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Nihon University
College of Humanities and Sciences, Department of Information Science
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Information Science, Graduate School of Science and Technology (Master's Course), Science University of Tokyo

Published Papers

Hamid Reza Moradi, Shigeru Furuichi and Zahra Heydarbeygi
mathematics   7(2) 1-7   Feb 2019   [Refereed]
We focus on the improvement of operator Kantorovich type inequalities. Among the consequences, we improve the main result of the paper [H.R. Moradi, I.H. Gümüş, Z. Heydarbeygi, A glimpse at the operator Kantorovich inequality, Linear Multilinear A...
Shigeru Furuichi
Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales. Serie A. Matemáticas   113(1) 255-266   Jan 2019   [Refereed]
We focus on the improvements for Young inequality. We give elementary proof for known results by Dragomir, and we give remarkable notes and some comparisons. Finally, we give new inequalities which are extensions and improvements for the inequalit...
Shigeru Furuichi and Hamid Reza Moradi
Open Mathematics   16(1) 1478-1482   Jan 2019   [Refereed]
Shigeru Furuichi, Mohammad Bagher Ghaemi and Nahid Gharakhanlu
Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society   42(1) 267-284   Jan 2019   [Refereed]
In this paper, we study the further improvements of the reverse Young and Heinz inequalities for the wider range of v, namely v∈R. These modified inequalities are used to establish corresponding operator inequalities on a Hilbert space.
Shigeru Furuichi and Hamid Reza Moradi
Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics   48(7) 2289-2309   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
We give some new refinements and reverses of Young inequalities in both additive and multiplicative-type for two positive numbers/operators. We show our advantages by comparing with known results. A few applications are also given. Some results re...

Books etc

A.M.Korsunsky et. al. (Part:Joint Work, pp.11-20(144頁中))
Melville, NewYork (American Institute of Physics)   Sep 2008   ISBN:978-0-7354-0573-8
We review the mathematical properties of the generalized entropies, based on our previous papers. This review is an extended version of our article [9]. The Tsallis entropy defined for a quantum state is uniquely derived from three axioms. A gener...
Aspects of Optical Science and Quantum Information
M.Abdel-Aty et. al. (Part:Joint Work, pp.1-86(382頁中))
Research Signpost   Dec 2007   ISBN:81-308-0147-7
Chapter 1 Tsallis entropies and their theorems, properties and applications

Conference Activities & Talks

Venus Kaleibary
日本数学会2019年度年会   19 Mar 2019   
日本応用数理学会環瀬戸内応用数理研究部会第22回シンポジウム   22 Dec 2018   環瀬戸内応用数理研究部会
On Some Results for Classical Inequalities
Ninth International Conference on Information   8 Dec 2018   
Refinements and reverses for some classical inequalities
Shigeru Furuichi
Mathematical Inequalities and Applications 2018   7 Jul 2018   
Mathematical properties of the hypoentropy and maximum hypoentropy principle
Shigeru Furuichi, Flavia-Corina Mitroi-Symeonidis and E.Symeonidis
Entropy 2018   15 May 2018   

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Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2019
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2019
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2019
Project Year: Apr 2017 - Mar 2018
Project Year: Apr 2017 - Mar 2018

Social Contribution

[Organizing Member]  International Information Institute  (Hotel Arcadia, Tokyo, Japan)  7 Dec 2018 - 9 Dec 2018
[]  MDPI  Mathematics  1 Oct 2018
Special Issue InformationDear Colleagues,Inequalities often appear in various fields of natural sciences. Nowadays, famous classical inequalities are still improved and/or generalized by many researchers. That is, inequalities have been actively s...
[Organizing Member]  International Information Institute  (Hotel Arcadia, Tokyo, Japan)  17 May 2017 - 19 May 2017


Mar 2019
Dec 2018
Karamata 型の不等式とそのエントロピーへの応用
Dec 2018
On Some Results for Classical Inequalities
Jul 2018   Refinements and reverses for some classical inequalities
Refinements and reverses for some classical inequalities
May 2018
Mathematical properties of hypoentropy and maximum hypoentropy principle