Shibata, Shinsuke

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Shibata, Shinsuke
Keio University
School of Medicine Electron Microscope Laboratory
Job title
Assistant Professor/Senior Assistant Professor
博士(医学)(Keio University)

Research Areas



Apr 1995
Mar 2001
School of Medicine, Keio University
Apr 2001
Mar 2005
Graduate School of Medicine, Keio University

Published Papers

Saeki T, Hosoya M, Shibata S, Okano H, Fujioka M, Ogawa K
Neuroscience letters   717 134686   Jan 2020   [Refereed]
Khazaei M, Ahuja CS, Nakashima H, Nagoshi N, Li L, Wang J, Chio J, Badner A, Seligman D, Ichise A, Shibata S, Fehlings MG
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Hoshino Y, Nishide K, Nagoshi N, Shibata S, Moritoki N, Kojima K, Tsuji O, Matsumoto M, Kohyama J, Nakamura M, Okano H
Scientific reports   9(1) 9844   Jul 2019   [Refereed]
F. Miki, T. Maruyama, K. Miyazaki, T. Takao, Y. Yoshimasa, S. Katakura, H. Hihara, S. Uchida, H. Masuda, H. Uchida, T. Nagai, S. Shibata and M. Tanaka
Biol Reprod   100(5) 1215-1227   May 2019   [Refereed]
A decellularized uterine scaffold (DUS) prepared from rats permits recellularization and regeneration of uterine tissues when placed onto a partially excised uterus and supports pregnancy in a fashion comparable to the intact uterus. The underlyin...
Shibata S, Iseda T, Mitsuhashi T, Oka A, Shindo T, Moritoki N, Nagai T, Otsubo S, Inoue T, Sasaki E, Akazawa C, Takahashi T, Schalek R, Lichtman JW, Okano H
Frontiers in neural circuits   13 29   May 2019   [Refereed]
Y. Abe, Y. Komaki, F. Seki, S. Shibata, H. Okano and K. F. Tanaka
Neurochem Int   125 163-174   May 2019   [Refereed]
Striatal medium spiny neurons (MSNs) control motor function. Hyper- or hypo-activity of MSNs coincides with basal ganglia-related movement disorders. Based on the assumption that lasting alterations in neuronal activity lead to structural changes ...
T. Kirihara, Z. Luo, S. Y. A. Chow, R. Misawa, J. Kawada, S. Shibata, F. Khoyratee, C. A. Vollette, V. Volz, T. Levi, T. Fujii and Y. Ikeuchi
iScience   14 301-311   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Cerebral tracts connect separated regions within a brain and serve as fundamental structures that support integrative brain functions. However, understanding the mechanisms of cerebral tract development, macro-circuit formation, and related disord...
Y. Kinuagsa, Y. Hirano, M. Sawai, Y. Ohno, T. Shindo, H. Asakawa, Y. Chikashige, S. Shibata, A. Kihara, T. Haraguchi and Y. Hiraoka
J Cell Sci   132(10)    Apr 2019   [Refereed]
In eukaryotic cells, chromosomes are confined to the nucleus, which is compartmentalized by the nuclear membranes. The nuclear membranes are continuous with the endoplasmic reticulum membranes. Maintaining the homeostasis of these membranes is an ...
Y. Yamazaki, Y. Abe, S. Shibata, T. Shindo, S. Fujii, K. Ikenaka and K. F. Tanaka
J Neurosci   39(21) 4036-4050   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
The axonal conduction of action potentials affects the absolute time it takes to transmit nerve impulses as well as temporal summation at destination synapses. At the physiological level, oligodendrocyte depolarization facilitates axonal conductio...
K. Matsuo, S. Ji, A. Miya, M. Yoda, Y. Hamada, T. Tanaka, R. Takao-Kawabata, K. Kawaai, Y. Kuroda and S. Shibata
Bone   120 297-304   Mar 2019
The periosteum and mineralized bone are innervated by nerves that sense pain. These include both myelinated and unmyelinated neurons with either free nerve endings or bearing nociceptors. Parasympathetic and sympathetic autonomic nerves also inner...
K. Kojima, H. Miyoshi, N. Nagoshi, J. Kohyama, G. Itakura, S. Kawabata, M. Ozaki, T. Iida, K. Sugai, S. Ito, R. Fukuzawa, K. Yasutake, F. Renault-Mihara, S. Shibata, M. Matsumoto, M. Nakamura and H. Okano
Stem Cells Transl Med   8(3) 260-270   Mar 2019
Tumorigenesis is an important problem that needs to be addressed in the field of human stem/progenitor cell transplantation for the treatment of subacute spinal cord injury (SCI). When certain "tumorigenic" cell lines are transplanted into the spi...
N. Suzuki, T. Yamaguchi, S. Shibata, T. Nagai, H. Noma, K. Tsubota and J. Shimazaki
Am J Ophthalmol   198 174-180   Feb 2019
PURPOSE: We sought to investigate the association between the severity of bullous keratopathy and proinflammatory cytokine levels in the aqueous humor (AqH). DESIGN: Cross-sectional study. METHODS: This study included a total of 95 eyes: 62 with b...
T. Okubo, N. Nagoshi, J. Kohyama, O. Tsuji, M. Shinozaki, S. Shibata, Y. Kase, M. Matsumoto, M. Nakamura and H. Okano
Stem Cell Reports   11(6) 1416-1432   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Treatment involving regenerative medicine for chronic spinal cord injury (SCI) is difficult due to phase-dependent changes in the intraspinal environment. We previously reported that treatment with a gamma-secretase inhibitor (GSI), which inhibits...
