2011   
Effective Institutional Review towards Comprehensive Internationalization; US and Japanese contexts
NSF-JSPS joint symposium   2008   
Internationalization Review in US and Japan
2008 APAIE Conference   2008   
Comparative study of Foreign Academic Credential Evaluation in North America, Europe and Asia
2008 CIES Annual Conference   2008   
Effective Institutional Review and Performance Indicators for Assessment of Internationalization
2006 NAFSA Annual Conference   2006   
Changes in Japanese Universities and their Implications for International Education
2005 NAFSA Annual Conference (Workshop)   May 2005   
Developing Evaluation Criteria to Assess the Internationalization of Universities
Session Presenter at 2005 NAFSA Annual Conference   2005   

Research Grants & Projects

Global JINZAI 5000 Project: a data base project on 5000 professionals who experienced study abroad
Scientific Research Spending Project - A: ・Comparative Study of Long Term Impact of Study Abroad  ・Developing Evaluation Criteria to Assess the Internationalization of Universities
Scientific Research Spending Project -B: ・Learning Outcome Assessment of International Programs  ・Comparative Study of Foreign Academic Credentials among Higher Education Institutions
GCN (Global Campus Net) –Osaka: Online Community for International Students and Researchers