OHNO Hisato

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OHNO Hisato
Railway Technical Research Institute

Research Areas


Published Papers

Measuring methods of lumincnace contrast between tactile walking surface indicators and their surrounding and adjacent surfaces at railway stations
Ohno, Hisato, Suzuki, Ayako, Akiu, Naohiro
Quarterly Report of RTRI   58(2) 145-152   May 2017
Analysis of backward falls caused by accelerated floor movements using a dummy
Nagata, H. and Ohno, H.
Industrial Health   45(3) 462-466   Jul 2007   [Refereed]
Development and utilization of Ride Comfort Simulator
Quarterly Report of RTRI   47(4) 205-210   Nov 2006
Tactile ground surface indicator widening and its effect on users’ detection abilities
Fujinami, K., Mizukami, N., Ohno, H., Suzuki, H., Shinomiya, A., Sueda, O., and Tauchi, M.
Quarterly Report of RTRI   46(1) 40-45   Feb 2005
Research on utilization of tactile tiles and behavior of visually impaired persons on train platforms
Mizukami, N., Fujinami, K., Ohno, H., and Suzuki, H.
Quarterly Report of RTRI   43(2) 58-62   Jul 2002
What aspect is needed for a better understanding of tilt sickness?
Ohno, H.
Quarterly Report of RTRI   37(1) 9-13   Mar 1996

Conference Activities & Talks

Preliminary Study on the Usability of Restrooms in Railway Stations by Vision-Impaired Travelers
H. Ohno, N, Akiu, M. Yamamoto, S. Hashiba, Y. Esaki
14 Dec 2019   
Study on possibility of luminance measurement using digital photos outside
Takahiro WATANABE, Hisato OHNO, Kazuma NAKAI
15 Dec 2018