OOKA Chihiro

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OOKA Chihiro
Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute
Job title
Senior Coordination Officer
Dr.(Nagoya Univ.)

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Published Papers

OOKA Chihiro,IIDA Kouji,HARADA Masaki,HIRANO Koji,NISHI Yasuo
Appl Clay Sci   42(3-4) 363-367   Jan 2009   [Refereed]
The TiO2 pillared fluoromica powder was kneaded with polylactic acid resin. The composite showed high photocatalytic activity for degradation of acetaldehyde and toluene gas, especially at the range of 1–3 wt.% pillared mica powder, and this photo...
Chihiro Ooka, Hisao Yoshida, Kenzi Suzuki, Tadashi Hattori
Applied Catalysis A: General   260(1) 47-53   Mar 2004   [Refereed]
Three kinds of TiO2-pillared clay were prepared from different raw clays (montmorillonite, saponite and fluorine mica). Their surface hydrophobicities and performances in adsorption-photocatalytic degradation of toluene, trichloroethylene, ethylen...
Chihiro Ooka, Hisao Yoshida, Kenzi Suzuki, Tadashi Hattori
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials   67(2-3) 143-150   Feb 2004   [Refereed]
Four kinds of TiO2 pillared clays were prepared from different raw clays (montmorillonite, saponite, fluorine hectorite and fluorine mica), and their surface hydrophobicities and performances in adsorption–photocatalytic degradation of phthalate e...
Chihiro Ooka, Hisao Yoshida, Satoshi Takeuchi, Masaaki Maekawa, Zen’ichi Yamada, Tadashi Hattori
Catalysis Communications   5(1) 49-54   Jan 2004   [Refereed]
TiO2 nanoparticle in the pillared montmorillonite was crystallized to become anatase phase by treatment with aqueous hydrogen peroxide at room temperature without losing both the porous structure and the hydrophobicity of the pillared clay. The re...
YOSHIDA Hisao, NISHIMOTO Jun-ichi, MIYASHITA Yoshinori, OOKA Chihiro, KOMAI Shin-ichi, SATSUMA Atsushi, HATTORI Tadashi
Chemistry letters   32(11) 1030-1031   Nov 2003   [Refereed]
Employing silica as a support of TiO2 reduced the inhibition effect of chloride anion on photocatalytic activity for degradation of dibutyl phthalate in water. This support effect was largely observed in the cases of silica having larger surface a...
OOKA Chihiro, YOSHIDA Hisao, SUZUKI Kenzi, HATTORI Tadashi
Chemistry letters   32(10) 896-897   Oct 2003   [Refereed]
Hydrophobicity of TiO2 pillared clay prepared from different raw clays increased with the order of the raw clay; saponite < montmorillonite < fluorine mica. This order agreed with that of performance in both adsorption and photocatalytic degradati...
Chihiro Ooka, Hisao Yoshida, Masakazu Horio, Kenzi Suzuki, Tadashi Hattori
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental   41(3) 313-321   Mar 2003   [Refereed]
TiO2 pillared clay was applied for the adsorption-photocatalytic degradation of the endocrine disruptors with various hydrophobicities (di-n-butyl phthalate, diethyl phthalate, dimethyl phthalate and bisphenol-A). The hydrothermal treatment develo...
YOSHIDA Hisao, KAWASE Tomomi, MIYASHITA Yoshinori, MURATA Chizu, OOKA Chihiro, HATTORI Tadashi
Chem. Lett.   (8) 715-716   Aug 1999   [Refereed]
Titania-pillared clay could adsorb dibutyl phthalate(DBP), one of endocrine disruptors, and degrade it photocatalytically. Hydrothermal treatment of this material, which increased the crystallinity of titania pillars, enhanced the photocatalytic a...
Chihiro Ooka, Shigendo Akita, Yoshiaki Ohashi, Tatsuro Horiuchi, Kenzi Suzuki, Shin-ichi Komai, Hisao Yoshida, Tadashi Hattori
Journal of Materials Chemistry   9(11) 2943-2952   1999   [Refereed]
A novel pillared clay, i.e. pillared montmorillonite with crystallized TiO2, has been developed as a highly active photocatalyst. The TiO2 pillars in pillared montmorillonite were crystallized to anatase by hydrothermal treatment, while the porosi...
OOKA Chihiro, OSAKI Toshihiko, HORIO Masakazu, SUZUKI Kenzi
Nendo Kagaku   36(4) 175-179   Mar 1997   [Refereed]
Some molecules such as Pyridinum Chorolide (PC), Methylene Blue (MB) and VIctoria Pure Blue (VPB) were adsorbed on Alumina-pillared montmorillonite intercalated with different amount of pillar. The pillared montmorillonite was dispersed in adsorba...
OOKA Chihiro, OSAKI Toshihiko, HORIO Masakazu, SUZUKI Kenzi
Nendo Kagaku   35(4) 170-175   Apr 1996   [Refereed]
Alumina-pillared montmorillonites with different amount of pillar were prepared. The interlayer distance of these specimens was independent on the amount of pillar, i.e., ca. 9Å. The distance between pillars was estimated to be 9 to 17Å. The pilla...


名古屋市工業研究所研究報告   (98) 17-19   Feb 2014
岸川允幸, 大岡千洋
日本化学会講演予稿集   91st(2) 621   Mar 2011
名古屋市工業研究所研究報告   (94) 5-8   Jan 2010
日本化学会講演予稿集   89th(1) 727   Mar 2009
岸川允幸, 大岡千洋, 吉田寿雄
日本化学会講演予稿集   88th(1) 640   Mar 2008

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Application of clay porous materials to potocatalyst
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