ITO Akio

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ITO Akio
Kindai University
Faculty of Engineering
Job title
Doctor(Science)(Chiba University)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Post-doctoral fellowship, Trento University,
Gifu University, Research Assistant
- Kinki University, Instructor


Graduate School, Division of National Science and Technology, Chiba University

Published Papers

The Investigation of the Present Condition for Alienation from the Science-related Course/Science and Technology Course
34 59-86   Dec 2004
Numerical Simulations of Ordinary Differential Equations Describing the Regional Economic Trends
34 87-111   Dec 2004
The Role Played to the Regional Community and Elementary/SecondaryEducation by Students of School of Engineerings and its Practices
53(6) 80-85   Nov 2005
Development of Teaching Materials of Mathematics Taking in the Mathematical Inspection
35 11-49   Dec 2005
Quasi-variational inequality approach to tumor invasion models with constraints
Current Advances in Nonlinear Analysis Related Topics GAKUTO International Series Mathmatical Scienc   32 365-388   Feb 2010


Asymptotic behaviour of solutions to phase field models with constraints
Funkcialaj Ekvacioj   39 123-142   1996
Asymptotic stability for Allen-Cahn model for nonlinear Laplacian with constraints
Advances in Mathematical Sciences and Applications   9(1) 137-161   1999
Inertial set for a phase transition model of Penrose-Fife type
Advances to Mathematical Analysis and Applications   10(1) 353-374   2000

Books etc

Large-time behaviour for phase field models
Nonlinear Analysis and Applications   1995   
Global attractors of time-dependent double obstacle problems
Springer Functional Analysis and Global Analysis   1997   
Attractors of nonlinear evolution systems generated by time-dependent subdifferentials in Hilbert spaces
South west Missouri State University Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations   1998   
Asymptotic stability for evolution equations governed by subdifferentials
Recent Developments in Domain Decomposition Methods and Flow Problems   1998   
Non-isothermal phase separation models : weak well-posedness and global estimates
Proceedings of International Conference on Free Boundary Problems : Theory and Applications (]G0002[)   2000   

Conference Activities & Talks

Stability of solutions to phase field model of Penrose-Fife type
Sep 2005   
Existence of Solutions to Tumor Invasion Models
Oct 2009   
System biology of stress response in the cultured cell -behavior of the thermal stimulus response portein-
Dec 2009   
The existence of time global solutions for tumor invasion models with constraints
8th AIMS International Conference on Dyn. Systems, Diff. Equations and Applications   May 2010   8th AIMS International Conference on Dyn. Systems, Diff. Equations and Applications
Responses of Cell to Stress -Analysis of Heat Shock Protein from System Biology-
The 9th Annual Meeting of Structural-Biological Whole Cell Project of Thermus thermophilus HB8   Aug 2010   The 9th Annual Meeting of Structural-Biological Whole Cell Project of Thermus thermophilus HB8

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Phase Transition Phenomena
Project Year: 1992   
Study on Damage Phenomena
Project Year: 2002   
Analysis(Mathematical Analysis)to Nonlinear Phenomena
Project Year: 2002