S. Nori, M. Khazaei, C. S. Ahuja, K. Yokota, J. E. Ahlfors, Y. Liu, J. Wang, S. Shibata, J. Chio, M. H. Hettiaratchi, T. Fuhrmann, M. S. Shoichet and M. G. Fehlings
Stem Cell Reports   11(6) 1433-1448   Dec 2018
Treatment of chronic spinal cord injury (SCI) is challenging due to cell loss, cyst formation, and the glial scar. Previously, we reported on the therapeutic potential of a neural progenitor cell (NPC) and chondroitinase ABC (ChABC) combinatorial ...
H. Kimura, T. Ouchi, S. Shibata, T. Amemiya, N. Nagoshi, T. Nakagawa, M. Matsumoto, H. Okano, M. Nakamura and K. Sato
Sci Rep   8(1) 10071   Dec 2018
Strategies for therapeutic cell transplantation have been assessed for use in the treatment of massive peripheral nerve defects. To support safe and efficient cell transplantation, we have focused on the purification of cells using cell surface ma...
T. Sakai, J. Hata, H. Ohta, Y. Shintaku, N. Kimura, Y. Ogawa, K. Sogabe, S. Mori, H. J. Okano, Y. Hamada, S. Shibata, H. Okano and K. Oishi
Primates   59(6) 553-570   Nov 2018
Advances in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computational analysis technology have enabled comparisons among various primate brains in a three-dimensional electronic format. Results from comparative studies provide information about common fe...
N. Nagoshi, M. Khazaei, J. E. Ahlfors, C. S. Ahuja, S. Nori, J. Wang, S. Shibata and M. G. Fehlings
Stem Cells Transl Med   7(11) 806-818   Nov 2018
Cell transplantation therapy utilizing neural precursor cells (NPCs) is a conceptually attractive strategy for traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI) to replace lost cells, remyelinate denuded host axons and promote tissue sparing. However, the number...
S. Ito, N. Nagoshi, O. Tsuji, S. Shibata, M. Shinozaki, S. Kawabata, K. Kojima, K. Yasutake, T. Hirokawa, M. Matsumoto, K. Takei, M. Nakamura and H. Okano
eNeuro   5(5)    Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Nogo receptor-1 (NgR1) signaling is involved in the limitation of axonal regeneration following spinal cord injury (SCI) through collapsing the growth cone and inhibiting neurite outgrowth. Lateral olfactory tract usher substance (LOTUS), a NgR an...
T. Ouchi, S. Morikawa, S. Shibata, M. Takahashi, M. Yoshikawa, T. Soma, H. Miyashita, W. Muraoka, K. Kameyama, H. Kawana, Y. Arima, H. Saya, H. Okano, T. Nakagawa and S. Asoda
J Dent Res   97(7) 779-786   Jul 2018
This study investigated a case of spindle cell carcinoma (SpCC) in tongue pathological lesions. The patient experienced a local recurrence and distant metastasis after surgical intervention. Although standard chemotherapy was administered, a granu...
J. He, M. Yamane, S. Shibata, M. Fukui, E. Shimizu, T. Yano, S. Mukai, Y. Kawakami, S. Li, K. Tsubota and Y. Ogawa
Cornea   37(4) 486-494   Apr 2018
PURPOSE: To report the characteristics of the ocular surface in a previously established sclerodermatous chronic graft-versus-host disease (cGVHD) mouse model. METHODS: The ocular surface features and tear film parameters of the mouse model were a...
K. Kodo, S. Shibata, S. Miyagawa-Tomita, S. G. Ong, H. Takahashi, T. Kume, H. Okano, R. Matsuoka and H. Yamagishi
Sci Rep   7(1) 6771   Jul 2017
The cardiac neural crest cells (cNCCs) and the second heart field (SHF) play key roles in development of the cardiac outflow tract (OFT) for establishment of completely separated pulmonary and systemic circulations in vertebrates. A neurovascular ...
Y. M. Morizawa, Y. Hirayama, N. Ohno, S. Shibata, E. Shigetomi, Y. Sui, J. Nabekura, K. Sato, F. Okajima, H. Takebayashi, H. Okano and S. Koizumi
Nat Commun   8(1) 28   Jun 2017
Astrocytes become reactive following various brain insults; however, the functions of reactive astrocytes are poorly understood. Here, we show that reactive astrocytes function as phagocytes after transient ischemic injury and appear in a limited ...
M. Takano, S. Kawabata, S. Shibata, A. Yasuda, S. Nori, O. Tsuji, N. Nagoshi, A. Iwanami, H. Ebise, K. Horiuchi, H. Okano and M. Nakamura
Stem Cell Reports   8(3) 509-518   Mar 2017
The number of elderly patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) is increasing worldwide, representing a serious burden for both the affected patients and the community. Previous studies have demonstrated that neural stem cell (NSC) transplantation is...
E. Inagaki, S. Hatou, K. Higa, S. Yoshida, S. Shibata, H. Okano, K. Tsubota and S. Shimmura
Stem Cells Transl Med   6(3) 788-798   Mar 2017
Corneal blindness is the fourth leading cause of blindness in the world. Current treatment is allogenic corneal transplantation, which is limited by shortage of donors and immunological rejection. Skin-derived precursors (SKPs) are postnatal stem ...
Y. Takayama, T. Wakabayashi, H. Kushige, Y. Saito, Y. Shibuya, S. Shibata, W. Akamatsu, H. Okano and Y. S. Kida
FEBS Lett   591(4) 590-602   Feb 2017
In this study, we propose a novel method for inducing neuronal cells by briefly exposing them to small-molecule cocktails in a step-by-step manner. Global gene expression analysis with immunohistochemical staining and calcium flux assays reveal th...
