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Kyoto University of Education
Special Education
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1997
Mar 2001
Associate Professor (as old post name), 1997-2001 Associate Professor, Hyogo University of Teacher Education 2001-2002 Associate Professor, Kyoto University of Education
Apr 2001
Mar 2007
Associate Professor (as old post name), Special Education, KYOTO UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION
Apr 2007
Apr 2007
Associate Professor, Special Education, KYOTO UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION
Apr 2017
Professor, Special Education, KYOTO UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION


Mar 1987
Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

Published Papers

Conversation with an Asperger's Syndrome individual: Evaluation of dialectic use of particles
小谷裕実、Okon Effiong
花園大学心理カウンセリングセンター研究紀要   (6) 35-40   Mar 2012
Effect of Early Undernutrition and Subsequent Nutritional Rehabilitation on Brain Development
Hiroshi Yoshioka, Akira Yoshida, Sozo Okano, Ichiro Yamazoe, Tetsuo Nishiki, Hiromi Kotani, Tadashi Sawada
Development Brain Dysfunction   8 66-72   Jan 1995
A Newborn Case of Neurenteric Cyst with Meningocele
Acta Neonatologica Japonica   25(4) 800-804   Dec 1989   [Refereed]


Social skills Training for children with LD: Participation of Student Volunteers
Japanese journal of learning disabilities   13(2) 173-180   Aug 2004   [Refereed]
Short Stay and Support System for Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilities
Journal of Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilites      Aug 2000   [Refereed]
Evaluation of Neurodevelopmental and Growth Status in Very Low Birth Weight Infants at Five Years of Corrected Age
The Journal of the Japan Pediatric Society   104(1) 64-71   Jan 2000   [Refereed]
MRI Findings with Periventricular Leukomalacia-Correlation with Neurological Development
Acta Neonatologica Japonica   34(3) 499-505   Aug 1998   [Refereed]
Effect of Superoxide Dismutase Administration on Ischemic Brain Injury in Neonate Rats
Journal of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine   16(3) 339-351   Mar 1997   [Refereed]
Official Journal of the Japanese Society of Child Neurology   26(4) 349-354   Jul 1994   [Refereed]
A Molecular and Cytogenetic Analysis of a Turner Syndrome Patient with 45, X/46, X, +mar
The Journal of the Japan Pediatric Society   98(5) 1100-1104   May 1994
Neuropathological findings of neonatal mice following hypoxic encephalopathy
Hiroshi Yoshioka; Noriko Sato; Sozo Okano; Ichiro Yamazoe; 小谷 裕実; Tetsuo Nishiki; Tadashi Sawada
Neuropathology   13 291-294   Jun 1993

Conference Activities & Talks

性差を考慮した幼児版社会性・⾏動評価尺度の開発 ̶『にんぎょう遊び』の項⽬の予備調査結果の報告̶
⽥中 駿,郷間 英世,⽜⼭ 道雄, ⼩⾕ 裕実他
日本発達障害学会第53回研究大会   11 Aug 2018   日本発達障害学会
Guidelines for informing individuals with autism spectrum disorder of their diagnosis based on questionnaire survey to parent associations
Hiromi Kotani
International association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities ,American Regional Congress   21 May 2015   IASSID
High functioning autism and obessive compulsive disorder
Hiromi Kotani, Goma Hideyo,Okon Effiong
3rd Europe Congress the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities   20 Oct 2010   the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities
Leisure activity of people with intellectual disabilities in the Kansai District of Japan
(H.Goma), S.Fujikawa, H. Kotani, R.Ushio, N.Soto, T.Ikeda, Y.Muto, A.Goma
INternational Conference of IASSID-Europe   Aug 2006   
The Assessing of the Conversaton for Asperger's Syndrome
Hiromi Kotani, M.Fujiwara, M.Kanki, H.Goma, A.Tsugawa, M.Effiong
IASSID World Congress   Jun 2004   IASSID