MAEGAWA Hiroyuki

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MAEGAWA Hiroyuki
Former Institution / Organization The Nara Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station Production Technic Division
Job title
Head Researcher
Master's degree(Kobe University)

Research Areas



Tropical Economic Botany, Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, Kobe University
Toropical Economec Botany, Faculty of Agriculture, Kobe University


Studies on the Mechanism of Salt tolerance in Rice (Oryza sativa L.). Relation between salt content and photosynthesis.
Japan. J. Trop. Agr   31(2)    1987
The Influence of Low Temperature and Short-day Treatment on the Acceleration of Flower-bud Differentiation and Harvest Time of Strawberry.
Bull. Nara. Agri. Expt. Sta. 19, 1988. [In Japanese with English summary]   19, 39-46    1988
Effect of the Difference in Methods for Cooling and Short-day Treatment on Floral Initiation, Anthesis and Strawberry Yield in Forced Culturing
Bull. Nara. Agri. Expt. Sta. [In Japanese with English summary]   20, 41-47    1989
Effect of Fertilizer during Floral Induction in Strawberries
Bull. Nara. Agri. Expt. Sta. [In Japanese with English summary]   22, 43-48    1991
Studies on Fruit Coloring in Strawberry cv. 'Toyonoka'. (1)Varietal Differences in Characteristics of Coloration and Changes in Color Development of fruit surfaces during Maturation.
Bull. Nara. Agri. Expt. Sta. 23, 1992. [In Japanese with English summary]   23, 13-20    1992

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Labor-saving in Farm Work
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Environment Control in Green house
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