H. Suzuki, C. S. Ahuja, R. P. Salewski, L. Li, K. Satkunendrarajah, N. Nagoshi, S. Shibata and M. G. Fehlings
PLoS One   12(8) e0182339   2017
Traumatic spinal cord injuries (SCIs) affect millions of people worldwide; the majority of whom are in the chronic phase of their injury. Unfortunately, most current treatments target the acute/subacute injury phase as the microenvironment of chro...
T. Ouchi, S. Morikawa, S. Shibata, K. Fukuda, H. Okuno, T. Fujimura, T. Kuroda, M. Ohyama, W. Akamatsu, T. Nakagawa and H. Okano
Differentiation   92(5) 270-280   Dec 2016
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are defined as non-hematopoietic, plastic-adherent, self-renewing cells that are capable of tri-lineage differentiation into bone, cartilage or fat in vitro. Thus, MSCs are promising candidates for cell-based medicine...
M. Shinozaki, A. Iwanami, K. Fujiyoshi, S. Tashiro, K. Kitamura, S. Shibata, H. Fujita, M. Nakamura and H. Okano
Neurosci Res   113 37-47   Dec 2016
There are more than 50 times the number of chronic-phase spinal cord injury (SCI) patients than there are acute patients, and over half of all SCI patients are severely disabled. However, research focusing on chronic severe contusional SCI remains...
Y. Komaki, K. Hikishima, S. Shibata, T. Konomi, F. Seki, M. Yamada, N. Miyasaka, K. Fujiyoshi, H. J. Okano, M. Nakamura and H. Okano
Sci Rep   6 37802   Nov 2016
Allodynia, a form of neuropathic pain, is defined as pain in response to a non-nociceptive stimulus. The brain regions responsible for pain, which are not normally activated, can be activated in allodynic mice by providing a suitable stimulus to A...
K. Futatsugi, H. Tokuyama, S. Shibata, M. Naitoh, T. Kanda, H. Minakuchi, S. Yamaguchi, K. Hayashi, Y. A. Minamishima, M. Yanagita, S. Wakino and H. Itoh
Sci Rep   6 36533   Nov 2016
The involvement of tissue ischemia in obesity-induced kidney injury remains to be elucidated. Compared with low fat diet (LFD)-mice, high fat diet (HFD)-fed mice became obese with tubular enlargement, glomerulomegaly and peritubular capillary rare...
K. Fujimura, T. Mitsuhashi, S. Shibata, S. Shimozato and T. Takahashi
J Neurosci   36(42) 10908-10919   Oct 2016
Valproic acid (VPA), a widely used antiepileptic drug, is an inhibitor of histone deacetylases, which epigenetically modify cell proliferation/differentiation in developing tissues. A series of recent clinical studies in humans reported that VPA e...
S. Narumi, N. Amano, T. Ishii, N. Katsumata, K. Muroya, M. Adachi, K. Toyoshima, Y. Tanaka, R. Fukuzawa, K. Miyako, S. Kinjo, S. Ohga, K. Ihara, H. Inoue, T. Kinjo, T. Hara, M. Kohno, S. Yamada, H. Urano, Y. Kitagawa, K. Tsugawa, A. Higa, M. Miyawaki, T. Okutani, Z. Kizaki, H. Hamada, M. Kihara, K. Shiga, T. Yamaguchi, M. Kenmochi, H. Kitajima, M. Fukami, A. Shimizu, J. Kudoh, S. Shibata, H. Okano, N. Miyake, N. Matsumoto and T. Hasegawa
Nat Genet   48(7) 792-7   Jul 2016
Adrenal hypoplasia is a rare, life-threatening congenital disorder. Here we define a new form of syndromic adrenal hypoplasia, which we propose to term MIRAGE (myelodysplasia, infection, restriction of growth, adrenal hypoplasia, genital phenotype...
R. G. Fox, N. K. Lytle, D. V. Jaquish, F. D. Park, T. Ito, J. Bajaj, C. S. Koechlein, B. Zimdahl, M. Yano, J. Kopp, M. Kritzik, J. Sicklick, M. Sander, P. M. Grandgenett, M. A. Hollingsworth, S. Shibata, D. Pizzo, M. Valasek, R. Sasik, M. Scadeng, H. Okano, Y. Kim, A. R. MacLeod, A. M. Lowy and T. Reya
Nature   534(7607) 407-411   Jun 2016
Pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia is a pre-malignant lesion that can progress to pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, a highly lethal malignancy marked by its late stage at clinical presentation and profound drug resistance. The genomic alteration...
K. Fujiyoshi, K. Hikishima, J. Nakahara, O. Tsuji, J. Hata, T. Konomi, T. Nagai, S. Shibata, S. Kaneko, A. Iwanami, S. Momoshima, S. Takahashi, M. Jinzaki, N. Suzuki, Y. Toyama, M. Nakamura and H. Okano
J Neurosci   36(9) 2796-808   Mar 2016
UNLABELLED: White matter abnormalities in the CNS have been reported recently in various neurological and psychiatric disorders. Quantitation of non-Gaussianity for water diffusion by q-space diffusional MRI (QSI) renders biological diffusion barr...
S. Kawabata, M. Takano, Y. Numasawa-Kuroiwa, G. Itakura, Y. Kobayashi, Y. Nishiyama, K. Sugai, S. Nishimura, H. Iwai, M. Isoda, S. Shibata, J. Kohyama, A. Iwanami, Y. Toyama, M. Matsumoto, M. Nakamura and H. Okano
Stem Cell Reports   6(1) 1-8   Jan 2016
Murine- and human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural stem/progenitor cells (iPSC-NS/PCs) promote functional recovery following transplantation into the injured spinal cord in rodents and primates. Although remyelination of spared demyeli...
