Shinya Ogaya

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Shinya Ogaya
Saitama Prefectural University
School of Health and Social Services Department of Physical Therapy
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Associate Professor, School of Health and Social Services, Division of Physical Therapy, Saitama Prefectural University
Apr 2017
Apr 2018
Researcher, Service Robotics, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Apr 2011
Mar 2017
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy, Osaka Prefecture University
Apr 2009
Mar 2011
Rehabilitation, Kyorin University Hospital
Apr 2005
Mar 2007
Rehabilitation, Kameda Medical Center


Oct 2011
Sep 2014
Department of Mechanical Science and Bioengineering, Graduated School of Engineering Science, Osaka University
Apr 2007
Mar 2009
Division of of Human Health Scieces, Graduated School of Medicine, Kyoto University

Published Papers

Ogaya S, Kubota R, Chujo Y, Hirooka E, Ito K, Kwang-Ho K, Hase K
Human movement science   61 109-116   Oct 2018   [Refereed]
Ogaya S, Kubota R, Chujo Y, Hirooka E, Kwang-Ho K, Hase K
Gait & posture   58 88-93   Oct 2017   [Refereed]
Theorical prediction of the role of co-contraction during balance recovery in elderly
Shinya Ogaya
Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology   17(5) 1750085   Aug 2017   [Refereed]
Ogaya S, Iwata A, Nonaka K, Higuchi Y, Fuchioka S
Topic in Geriatric Rehabilitation   33(1) 57-61   Jan 2017   [Refereed]
Ogaya S, Okita Y, Fuchioka S
Journal of Biomechanics   59(14) 3381-3386   Oct 2016   [Refereed]
Ogaya S, Iwata A, Higuchi Y, Fuchioka S
Gait & Posture   48 1-5   Jul 2016   [Refereed]
米津 亮, 鈴木 淳也, 山縣 学, 齋藤 聡佳, 大橋 由佳, 小栢 進也, 淵岡 聡
日本義肢装具学会誌   32(3) 190-193   Jul 2016
Ito K, Nonaka K, Ogaya S, Ogi A, Matsunaka C, Horie J
Journal of electromyography and kinesiology : official journal of the International Society of Electrophysiological Kinesiology   28 76-81   Jun 2016   [Refereed]
Nagai K, Okita Y, Ogaya S, Tsuboyama T
Aging clinical and experimental research   29(2) 231-237   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
Ogaya S, Naito H, Iwata A, Higuchi Y, Fuchioka S, Tanaka M
Journal of applied biomechanics   31(4) 275-280   Aug 2015   [Refereed]


高井 逸史, 樋口 由美, 小栢 進也
総合リハビリテーション   41(5) 481-485   May 2013   [Invited]
小栢 進也
地域リハビリテーション   12(3) 208-214   Mar 2017   [Invited]

Conference Activities & Talks

Muscle contributions to knee extension during early stance phase in knee osteoarthritis patients
Shinya Ogaya
XXVI Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics   Aug 2017   
Strength training reduces suprapatellar effusion thickness in elderly: Randomized controlled trial
Shinya Ogaya, Yumi Higuchi, Shihori Aoki, Ayaka Matsushima, Akira Iwata, Satoshi Fuchioka.
10th Asia/Oceania Regional Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics   Oct 2015   
Muscle contributions to the center of mass acceleration during balancing against external perturbation
Shinya Ogaya, Koutatsu Nagai, Yusuke Okita, Koji Nonaka, Satoshi Fuchioka
25th Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics   Jul 2015   
Role of muscle coactivation and reaction time in postural perturbation in the elderly
Shinya Ogaya, Koutatsu Nagai, Yusuke Okita, Koji Nonaka, Akira Iwata, Yumi Higuchi, Satoshi Fuchioka.
International Society for Posture & Gait Research World Congress   Jun 2014   
Joint contact force at medial compartment of tibio-femoral joint decreases in toe-out gait
Shinya Ogaya, Hisashi Naito, Akira Iwata, Yumi Higuchi, Satoshi Fuchioka, Masao Tanaka.
World Congress on Osteoarthritis   Apr 2014   

Research Grants & Projects

Simulated motion anlysis
The effect of music on human movement