CHINZEI Kiyotaka

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CHINZEI Kiyotaka
(BLANK)(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Science, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Arts and Science, Yokohama National University


Neogene molluscan faunas in the Japanese Islands : an ecologic and zoogeographic synthesis
The Veliger   21(2) 155-170   1978
Morphological and structural adaptations to soft substrates in the Early Jurassic monomyarians Lithiotis and Cochlearites.
Lethaia   15(1) 179-197   1982
Ecological parallelism in shallow marine benthic association of Neogene molluscan faunas of Japan.
Geobios, Memoire sp(]J1117[)cial   (8) 135-143   1984
Shell structure, growth, and functional morphology of an elongate Cretaceous oyster.
Palaeontology   29(1) 139-154   1986
Faunal succession and geographic distribution of Neogene molluscan faunas in Japan.
Palaeontological Society of Japan, Specieal Papers.   (29) 17-32   1986

Books etc

Iwanami Texts in Earth Sciences 5, Material and environments of the earth's surface
Iwanami Shoten, Publishers   1978   
Regional Geomorphology of the Japanese Islands. volume 1, Introduction to Japanese Geomorphology
Tokyo University Press   2001   


Paleanthropological and geological survey in northern Israel.
1961 - 1964

Research Grants & Projects

Functional morphology and evolution of bivalves