T. Fujimura, S. Shibata, N. Shimojima, Y. Morikawa, H. Okano and T. Kuroda
PLoS One   11(3) e0150579   2016
Gastrointestinal motility disorders, severe variants in particular, remain a therapeutic challenge in pediatric surgery. Absence of enteric ganglion cells that originate from neural crest cells is a major cause of dysmotility. However, the limitat...
Y. Inagaki, M. Fujioka, S. Kanzaki, K. Watanabe, N. Oishi, G. Itakura, A. Yasuda, S. Shibata, M. Nakamura, H. J. Okano, H. Okano and K. Ogawa
PLoS One   11(4) e0153957   2016
The spatiotemporal distribution of drugs in the inner ear cannot be precisely evaluated because of its small area and complex structure. In the present study, we used hyaluronic acid (HA)-dispersed luciferin to image transgenic mice and to determi...
S. Morikawa, T. Ouchi, S. Shibata, T. Fujimura, H. Kawana, H. Okano and T. Nakagawa
Stem Cells Int   2016 2849879   2016
Craniofacial skeletal tissues are composed of tooth and bone, together with nerves and blood vessels. This composite material is mainly derived from neural crest cells (NCCs). The neural crest is transient embryonic tissue present during neural tu...
S. Kanzaki, K. Watanabe, M. Fujioka, S. Shibata, M. Nakamura, H. J. Okano, H. Okano and K. Ogawa
Hear Res   330(Pt A) 142-6   Dec 2015
Systemic application of drugs is commonly used in clinical situations. Some of these drugs are ototoxic. Since there are few studies on in vivo monitoring of drug delivery dynamics, the time course or bioavailability of drugs in the inner ear of l...
Nishikawa Ryuhei, Hotta Ryo, Shimojima Naoki, Shibata Shinsuke, Nagoshi Narihito, Nakamura Masaya, Matsuzaki Yumi, Okano Hirotaka J., Kuroda Tatsuo, Okano Hideyuki, Morikawa Yasuhide
Cytotechnology   67(4) 661-670   Aug 2015
<p>Stem cell therapy offers the potential of rebuilding the enteric nervous system (ENS) in the aganglionic bowel of patients with Hirschsprung’s disease. P0-Cre/Floxed-EGFP mice in which neural crest-derived cells express EGFP were used to obtain...
Iwai Hiroki, Shimada Hiroko, Nishimura Soraya, Kobayashi Yoshiomi, Itakura Go, Hori Keiko, Hikishima Keigo, Ebise Hayao, Negishi Naoko, Shibata Shinsuke, Habu Sonoko, Toyama Yoshiaki, Nakamura Masaya, Okano Hideyuki
Stem Cells Translational Medicine   4(7) 708-719   Jul 2015
<p>Previous studies have demonstrated that neural stem/progenitor cells (NS/PCs) promote functional recovery in rodent animal models of spinal cord injury (SCI). Because distinct differences exist in the neuroanatomy and immunological responses be...
Lin Zachary Yu Ching, Hirano Takamasa, Shibata Shinsuke, Seki Naomi M., Kitajima Ryunosuke, Sedohara Ayako, Siomi Mikiko C., Sasaki Erika, Siomi Haruhiko, Imamura Masanori, Okano Hideyuki
Developmental Biology   400(1) 43-58   Apr 2015
<p>Mammalian spermatogenesis has been investigated extensively in rodents and a strictly controlled developmental process has been defined at cellular and molecular levels. In comparison, primate spermatogenesis has been far less well characterize...
S. Shibata, Y. Murota, Y. Nishimoto, M. Yoshimura, T. Nagai, H. Okano and M. C. Siomi
Methods Mol Biol   1328 163-78   2015
Immuno-electron microscopy and electron microscopic in situ hybridization are powerful tools to identify the precise subcellular localization of specific proteins and RNAs at the ultramicroscopic level. Here we describe detailed procedures for how...
M. Tamari, H. Saeki, M. Hayashi, Y. Umezawa, T. Ito, O. Fukuchi, Y. Nobeyama, K. Yanaba, H. Nakagawa, Y. Tsunemi, T. Kato, S. Shibata, M. Sugaya, S. Sato, Y. Tada, S. Doi, A. Miyatake, K. Ebe, E. Noguchi, S. Fujieda, T. Ebihara, M. Amagai, H. Esaki, S. Takeuchi, M. Furue and T. Hirota
J Dermatol Sci   76(2) 156-7   Nov 2014
Murota Yukiko, Ishizu Hirotsugu, Nakagawa Shinichi, Iwasaki Yuka W., Shibata Shinsuke, Kamatani Miharu K., Saito Kuniaki, Okano Hideyuki, Siomi Haruhiko, Siomi Mikiko C.
Cell Reports   8(1) 103-113   Jul 2014
<p>PIWI-interacting RNAs (piRNAs) direct Piwi to repress transposons and maintain genome integrity in Drosophila ovarian somatic cells. piRNA maturation and association with Piwi occur at perinuclear Yb bodies, the centers of piRNA biogenesis. Her...
Numasawa-Kuroiwa Yuko, Okada Yohei, Shibata Shinsuke, Kishi Noriyuki, Akamatsu Wado, Shoji Masanobu, Nakanishi Atsushi, Oyama Manabu, Osaka Hitoshi, Inoue Ken, Takahashi Kazutoshi, Yamanaka Shinya, Kosaki Kenjiro, Takahashi Takao, Okano Hideyuki
Stem Cell Reports   2(5) 648-661   May 2014
<p>Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease (PMD) is a form of X-linked leukodystrophy caused by mutations in the proteolipid protein 1 (PLP1) gene. Although PLP1 proteins with missense mutations have been shown to accumulate in the rough endoplasmic reticulu...
