Asaga Hiroaki

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Asaga Hiroaki
Meiji University
Graduate School of Humanities
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2008
Apr 2007
Mar 2008
Associate Professor
Apr 2003
Mar 2007
Associate Professor
Apr 2003
Mar 2005
Apr 2002
Mar 2003


Apr 1988
Mar 1991
Major in Biology (Developmental Physiology), Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Graduate School of Tokyo Metropolitan University
Apr 1981
Mar 1985
Science Department (Major in Biology), Faculty of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University

Published Papers

Health promoting function of curry: A practical report of creating a new menu item reflecting concepts of cancer prevention and anti-aging
Tatsuya KANAOYA, Takuto ISSIKI, Asami KONISHI and Hiroaki ASAGA
Journal of Practical Education and Biology   53 8-15   Aug 2012
N. Shimada, S. Handa, Y. Uchida, M. Fukuda, Mitsugu, N. Maruyama, H. Asaga, E. Choi, J. Lee, A. Ishigami
J. Neurosci. Res.   87 798-806   Aug 2009   [Refereed]
Functional Evidence of Collagen (Gelatin) and Collagen Peptides by Oral Administration
48 5-11   Jan 2008
Dynamic aspects of citrullinated proteins in human epidermis.
Hiroaki ASAGA and Akihito ISHIGAMI
Medicine and Biology   152(1) 26-33   Jan 2008   [Refereed]
Hiroaki ASAGA and Akihito ISHIGAMI
Cell Mol. Biol. Lett.   12(4) 536-544   Jun 2007   [Refereed]


A plant factory-like apparatus as an experimental teaching material for science education: assembly and experimental procedures
Bull. Arts Sci. Meiji Univ.   509 117-129   Sep 2015
The Methodology of the Ethanol Patch Test as an Experimental Teaching Material in Life Science
5 77-92   2013
Peptidylarginine deiminases and citrullination in the central nervous system.
Hiroaki ASAGA
Bull. Arts Sci. Meiji Univ.   434 7-33   Mar 2008
Studies on the Mechanism of Recognition of Collagen by Fibroblasts Using a Reconstituted Dermal Model
Tokyo Metropolitan University (Doctoral thesis)      1991

Conference Activities & Talks

Mouse Macrophage Engulfs Color Emulsion Particles: A Study toward the Development of Novel Observation Method for Animal Cells
Asaga Hiroaki
Asian Association for Biology Education (AABE)   1 Dec 2018   
"Involvement of NDPK in signal transduction systems coupled to cell growth and differentiation. Fifth International Congress of the Genetics, Biochemistry and Physiology of NDP kinase/nm23/AWD,Lexington,KY,USA"
"Narimichi Kimura, Yasushi Ishijima, Nobuko Shimada, Mitsugu Fukuda, Kyoichi Akiyama, Takako Ohsawa, Hiroaki Asaga, Nobuko Kimura"
"Fifth International Congress of the Genetics, Biochemistry and Physiology of NDP kinase/nm23/AWD,Lexington,KY,USA"   13 Nov 2003   
The role of NDPK in the NGF signaling cascade of PC12D cells. 第76回日本生化学会大会.
Yasushi Ishijima, Naoshi Ishikawa, Nobuko Shimada, Mitsugu Fukuda, Kyoichi Akiyama, Takako Ohsawa, Hiroaki Asaga, Nobuko Kimura, Narimichi Kimura
Oct 2003   
Deiminated proteins in the brain of Alzheimer's disease. The 26th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Biomedical Gerontology (Japan-Korea Gerontologists Joint Program), Nagoya International Congress Center, Nagoya, Japan.
Ohsawa, T., Ishigami, A., Hiratsuka, M., Toda, T., Asaga, H., Akiyama, K., Maruyama, N., and Kimura, N.
Jun 2003   
Protein deimination (citrullination) in the model of neurodegeneration. (in English) The 15th Naito Conference on Molecular Biological Approaches for Intractable Diseases [III], Shonan International Village, Kanagawa, Japan.
Asaga, H.
Oct 2002