KODAMA Masahiro

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KODAMA Masahiro

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, University of Tsukuba Faculty of Human Sciences


Development of a New Depressogenic Schemata Scale(DSS)
The Japanese Association of Health PsychologyThe Japanese Journal of Health Psychology   12(2) 37-47   1999
Perspectives of researches on social support in Japan
Japanese Journal of Counseling Science   33(1) 95-102   2000
Career conflict and job stress in health care professionals : The relationship between working attitude and achievement motivation
22 197-206   2000
Alexithymia Personality and Verbalization of Inner Experience on Dream Experience
Japanese Journal of Counseling Science   33(3) 256-264   2000
The relation between internal-stable attributional style and depression
Tsukuba Psychological Research   23 169-178   2001

Books etc

Psychology of the patient and guideline for caring
Texbook of Mental Health
Psychology and Disease of Life style
Shibun-Dou   2000   
The effect od the dynamic interaction between the human factor and enviornment on medical errors
Journal of Human Care Studies Journal of Human Care Studies Japanese Psychological Academy for Human CareJournal of Human Care Studies   2004   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on the improvement of stress factors and the promotion of quality of life in workers from the viewpoint of health psychology
Psychological study on acceptance of the chronic disease