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Former Institution / Organization National Institute of Health and Nutrition Nutritional Epidemiology Program, Project for Bio-index
Job title
Chief Researcher
M.D., Ph. D.(Jikei University)


Faculty of Medicine, Jikei University

Published Papers

Senpuku H, Miyazaki H, Yoshihara A, Yoneda S, Narisawa N, Kawarai T, Nakagawa N, Miyachi M, Tada A, Yoshida G, Shimada M, Ohashi M, Nishimuta M, Kimura Y, Yoshitake Y
SpringerPlus   5 244   2016   [Refereed]
Yamamoto N, Shimada M, Nakagawa N, Sawada SS, Nishimuta M, Kimura Y, Ohashi M, Asai H, Miyazaki H, Lee IM, Blair SN, Yoshitake Y
Journal of physical activity & health   12(10) 1421-1429   Oct 2015   [Refereed]
Physical performance and 10-year mortality in a 70-year-old community-dwelling population.
Takata Y, Shimada M, Ansai T, Yoshitake Y, Nishimuta M, Nakagawa N, Ohashi M, Yoshihara A, Miyazaki H
Aging clinical and experimental research   24(3) 257-264   Jun 2012   [Refereed]
Estimated equilibrated dietary intakes for nine minerals (Na, K, Ca, Mg, P, Fe, Zn, Cu, and Mn) adjusted by mineral balance medians in young Japanese females.
Nishimuta M, Kodama N, Shimada M, Yoshitake Y, Matsuzaki N, Morikuni E
Journal of nutritional science and vitaminology   58(2) 118-128   2012   [Refereed]
Equilibrium energy intake estimated by dietary energy intake and body weight changes in young Japanese females.
Miyamoto K, Nishimuta M, Hamaoka T, Kodama N, Yoshitake Y
Journal of nutritional science and vitaminology   58(6) 431-437   2012   [Refereed]


Molybdenum balance in healthy young Japanese women
J Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology   20 245-252   2006
Fluoride intake from food and liquid in Japanese children living in two areas with different fluoride concentrations in the water supply
Caries Res   40 487-493   2006
Effects of a 21 day metabolic study on serum opsonic activity in female college students, assessed by a chemiluminescence technique
Luminescence   21 256-261   2006

Conference Activities & Talks

Magnesium requirement and affecting factors
11th Int. Mag Sympo, Kashikojima   2006   
Estimated average requirements for calcium and magnesium: data from human balance studies
Int. Symposium Health Aspects of Calcium and Magnesium in Drinking Water, Baltimore   2006   
Effects of risk factors for chronic degenerative diseases on magnesium metabolism in human
8th European Magnesium congress, Cluj-Napoca, Romania   2004   
Balance of Mg positively correlates with that of Ca
10th International Magnesium Symposium, Cairns, Australia   2003   
Magnesium homeostasis before and after high intensity (anaerobic) exercise
9th International Magnesium Symposium、Vichy   2000   

Research Grants & Projects

Primary prevention of chronic degenerative, Risk factors for chronic degenerative diseases
Project Year: 1986 - 2008