UENO Takashi

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UENO Takashi
Hakodate National College of Technology
Department of Material and Environmental Engineering
Job title
Dr in Applied Biochemistry(University of Tsukuba), Ms in Environmental Sciences(University of Tsukuba)
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Academic & Professional Experience

Purneswar Secondary School(Nepal)1995 Foundation for Advancement of International Science, Researcher1995-1996 Victoria University of Technology, Visiting Researcher1996-1998 University of Tsukuba, Visiting Researcher


Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Engineering, Kurume Institute of Technology

Published Papers

Surface modification of natural ink particles for hair coloring
Toshihiko Matsuura, Akihito Sugawara, Masashi Nishimura, Takuya Neichi, Ken-ichi Minato and Takashi Ueno
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics      2019   [Refereed]
Applying High-purity, Edible Squid Ink Dyes to Industrial Materials and the Future Market Outlook
Takashi Ueno, Toshihiko Matsuura, Yoshihiro Taya, Isao Shimono, Takanori Kobayashi,Ken-ichi Minato
Convertech International   1(2) 20-25   Nov 2016   [Invited]
Application of purified edible squid ink particles on fine chemicals.
Takashi Ueno, Toshihiko Matsuura, Yoshihiro Taya, Isao Shimono and Ken-ichi Minato
61(11) 46-51   Nov 2016   [Invited]
Application of purified edible squid ink particles on industrial materials and outlook of its new market.
UENO Takashi
521 40-44   Aug 2016   [Invited]
Toshihiko Matsuura, Sakura Nagai, Kou Ogasawara, Ken-ichi Minato, Mitsuo Sakai and Takashi Ueno
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   55 06GK01-1-06GK01-5   Apr 2016   [Refereed]


Utilization of canned pineapple syrup for lactic acid production.
Eighth International Symposium on Animal, Agricultural and Food Processing Waste   236-241   2000
The utilization of agricultural food waste by biochemical techniques such as fermentation to produce L(+)- lactic acid.
4th international agricultural engineering conference   915-922   1998
Takashi UENO, Hideo TANAKA, Takaaki MAEKAWA
Journal of the Society of Agricultural Structures, Japan   25(4) 231-237   1995
Takashi UENO, Takaaki MAEKAWA
Journal of the Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology   40(6) 400-405   1993

Books etc

Development of bioresource utilization technology from food processing wastes.
Koseisha Koseikaku   1999   

Conference Activities & Talks

Extracellular pigment production from Talaromyces purpurogenus and their applications
Sharad Bhatnagar, Takashi Ueno, Hideki
5 Sep 2018   
Feasibility of using Talaromyces purpurogenus pigment to improve photo current conversion efficiency in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells.
Cosmas T. Ugwu, Christiana N.Ogbonna, James Chukwuma Ogbonna, Takashi Ueno, Miduki Ohfune, Hideki Aoyagi
The 66th Annual Meeting of the Society Biotechnology, Japan   26 Oct 2015   
Cosmas T. Ugwu, Christiana Nwakaego Ogbonna, James Chukwuma Ogbonna, Takashi Ueno and Hideki Aoyagi
Annual Meeting 2014, The Society for Biotechnology   10 Sep 2014   


Separation and purification of squid ink pigments
2003 - 2005
Development of sepia ink from squid ink
Utilization of invertase contained grape waste for wire production

Research Grants & Projects

utilization of potato processing waste
Separation and purification of squid ink pigments
Lactic acid production from canned fruit syrup


Production method of organic acid and ethanol by a membrane reactor with ultrafiltration system