Zhang Liang, Kaneko Shinjiro, Kikuchi Kaoru, Sano Akihiko, Maeda Miho, Kishino Akiyoshi, Shibata Shinsuke, Mukaino Masahiko, Toyama Yoshiaki, Liu Meigen, Kimura Toru, Okano Hideyuki, Nakamura Masaya
Molecular Brain   7(1) 14   Mar 2014
<p>Background: Rats exhibit extremely limited motor function recovery after total transection of the spinal cord (SCT). We previously reported that SM-216289, a semaphorin3A inhibitor, enhanced axon regeneration and motor function recovery in SCT ...
Takano Morito, Kawabata Soya, Komaki Yuji, Shibata Shinsuke, Hikishima Keigo, Toyama Yoshiaki, Okano Hideyuki, Nakamura Masaya
Journal of Neuroinflammation   11 40   Mar 2014
<p>Background: Cervical compressive myelopathy (CCM) is caused by chronic spinal cord compression due to spondylosis, a degenerative disc disease, and ossification of the ligaments. Tip-toe walking Yoshimura (twy) mice are reported to be an ideal ...
M. Hayashi, T. Hirota, H. Saeki, H. Nakagawa, Y. Ishiuji, H. Matsuzaki, Y. Tsunemi, T. Kato, S. Shibata, M. Sugaya, S. Sato, Y. Tada, S. Doi, A. Miyatake, K. Ebe, E. Noguchi, T. Ebihara, M. Amagai, H. Esaki, S. Takeuchi, M. Furue and M. Tamari
J Dermatol Sci   73(3) 264-5   Mar 2014
Shibata Shinsuke, Komaki Yuji, Seki Fumiko, Inouye Michiko O., Nagai Toshihiro, Okano Hideyuki
Microscopy   64(1) 57-67   2014
<p>The aim of connectomics analysis is to understand whole-brain neural connections. This is accomplished using new biotechnologies. Here, we provide an overview of the recent progress in connectomics analysis. The entire neural network of an orga...
Nishimura Soraya, Sasaki Takashi, Shimizu Atsushi, Yoshida Kenji, Iwai Hiroki, Koya Ikuko, Kobayashi Yoshiomi, Itakura Go, Shibata Shinsuke, Ebise Hayao, Horiuchi Keisuke, Kudoh Jun, Toyama Yoshiaki, Anderson Aileen J., Okano Hideyuki, Nakamura Masaya
Experimental Neurology   261 171-179   2014
<p>Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a devastating condition with no established treatment. To better understand the pathology and develop a treatment modality for SCI, an understanding of the physiological changes following SCI at the molecular level i...
Sato H., Shibata M., Shimizu T., Shibata S., Toriumi H., Ebine T., Kuroi T., Iwashita T., Funakubo M., Kayama Y., Akazawa C., Wajima K., Nakagawa T., Okano H., Suzuki N.
Neuroscience   248 345-358   Sep 2013
<p>Because of its high oxygen demands, neural tissue is predisposed to oxidative stress. Here, our aim was to clarify the cellular localization of antioxidant enzymes in the trigeminal ganglion. We found that the transcriptional factor Sox10 is lo...
Ohtomo Rie, Mori Taisuke, Shibata Shinsuke, Tsuta Koji, Maeshima Akiko M., Akazawa Chihiro, Watabe Yukio, Honda Kazufumi, Yamada Tesshi, Yoshimoto Seiichi, Asai Masao, Okano Hideyuki, Kanai Yae, Tsuda Hitoshi
Modern Pathology   26(8) 1041-1050   Aug 2013
<p>Salivary gland tumors are relatively rare and morphologically diverse and heterogeneous tumors; therefore, histogenesis-based tumor markers are sorely needed to aid in diagnosing and determining the cell type of origin. SRY-related HMG-box 10 (...
Takahashi Tetsufumi, Suzuki Hidekazu, Imai Takao, Shibata Shinsuke, Tabuchi Yoshiaki, Tsuchimoto Kanji, Okano Hideyuki, Hibi Toshifumi
PLoS ONE   8(1) e53540   Jan 2013
<p>Objective: Upregulation of the RNA-binding protein Musashi-1 (Msi1) has been shown to occur in rat gastric corpus mucosa after ethanol-induced mucosal injury. However, there is no direct evidence linking Msi1 with gastric regeneration. We exami...
Fukuda Toru, Takeda Shu, Xu Ren, Ochi Hiroki, Sunamura Satoko, Sato Tsuyoshi, Shibata Shinsuke, Yoshida Yutaka, Gu Zirong, Kimura Ayako, Ma Chengshan, Xu Cheng, Bando Waka, Fujita Koji, Shinomiya Kenichi, Hirai Takashi, Asou Yoshinori, Enomoto Mitsuhiro, Okano Hideyuki, Okawa Atsushi, Itoh Hiroshi
Nature   497(7450) 490-493   2013
<p>Semaphorin 3A (Sema3A) is a diffusible axonal chemorepellent that has an important role in axon guidance. Previous studies have demonstrated that Sema3a -/- mice have multiple developmental defects due to abnormal neuronal innervatio...
Nishimoto Yoshinori, Nakagawa Shinichi, Hirose Tetsuro, Okano Hirotaka James, Takao Masaki, Shibata Shinsuke, Suyama Satoshi, Kuwako Ken Ichiro, Imai Takao, Murayama Shigeo, Suzuki Norihiro, Okano Hideyuki
Molecular Brain   6(1) 31   2013
<p>Background: A long non-coding RNA (lncRNA), nuclear-enriched abundant transcript 1-2 (NEAT1-2), constitutes nuclear bodies known as "paraspeckles". Mutations of RNA binding proteins, including TAR DNA-binding protein-43 (TDP-43) and fused in sa...
