ODA Susumu

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ODA Susumu

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Tezukayama Gakuin University Faculty of Human and Cultural Studies, Department of Human Studies


Neuropsychiatry, Medical Research, Graduate school of Tokyo Medical
Faculty of Medicine, Okayama University


A critical study on abolisionists' viewpoints regarding to capital punishment
Criminal Psychology   1(2) 2-38   1998
Religion, Crime and Social pathology : The actual Problems
Japanese Journal of Criminal Psychology   35(特別) 163-166
Self control and Mind Control : Condition of Healers.
Journal of Hypiotism study   42(2) 1-8   1997
Evaluation and promotion of mental health for industrial hygiene
Japanese Psychosomatic Medicine   36 161-191   1997
Dependence problem in social setting
Japanese Journal of Social Psychiatry   7(2) 184-185   1988

Books etc

(Handbook of Forenisic Psychiatry and Psychiatric Expert Testimony)
Igaku Shoin Ltd.   1997   
(psychiatric Expert Testimory : A Casebook)
Seidosha Ltd.   1997   
A Psychiatrical Study on Paraphilia and Lust-Murder
Futaba Publ. Ltd.   1998   
Alienography of Japan : A History of Insanity in Cultural Setting
Kodansha Publ. Ltd.   1998   
(A Sociopsychopachological Consideration on Recent Juvenile Crimes ; Especially on a Lust-murder Case Comi Hed by a Youngster against Children)
The Japanes Journal of Psychiatry   1998   


(A forensic-pyschiatrical study on standard of qualitative evaluation of deposition in psychiatrical expert examination)
(A developmental study on a new questionnaire(JMI-W)regarding to the mental heacth of housewives of industrial employees in Japan)
(A psychiatnical study on victims of terrorism : It's victimization process and counseling)
(A sciopathogical, forensic-psychiatrical study on crime and ternorism related with religion)
(The effects of downsizing to the mental health condition of industrial employees in japan)(Collaboration with Japan Productivity Center)
1999 - 2000

Research Grants & Projects

A study on objective standard in forensic psychiatrical expert testimony and evaluation of depositions
Mental Health of Employees in the Era of Downsizing
Criminological, victimologycal study on terrorism by religious sect.