NITTA Yoshihiko

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NITTA Yoshihiko
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Aug 1976
Jul 1977
Operations Research, Graduate School, Division of Information Systems, Stanford University
Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo

Published Papers

A Study on a Poetic Sentence Composition Support System as a Typical Product of Japanese Language Industry
Study of Industrial Management   (34) 1-19   Mar 2012
This paer desucussed the future prospectivity of Haiku composing support system as a typical product of Japanese Language Industry.
Springer Verlag, Lecture Notes in Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, 2012, Volume 144/2012, (2012) pp.223-229,   144 223-229   Jan 2012   [Refereed]
Functional Treatment of Bilingual Alignment and Its Application to Semantic Processing are described.
Transformation of Simple Sentence using a Functional Grammar
The Nihon University Economic Review   81(4) 1-29   Jan 2012
This paper shows a method for transforming simple sentence by Functional Grammar. Keypoint is that evey sentence can be described two categories, Kernel sentence and Meta-Sentence.
An Interpretation of Poetic Sentences by Functional Grammar
The Nihon University Economic Review   81(3) 1-13   Oct 2011
This paper shows a formal for interpretating simple poetic sentence, such as Haiku.
Foreign Language Education using Classical Transfer-base Machine Translation Technique
Proc. 2nd World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE 2011)      Jun 2011   [Refereed]

Books etc

The Principle of Machine Translation and Its Practical Use
Akashi Publishing   Mar 2012   
This book describes the principle of machine translation and practical usage from both viewppints as MT sytem research and development, and that of ordinary MT users. Some topics treated in this book are: The differnce between human translation an...
Recent Advances in Computer Science and Information Engineering, volume 3,Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 126,
Zhihong Qian Lei Cao, Weilian Su Tingkai Wang and Huamin Yang (eds) (Part:Joint Work)
Springer Verlag   Jan 2012   
Advances in Computer Science and Information Engineering is described. My part treats "Foreign Language Education Using Classical Transfer-Base Machine Translation".
Tsuneharu Okabe, et al. (Part:Joint Work)
Jan 2011   
Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence
Fuji Techno-system   Jul 1986   

Conference Activities & Talks

An Approach to Linguistic Aesthetics by Functional Grammar
The 22nd Biennial Congress of The International Association of Empirical AESTHETICS (IAEA)2012 Aug 22-25 at Taipei received and passed   22 Aug 2012   Innternational Association of Empirical AESTHETICS (IAEA)
An Approach to Linguistic Aesthetics by Functional Grammar is reported.
An Essay on a Formal Interpretation of HAIKU
Res Gr, Thought and Language, IEICE Specila Interest Research Group   Mar 2012   IEICE, japan
The topic of my talk is a method for interpreting the meaning of HAIKU based on the concept and mechanism of Functional Grammar.
Comparing English Complex Prepositions with Japanese Complex Postpositional Particles
Masashi araki
IECEI Specila Interest Research Group on Thought and Language   4 Feb 2011   IECEI, Japan
Comparing English complex prepositions with Japanese complex postpositional particles, we propose the method to obtain appropriate correspondence between English phrase and Japanese phrase(bunsetsu).
Utility and Usage of Incomplete Machine Translation
The 15th LACE2010   4 Dec 2010   LACE Research Society
My talk is about a practical methiod for utilizing today's incomplete machine translation sytems.
The Utility and Usage of Incomplete Machine Translation
The 15th LACE2010 (The Research Commitee on Thought, Cognition and language)   4 Dec 2010   The Research Commitee on Thought, Cognition and language


4641264 : Method For Automatic Translation Between Natural Languages
Atsushi Okajima; Fumiyuki Yamano


Nihon University College of Economics, College of Economics Professor
Patent : Digital News Paper
Patent : Online Dictionary and Reader Support Device