Takano Morito, Hikishima Keigo, Fujiyoshi Kanehiro, Shibata Shinsuke, Yasuda Akimasa, Konomi Tsunehiko, Hayashi Akiko, Baba Hiroko, Honke Koichi, Toyama Yoshiaki, Okano Hideyuki, Nakamura Masaya
PLoS ONE   7(12) e52904   Dec 2012
<p>The paranodal junction is a specialized axon-glia contact zone that is important for normal neuronal activity and behavioral locomotor function in the central nervous system (CNS). Histological examination has been the only method for detecting...
Kanzaki Sho, Fujioka Masato, Yasuda Akimasa, Shibata Shinsuke, Nakamura Masaya, Okano Hirotaka James, Ogawa Kaoru, Okano Hideyuki
PLoS ONE   7(12) e48480   Dec 2012
<p>Objective: Systemic steroid injections are used to treat idiopathic sudden-onset sensorineural hearing loss (ISSHL) and some inner ear disorders. Recent studies show that transtympanic (TT) steroid injections are effective for treating ISSHL. A...
Omoto Masahiro, Yoshida Satoru, Miyashita Hideyuki, Kawakita Tetsuya, Yoshida Kenji, Kishino Akiyoshi, Kimura Toru, Shibata Shinsuke, Tsubota Kazuo, Okano Hideyuki, Shimmura Shigeto
PLoS ONE   7(11) e47716   Nov 2012
<p>Background: Peripheral nerve damage of the cornea is a complication following surgery or infection which may lead to decreased visual function. We examined the efficacy of the semaphorin 3A inhibitor, SM-345431, in promoting regeneration of per...
Takagi Takehiko, Kimura Yu, Shibata Shinsuke, Saito Harukazu, Ishii Ken, Okano Hirotaka J., Toyama Yoshiaki, Okano Hideyuki, Tabata Yasuhiko, Nakamura Masaya
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery   130(4) 866-876   Oct 2012
<p>BACKGROUND: Despite numerous articles on the use of artificial nerve conduits, autologous nerve transplants remain the most effective for nerve repair. To improve this technique, the authors examined conduits containing gelatin hydrogel as a ca...
Shibata Shinsuke, Umei Masahiko, Kawahara Hironori, Yano Masato, Makino Shinji, Okano Hideyuki
Brain Research   1462 162-173   Jun 2012
<p>Musashi (Msi) is an evolutionarily conserved gene family of RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) that is preferentially expressed in the nervous system. The first member of the Msi family was identified in Drosophila. Drosophila Msi plays an important r...
Yasuda Akimasa, Tsuji Osahiko, Shibata Shinsuke, Nori Satoshi, Takano Morito, Kobayashi Yoshiomi, Takahashi Yuichiro, Fujiyoshi Kanehiro, Hara Chikako Miyauchi, Miyawaki Atsuhi, Okano Hirotaka James, Toyama Yoshiaki, Nakamura Masaya, Okano Hideyuki
Stem Cells   29(12) 1983-1994   Dec 2011
<p>Previous reports of functional recovery from spinal cord injury (SCI) in rodents and monkeys after the delayed transplantation of neural stem/progenitor cells (NS/PCs) have raised hopes that stem cell therapy could be used to treat SCI in human...
Renault-Mihara Francois, Katoh Hiroyuki, Ikegami Takeshi, Iwanami Akio, Mukaino Masahiko, Yasuda Akimasa, Nori Satoshi, Mabuchi Yo, Tada Hirobumi, Shibata Shinsuke, Saito Ken, Matsushita Masayuki, Kaibuchi Kozo, Okada Seiji, Toyama Yoshiaki, Nakamura Masaya, Okano Hideyuki
EMBO Molecular Medicine   3(11) 682-696   Nov 2011
<p>The migratory response of astrocytes is essential for restricting inflammation and preserving tissue function after spinal cord injury (SCI), but the mechanisms involved are poorly understood. Here, we observed stimulation of in vitro astrocyte...
Asada Nariaki, Takase Masayuki, Nakamura Jin, Oguchi Akiko, Asada Misako, Suzuki Norio, Yamamura Ken Ichi, Nagoshi Narihito, Shibata Shinsuke, Rao Tata Nageswara, Fehling Hans Joerg, Fukatsu Atsushi, Minegishi Naoko, Kita Toru, Kimura Takeshi, Okano Hideyuki, Yamamoto Masayuki, Yanagita Motoko
Journal of Clinical Investigation   121(10) 3981-3990   Oct 2011
<p>In chronic kidney disease, fibroblast dysfunction causes renal fibrosis and renal anemia. Renal fibrosis is mediated by the accumulation of myofibroblasts, whereas renal anemia is mediated by the reduced production of fibroblast-derived erythro...
Hosoya Makoto, Fujioka Masato, Matsuda Satoru, Ohba Hiroyuki, Shibata Shinsuke, Nakagawa Fumiko, Watabe Takahisa, Wakabayashi Ken Ichiro, Saga Yumiko, Ogawa Kaoru, Okano Hirotaka James, Okano Hideyuki
Neurochemical Research   36(7) 1261-1269   Jul 2011
<p>The development of the inner ear is an orchestrated process of morphogenesis with spatiotemporally controlled generations of individual cell types. Recent studies have revealed that the Sox gene family, a family of evolutionarily conserved HMG-...
Nagoshi Narihito, Shibata Shinsuke, Hamanoue Makoto, Mabuchi Yo, Matsuzaki Yumi, Toyama Yoshiaki, Nakamura Masaya, Okano Hideyuki
GLIA   59(5) 771-784   May 2011
<p>After spinal cord injury (SCI), various cell types are recruited to the lesion site, including Schwann cells, which originate in the neural crest and normally myelinate axons in the peripheral nervous system. Here, we investigated the different...
