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Tokyo Gakugei University
Pedagogy, Faculty of Education
Doctor of Philosophy in Education(Nihon University), Master of Arts(University of Tsukuba), Master of Arts(Utsunomiya University)
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Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 2004
Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor, Department of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University, JAPAN
Feb 1999
Oct 1999
Technical Officer, Research collaboration department, University of Tsukuba, JAPAN
Nov 1999
Mar 2002
Assistant Professor, Yamanashi University, JAPAN
Feb 2002
Mar 2002
Visiting Researcher, Melbourne University, AUSTRALIA
Apr 2002
Sep 2004
Associate Professor, Yamanashi University, JAPAN

Committee Memberships

Japanese Society of Extraclass activities  Director


A Study of UMENE SATORU in the Postwar New Education Period-Focused on the "Life Education"-
Master's Thesis(Utsunomiya University, 1993)      1994
Materials of Curriculum Changes through the Modern Japanese Elementary School
Bulletin of Japanese Association of School Education   (9)    1994
Teacher's Decision Making and Teaching Process in the Class
A Study of Teacher's Decision Making in the Class   4    1995
A History of Postwar High School Education -Focused on Curriculum Changes-
Educational Public Opinion   (564)    1995
A Study of Moral Education Textbooks in Early Meiji Era -Focused on Rinsyo Mitsukuri's "TAISEI KANZEN KUNMOU" and Taizo Abe's "SYUSIN RON"-
A Report on Study of School Subjects(University of Tsukuba)      1995

Books etc

A History of Postwar School Education focused on Curriculum Changes
Gakuji press   1995   
Curriculum Creation of Integrated Learning
Minerva press   1999   
Modern curriculum study
Gakuji Press, Tokyo   2001   
The world of learning to spread by IT
Gyousei Press, Tokyo   2001   
Probrems and Future of the Distance Education
Bulletin of the Integrated Information Prossesing Center of the Yamanashi University   2001   
The "Ability" Promoted by the School Events; Focusing on the Three Aspects of History, Policy and Practice.
Bulletin of the Faculty of Education & Human Sciences   2003   
The Reformation of the Middle Period Teaching Practice Curriculum in Faculuties of Teacher Education on National Universities.
Bulletin of the Faculty of Education & Human Sciences   2003   
Current Trends and Issues in the Construction of Teaching Practice Curriculum for Freshmen in National Universities of Teacher Education.
Memoirs of Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, Niigata University   2003   
Trends of the Theories of Extraclass Activiries in Recent Years.
Journal of JASEA   2003   
A Study on Producing Lecture Programs of el-Net "Open College".
Journal of Applied Educational Research   2003   


The Present Age Educational Methods Encyclopedia
New extraclass activities cultivated by the keyword
pressBasic Knowledge of 300 Technical Terms in Curriculum
An investigation study meeting of the guidance method of human rights education "About the ideal method such as the guidance method of human rights education; the first summary"
An investigation study meeting of the guidance method of human rights education "About the ideal method such as the guidance method of human rights education; the second summary (a plan)"

Research Grants & Projects

Study on the Guidance and Counseling
Study on the Extracurricular activities
Study on the CurriculumStudy
Studies of Extra-class Activities
Studies of the Curriculum