SENBA, Atsuhiko

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SENBA, Atsuhiko
Meijo University
Faculty of Science and Technology Department of Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering
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Apr 2015
Meijo University


Azerai Ali Rahman, Tadashige Ikeda, Atsuhiko Senba
Fibers and Polymers   18 979-986   May 2017
© 2017, The Korean Fiber Society and Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht. The utilization of chopped glass fibers as reinforcement in shape memory polymer composites (SMPC) has been introduced due to their functions and high specific mechani...
Shun Tanaka, Tadashige Ikeda, Atsuhiko Senba
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology   30 4423-4426   Oct 2016
© 2016, The Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) laminates are sometimes adopted as material of space observation systems because their specific stiffness is high and ...
S. Yamamoto, T. Ikeda, A. Senba
Archives of Mechanics   68 349-369   Jan 2016
Copyright © 2016 by IPPT PAN. TO UNDERSTAND THE MECHANISMS of crack kinking and jumping that occur within the 90° layer of a cross-ply fiber reinforced plastic laminated plate, double cantilever beam tests were performed at several temperatures fo...
Atsuhiko Senba, Makoto Li, Masahiro Arai
26th International Conference on Adaptive Structures and Technologies, ICAST 2015      Jan 2015
This study proposes a method for heating a shape memory polymer (SMP) specimen above its glass transition temperature by using a heater painted on its surface. To use such a heater in space applications, its effects on the shape recovery and shape...
Tomonori Uchida, Tadashige Ikeda, Atsuhiko Senba, Kosei Ishimura
26th International Conference on Adaptive Structures and Technologies, ICAST 2015      Jan 2015
To realize structure systems of future high-precision space observation satellites, smart structure systems which measure and correct their configuration or/and suppress their vibration on obit have been studied. Among sensors and actuators to be ...