Takagi Takehiko, Ishii Ken, Shibata Shinsuke, Yasuda Akimasa, Sato Momoka, Nagoshi Narihito, Saito Harukazu, Okano Hirotaka J., Toyama Yoshiaki, Okano Hideyuki, Nakamura Masaya
PLoS ONE   6(6) e21497   2011
<p>Multipotent somatic stem cells have been identified in various adult tissues. However, the stem/progenitor cells of the peripheral nerves have been isolated only from fetal tissues. Here, we isolated Schwann-cell precursors/immature Schwann cel...
Katoh Hiroyuki, Shibata Shinsuke, Fukuda Kimiko, Sato Momoka, Satoh Etsuko, Nagoshi Narihito, Minematsu Takeo, Matsuzaki Yumi, Akazawa Chihiro, Toyama Yoshiaki, Nakamura Masaya, Okano Hideyuki
Molecular Brain   4(1) 34   2011
<p>Abstract. Background: The olfactory epithelium (OE) has a unique capacity for continuous neurogenesis, extending axons to the olfactory bulb with the assistance of olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs). The OE and OECs have been believed to develo...
Suzuki Sayuri, Namiki Jun, Shibata Shinsuke, Mastuzaki Yumi, Okano Hideyuki
Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry   58(8) 721-730   Aug 2010
<p>Nestin is an intermediate filament protein that is known as a neural stem/ progenitor cell marker. It is expressed in undifferentiated central nervous system (CNS) cells during development, but also in normal adult CNS and in CNS tumor cells. A...
Wakabayashi Kenichiro, Fujioka Masato, Kanzaki Sho, Okano Hirotaka James, Shibata Shinsuke, Yamashita Daisuke, Masuda Masatsugu, Mihara Masahiko, Ohsugi Yoshiyuki, Ogawa Kaoru, Okano Hideyuki
Neuroscience Research   66(4) 345-352   Apr 2010
<p>Hearing impairment can be the cause of serious socio-economic disadvantages. Recent studies have shown inflammatory responses in the inner ear co-occur with various damaging conditions including noise-induced hearing loss. We reported pro-infla...
Tada Hirobumi, Okano Hirotaka James, Takagi Hiroshi, Shibata Shinsuke, Yao Ikuko, Matsumoto Masaki, Saiga Toru, Nakayama Keiichi I., Kashima Haruo, Takahashi Takuya, Setou Mitsutoshi, Okano Hideyuki
Journal of Biological Chemistry   285(6) 3840-3849   Feb 2010
<p>Neurons communicate with each other through synapses. To establish the precise yet flexible connections that make up neural networks in the brain, continuous synaptic modulation is required. The ubiquitin-proteasome system of protein degradatio...
Aihara Yuko, Hayashi Yohei, Hirata Mitsuhi, Ariki Nobutaka, Shibata Shinsuke, Nagoshi Narihito, Nakanishi Mio, Ohnuma Kiyoshi, Warashina Masaki, Michiue Tatsuo, Uchiyama Hideho, Okano Hideyuki, Asashima Makoto, Furue Miho Kusuda
International Journal of Developmental Biology   54(8-9) 1287-1294   2010
<p>The neural crest (NC) is a group of cells located in the neural folds at the boundary between the neural and epidermal ectoderm. NC cells differentiate into a vast range of cells, including neural cells, smooth muscle cells, bone and cartilage ...
Shibata Shinsuke, Yasuda Akimasa, Renault-Mihara Francois, Suyama Satoshi, Katoh Hiroyuki, Inoue Takayoshi, Inoue Yukiko U., Nagoshi Narihito, Sato Momoka, Nakamura Masaya, Akazawa Chihiro, Okano Hideyuki
Molecular Brain   3(1) 31   2010
<p>Background. While several mouse strains have recently been developed for tracing neural crest or oligodendrocyte lineages, each strain has inherent limitations. The connection between human SOX10 mutations and neural crest cell pathogenesis led...
Kumagai Gentaro, Okada Yohei, Yamane Junichi, Nagoshi Narihito, Kitamura Kazuya, Mukaino Masahiko, Tsuji Osahiko, Fujiyoshi Kanehiro, Katoh Hiroyuki, Okada Seiji, Shibata Shinsuke, Matsuzaki Yumi, Toh Satoshi, Toyama Yoshiaki, Nakamura Masaya, Okano Hideyuki
PLoS ONE   4(11) e7706   Nov 2009
<p>Transplantation of neural stem/progenitor cells (NS/PCs) following the sub-acute phase of spinal cord injury (SCI) has been shown to promote functional recovery in rodent models. However, the types of cells most effective for treating SCI have ...
Hamanoue Makoto, Matsuzaki Yumi, Sato Ken Ichiro, Okano Hirotaka James, Shibata Shinsuke, Sato Isamu, Suzuki Sadafumi, Ogawara Miyuki, Takamatsu Ken, Okano Hideyuki
Journal of Neurochemistry   110(5) 1575-1584   Sep 2009
<p>The isolation of neural stem cells (NSCs) from the brain has been hampered by the lack of valid cell surface markers and the requirement for long-term in vitro cultivation that may lead to phenotype deterioration. However, few suitable specific...
Nagoshi Narihito, Shibata Shinsuke, Nakamura Masaya, Matsuzaki Yumi, Toyama Yoshiaki, Okano Hideyuki
Journal of Cellular Biochemistry   107(6) 1046-1052   Aug 2009
<p>A recent burst of findings has shown that neural crest-derived stem cells (NCSCs) can be found in diverse mammalian tissues. In addition to their identification in tissues that are known to be derived from the neural crest, recent studies have ...
