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Keio University
School of Medicine, School of Medicine
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Intraportal infusion therapy as a novel approach to adult ABO-incompatible liver transplantation
Tanabe Minoru, Shimazu Motohide, Wakabayashi Go, Hoshino Ken, Kawachi Shigeyuki, Kadomura Tomoaki, Seki H, Morikawa Yasuhide, Kitajima Masaki
Transplantation   27(12) 1959-1961   2002
Kawachi Shegeyuki, Shimazu Motohide, Wakabayashi Go, Hoshino Ken, Tanabe Minoru, Yoshida Masashi, Morikawa Yasuhide, Kitajima Masaki
Surgery   132(1) 48-56   2002
Furukawa Toshiharu, Morikawa Yasuhide, Ozawa Souji, Wakabayashi Go, Kitajima Masaki
Min Invas Ther & Allied Technol   10(6) 283-288   2001
Furukawa Toshiharu, Watanabe Masahiko, Ozawa Souji, Otani Yoshihide, Wakabayashi Go, Morikawa Yasuhide, Tanabe Minoru, Hasegawa Hirotoshi, Kitagawa Yuuko, Hoshino Ken, Shimazu Motohide, Ueda Masakazu, Kubota Tetsuro, Kitajima Masaki
The Keio Journal of Medicine   50(3) 167-174   2001
Kato Yutaro, Shimazu Motohide, Wakabayashi Go, Tanabe Minoru, Morikawa Yasuhide, Hoshino Ken, Harada Hirohisa, Kadomura Tomohisa, Obara Hideaki, Urakami Hidejiro, Shinoda Masahiro, Kitajima Masaki
Transplantation Proceedings   33(1-2) 1484-1485   2001

Conference Activities & Talks

Further development of the master-slave combined manipulator and its support system
Annual Congress for Endosurgery in children   2003   
Live Japanese liver donors and their quality of life
International Congress on Ethics in Organ Transplantation   2002   
Changes in motility and total neuronal population as parameters of graft viability in small bowel transplantation in rats
Meeting of European Neurogastrology and Motility, 2002   2002   
Development of the Master Slave Combined Manipulator for Laparoscopic Surgery -Evaluation by Animal Experiment
MICCAI   2002   
The appraisal of initial use for neural-based immunosuppression by oral route in living donor liver transplantation
Internatinal Congress the Transplantation Society   2002