MII Yoshio

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MII Yoshio
Former Institution / Organization Nara Medical University University Hospital Central Clinical Facilities

Research Areas



Faculty of Medicine, Nara Medical University


Ultrastructural Cytochemical Demonstration of Proteoglycans and Calcium in the Extracellular Matrix of Chondroblastomas
Human Pathology   25 1290-1294   1994
Efficacy of Slow-Releasing Anti-Cancer Drug Systems on Transplantable Osteosarcomas in Rats.
Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology   25 61-71   1995
Biological Behavior of Experimental Osteosarcomas in Rats
The 11th Asia Pacific Cancer Conference      1993
Electron Microscopic Evidence of a Viral Nature for Osteoclast Inclusions in Paget's Disease of Bone.
Virchows Archiv Pathology   424 99-104   1994

Books etc

Osteosarcoma, Spontaneous and Chemically Induced, Rat. (共著)
Monographs on Pathology of Laboratory Animals, Springer-Verlag   1991   
Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma of Soft Tissue and Bone, Rat. (共著)
Monographs on Pathology of Laboratory Animals, Springer-Verlag   1991   

Research Grants & Projects

Treatment of bone tumors using hydroxyapatite materials
Project Year: 1995 - 2008
Experimental study on rat osteosarcoma
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 1980 - 2008
Pathological study of bone and soft tissue tumors
Project Year: 1976 - 2008