FUJIMURA Yoshihiro

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FUJIMURA Yoshihiro
Nara Medical University
Nara Medical University Hospital, Central Clinical Facilities, Department of Blood Transfusion Medicine
Doctor(Medicine)(Nara Medical University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 1998
Professor, Dep. of Blood Transfusion Medicine, Nara Medical University
Jan 1988
Sep 1998
Associate Professor, Dep. of Blood Transfusion Medicine,Nara Medical University
Jan 1987
Dec 1987
Assistant Professor, Dep. of Blood Transfusion Medicine, Nara Medical University
Jan 1984
Dec 1986
Research Associate, Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation
May 1978
Dec 1983
Dep. of Pediatrics, Nara Medical University
May 1978
Dec 1983
Assistant Professor, Dep. of Pediatrics,Nara Medical University
Jan 1974
Apr 1978
Physician of Pediatric Clinic, Osaka National Hospital
May 1973
Dec 1973
Physician of Pediatric Clinic, Nara Medical University
Research Associate
Nara Medical Nniv. Tecchiy Staff


Faculty of Medicine, Nara Medical University

Committee Memberships

Japan Transfusion Society, Kinki District  President

Awards & Honors

Erwin von Belz prize

Published Papers

Miyata T,Kokame K, Matsumoto M, Fujimura Y.
Hӓmostaseologie (in press)      2012   [Refereed]
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Jacob S, Dunn BL, Qureshi ZP, Bandarenko N, Kwaan HC, Pandey DK, McKoy JM,Barnato SE, Winters JL, Cursio JF, Weiss I, Raife TJ, Carey PM, Sarode R, Kiss JE, Danielson C, Ortel TL, Clark WF, Rock G, Matsumoto M, Fujimura Y, Zheng XL, Chen H, Chen F, Armstrong JM, Raisch DW, Bennett CL.
Semin Thromb Hemost (in press).      2012   [Refereed]

Books etc

Thrombotic microangiopathy. Recent Advances in THrombosis and Hemostasis2008
Fujimura Y, Matsumoto M, Yagi H
Springer-Verlag   2007   
FUJIMURA Yoshihiro
Int J Hematol (Education Program Book)   2003   
Structure and function of human von Willebrand factor : Coagulation and Bleeding Disorders
Fujimura Y, Ruggeri ZM, Zimmerman TS
Marcel Dekker Inc(New York and Basel)   1989   
Hemostasis and Thrombosis : Structure and function of von Willebrand factor.
Fujimura Y, Titani K.
Churchill-Livingstone(London)   1994   

Research Grants & Projects

Mechanism of platelet thrombi formation
Thrombotic microangiopathy