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Seisen Jogakuin College
The Faculty of Human Studies
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Canonization and Texts: Reading the manuscript of D. Natsagdorj’s “Leaving wife and child"
D.Ntasagdorjiin mendelsnii 100 jiliin oid zoriulsan olon ulsin erdem shinjilgeenii kural   87-103
Introdcution to Bunkakyoseigaku
Bulletin of The Faculty of Human Studies Seisen Jogakuin College   1, 9-16    2004
On the Estimation of D. Natsagdorj in Mongolia
Bulletin of Seisen Jogakuin College   (17)    1998
Murakami's Mongolia : Orientalism in Nomonhan
MONGOL KENKYU   (17)    1998
A Study of the Intellectual History of Mongolia
MONGOL-KENKYU   (3) 4-43   1977

Books etc

Modernization and Literature : Characteristics of Modern Mongolian Literature in MPR
Ard Shoten   1987   
Introduction to Mongolian Literature
Akashi shoten   2003   
Beyond Orientalism
Global Network21 ShinHyoron   2001   
Globalization in Mongolia

Conference Activities & Talks

Digitalization of Natsagdorj’s Kharankhui Khad
The 9th International Congress of Mongolists Devoted to the 800th Anniversary of the Yeke Mongγol Ulus   2006   
Bungaku and Uran Zokhil : A Comparative Study of the Words for Literature in Japan and Mongolia
The 8th International Congress of Mongolists   2002   
The Origin of Modernity in Mongolian Literature
The 7th International Congress of Mongolists   1997   
Comparative Study of the Idea of Deity in Mongolia and Japan
The 6th International Congress of Mongolists   1992   
The Development of Modern Mongolian Short Stories in the Course of Modernization
The 5th International Congress of Mongolists   

Research Grants & Projects

The Bible in Mongolia
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 1984 - 2005
The History of Modern Mongolian Literature
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 1984 - 2003
Digitalization of D.Natsagdorj’s manuscripts
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 2004 - 2008
Digitalization of D.Natsagdorj’s manuscripts