NAGATA Yukihiro

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NAGATA Yukihiro
Former Institution / Organization Kagoshima University

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Medicine, Kyushu University
Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu University


Localization and significance of fibronectin in peri-implantation mouse embryos
Asia-Oceania J. Obstet. Gynecol   15(2)    1989
Effect of Aging on Human Oviductal Epithelia in Culture
ARTA   1    1990
Effect of the Secretions from the IUD-Bearing Uterus on Peri-Implantion Mouse Enbryos
Contraception   41(6)    1990
Isolation and Monolayer Culture of Human Fallopian Tube Epithelial cells.
In Vitro Cell Dev. Biol.   27A    1991
Clinical and laboratory evaluation of patients with premature ovarian failure in 7 University Hospitals
Jpn. J. Fertil Steril   37(1)    1992

Books etc

The diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis-the current situation in Japan, in New concepts in the diagnosis and treatment of genital endometriosis (edited by L. Mettler).
The Parthenon Publishing Group   1988   
Co-culture of mouse embryos with human oviduct epithelial cells.
Recent developments in fertility and sterility series   1991   
Hypothalamic amenorrhea
JSIR 1993-Proceedings of the 7th Annual Meeting held in Kagoshima
Japan Society for Immunology of Reproduction   1992   
Transmission of HTLV-I from mother to fetus via placenta. JSIR 1993-Proceedings of the 7th Annual Meeting
Japan Society for Immunology of Reproduction   1993   

Research Grants & Projects

Preimplantation diagnosis of embryo
Studies on bone density and bone metabolism in pregnant and postpartum women
Studies on mother-to-child transmission of HTLV-I