KURODA Tsutomu

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KURODA Tsutomu
(BLANK)(Tohoku University), (BLANK)(Tohoku University)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Physics, Science Graduate Course, Tohoku University
Earth and Astro Physics, Science, Tohoku University


Experiments on Field Configuration and a Stable Condition of Plasma in PIG
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   7(12) 1528   1968
Physics of Plasma   1(9) 2813-2815   1994
Fusion Engineering and Design   36(1) 143-156   1997
Plamsa Physics and Controlled Fusion Research(1997)   39 A261   1997

Books etc

Continement and Additional Heating (NBI and LHH) of Stellarator in JIPP T-II
Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion Research   1981   
Development of Negative Ion Based Neutral Beam Injector for the Large Helical Device
Plasma Pyhsics and Contolled Fusion Research(1997)   1997   
Emittance Measurements Using Different Techniques and a Comparative Study
The 8th International Conference of Ion Sources, ICIS'99. Kyoto Japan   1999   
Development of a Compact Multicusp Ion Source of He+
The 8th International Conference on Ion Sources ICIS'99, Kyoto. Japan   1999   

Research Grants & Projects

Development of Membrane Pump for Plasma Neutralizer
Project Year: 1996   
Study on Production of Giant Cluster Beams
Project Year: 1995   
Study on transport of High Brightness and Intense Ion Beam
Project Year: 1976