MIURA Hiroshi

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MIURA Hiroshi
Senshu University
School of Letters
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Oct 1989
Sep 1990
Phonetics, Phonetics and Linguistics, University of London
Oct 1990
Sep 1993
Phonetics, Phonetics and Linguistics, University of London

Published Papers

Peak latency variation in the pitch-accent of Japanese
ミウラ ヒロシ
19 >43-52   Mar 2005
Japanese Articulatory Settings and English Rounded Consonants
ミウラ ヒロシ
EPSJ Chubu Branch Special 10th Anniversary Issue   >81-85   Oct 2005
Customization of sound analyzer displays and their uses
ミウラ ヒロシ
Senshu University LL Workshop Proceedings   (8) >47-54   Mar 2007
Classroom Activities Using PC@LL Software and Some Proposals for Its Improvement
ミウラ ヒロシ
Senshu University LL Workshop Proceedings   10 >17-22   Mar 2009
Frisian diphthongs and English vowel change
ミウラ ヒロシ
87 >25-35   Oct 2010

Books etc

Phonics Sounds Theater 2
Nov 2007   
The Development of the Anglo-Saxon Language and Linguistic Universals, Volume 3
Senshu University Press   Mar 2009   ISBN:978-4-88125-221-5
Asakura Publishing Co.   Jun 2012   ISBN:978-4-254-51572-5

Conference Activities & Talks

Irish Accents of English
19 Oct 2007   
Frisian vowels: A discussion with reference to English
26 Jun 2010   
The Inner Circle and Acrolects as Learning Models
The 17th National Conference of the EPSJ   2 Jun 2012   The English Phonetic Society of Japan
The duration of the diphthongs of Northern and Insular Scots
8 Jun 2013   The English Phonetics Society of Japan
Geographical Variations of Scottish English Monophthongs
9 Nov 2013   The English Phonetics Society of Japan - the Kyushu-Okinawa-Shikoku Branch

Research Grants & Projects

The pronunciation of English
Language change and accents of English