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National Institutes for the Humanities
National Museum of Japanese History, Research Department Folklore and Folklife Division
Job title
Associate Professor
Dr.(University of Tsukuba)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Area Studies, University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science (Humanities), Tokyo Woman's Christian University


An Essay on Typology of Miyaza: A Ritual Organization Generally Focused upon the shrine of the Loacal Tutelary Deity , Ujigami
Bulletin of the National Museum of Japanese History   (41) 341-359   2001
Pilgrimage and Journeying as Seen in the Pardon Festival : The case of Sainte- Anne-la-Plaud, Brittany , France
Bulletin of the Institute for the Culture of Travel   (10) 15-26   2001
Village Management and the Presbytery (┣DBch(]J1155[)r(]J1155[)sh(]J1173[)(/)-┫DB) : Ten Peoples' Group (┣DBJ(]J1173[)ninsh(]J1173[)(/)-┫DB) of Kitanaiki, k(]J1155[)ga
Bulletin of the folklore society of Japan   (168) 30-46   1986
Men Entrusted with the "Village's Age" : Elders and the "┣DBZaninch(]J1155[)(/)-┫DB" in (]J1055[)mi
Bulletin of the folklore society of Japan   (174) 1-26   1988
The Role of Elders in Local Community Meetings : The Case of Mitsuya, (]J1055[)mi
Bulletin of the folklore society of Japan   (188) 88-110   1991

Books etc

The Folklore study of<miyaza>and Elders : The Role of Elders in Local community which has the<miyaza>(the association of the shrine).
Yoshikawakohbunkan   2000   
Some problems about the grave system in Nara : views from sex and age
Anthropology of sex and age   1998   
Elders, Death, Funeral Rites and Grave System
The circumstances after the death   1999   
The culture of the Aging in the Contemporary Japanese society.
Ohj(]E87C7[)-k(]E87C7[) : Representation of Life/Old Age/Death   2000   
The worth of aging and the eldery : <Nenrei no wa>(the circulation of life)
Ohj(]E87C7[)-k(]E87C7[) : Representation of Life/Old Age/Death   2000   
An Essay on the aged from the Folklore Studies; Transmission and Development from Mitata Noboru, the Folkrist
Folklore and Basic Beliefs   2001   
Changes in Funerals
Funerals and Graves in Contemporary Japan   2002   
Readings from folklore study.
An Encyclopedia of Lifes Passages.
Sh(]E87C7[)gaku-kan   2000   
An Encyclopedia of Japanese Folklore Study.
Yoshikawakohbunkan   1999   


An ethnography of <Miyaza>and the double grave system in (]E87B3[)yagyu
Artistic Activity   1998
A comparative study of festivals between Japan and France.
Study of<T(]E87C7[)ya>(the sacred man), which holds a ceremony in the local community.
Study of roles and worth living among Elders.
Pardons et P(]E85C2[)rlinages en Bretague

Research Grants & Projects

Research and Study in the Folklore Based upon Regional Difference in Roles and Reasons for Living for the Aged in Aging Society
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2000 - 2003
Comparative Folklore Studies in the Mixture of Folk Beliefts and Advocated Religions-reserach and analysis of the Fete of Pardon in Bretagne, France
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2000 - 2003