Susaki Kanako, Kaneko Jun, Yamano Yuka, Nakamura Kenta, Inami Wataru, Yoshikawa Taro, Ozawa Yoko, Shibata Shinsuke, Matsuzaki Osamu, Okano Hideyuki, Chiba Chikafumi
Experimental Eye Research   88(3) 347-355   Mar 2009
<p>Musashi-1 (Msi1), an RNA-binding protein (RBP), has been postulated to play important roles in the maintenance of the stem-cell state, differentiation, and tumorigenesis. However, the expression and function of Msi1 in differentiated cells rema...
Takagi Takehiko, Nakamura Masaya, Yamada Masayuki, Hikishima Keigo, Momoshima Suketaka, Fujiyoshi Kanehiro, Shibata Shinsuke, Okano Hirotaka James, Toyama Yoshiaki, Okano Hideyuki
NeuroImage   44(3) 884-892   Feb 2009
<p>We applied diffusion tensor tractography (DTT), a recently developed MRI technique that reveals the microstructures of tissues based on its ability to monitor the random movements of water molecules, to the visualization of peripheral nerves af...
Nagoshi Narihito, Shibata Shinsuke, Kubota Yoshiaki, Nakamura Masaya, Nagai Yasuo, Satoh Etsuko, Morikawa Satoru, Okada Yohei, Mabuchi Yo, Katoh Hiroyuki, Okada Seiji, Fukuda Keiichi, Suda Toshio, Matsuzaki Yumi, Toyama Yoshiaki, Okano Hideyuki
Cell Stem Cell   2(4) 392-403   Apr 2008
<p>Although recent reports have described multipotent, self-renewing, neural crest-derived stem cells (NCSCs), the NCSCs in various adult rodent tissues have not been well characterized or compared. Here we identified NCSCs in the bone marrow (BM)...
Renault-Mihara Francois, Okada Seiji, Shibata Shinsuke, Nakamura Masaya, Toyama Yoshiaki, Okano Hideyuki
International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology   40(9) 1649-1653   2008
<p>Spinal cord injury (SCI), despite considerable progress in palliative care, has currently no satisfying therapeutic leading to functional recovery. Inability of central nervous system severed axons to regenerate after injury is considered to or...
Kitamura Kazuya, Iwanami Akio, Nakamura Masaya, Yamane Junichi, Watanabe Kota, Suzuki Yoshinori, Miyazawa Daisuke, Shibata Shinsuke, Funakoshi Hiroshi, Miyatake Shinichi, Coffin Robert S., Nakamura Toshikazu, Toyama Yoshiaki, Okano Hideyuki
Journal of Neuroscience Research   85(11) 2332-2342   Aug 2007
<p>Many therapeutic interventions using neurotrophic factors or pharmacological agents have focused on secondary degeneration after spinal cord injury (SCI) to reduce damaged areas and promote axonal regeneration and functional recovery. Hepatocyt...
Kaneko Shinjiro, Iwanami Akio, Nakamura Masaya, Kishino Akiyoshi, Kikuchi Kaoru, Shibata Shinsuke, Okano Hirotaka J., Ikegami Takeshi, Moriya Ayako, Konishi Osamu, Nakayama Chikao, Kumagai Kazuo, Kimura Toru, Sato Yasufumi, Goshima Yoshio, Taniguchi Masahiko, Ito Mamoru, He Zhigang, Toyama Yoshiaki, Okano Hideyuki
Nature Medicine   12(12) 1380-1389   Dec 2006
<p>Axons in the adult mammalian central nervous system (CNS) exhibit little regeneration after injury. It has been suggested that several axonal growth inhibitors prevent CNS axonal regeneration. Recent research has demonstrated that semaphorin3A ...
Sugiyama-Nakagiri Yoriko, Akiyama Masashi, Shibata Shinsuke, Okano Hideyuki, Shimizu Hiroshi
American Journal of Pathology   168(1) 80-92   Jan 2006
<p>Epithelial stem cells reside in the hair follicle (HF) bulge region and possess the ability to differentiate into a variety of cutaneous epithelial cells. The evolutionarily conserved Musashi family of RNA-binding proteins is associated with ma...
Okano Hideyuki, Kawahara Hironori, Toriya Masako, Nakao Keio, Shibata Shinsuke, Imai Takao
Experimental Cell Research   306(2) 349-356   Jun 2005
<p>Musashi is an evolutionarily conserved family of RNA-binding proteins that is preferentially expressed in the nervous system. The first member of the Musashi family was identified in Drosophila. This protein plays an essential role in regulatin...
Akamatsu Wado, Fujihara Hiroaki, Mitsuhashi Takayuki, Yano Masato, Shibata Shinsuke, Hayakawa Yoshika, Okano Hirotaka James, Sakakibara Shin Ichi, Takano Hiroshi, Takano Toshiya, Takahashi Takao, Noda Tetsuo, Okano Hideyuki
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America   102(12) 4625-4630   Mar 2005
<p>Neural Hu proteins (HuB/C/D) are RNA-binding proteins that have been shown to induce neuronal differentiation activity when overexpressed in immature neural progenitor cells or undifferentiated neuronal tumors. Newly generated HuD-deficient mic...
Sakakibara Shin ichi, Nakamura Yuki, Yoshida Tetsu, Shibata Shinsuke, Koike Masato, Takano Hiroshi, Ueda Shuichi, Uchiyama Yasuo, Noda Tetsuo, Okano Hideyuki
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America   99(23) 15194-15199   Nov 2002
<p>Homologues of the Musashi family of RNA-binding proteins are evolutionarily conserved across species. In mammals, two members of this family, Musashil (Msil) and Musashi2 (Msi2), are strongly coexpressed in neural precursor cells, including CNS...
Fujino Tadahiro, Hasegawa Mayumi, Shibata Shinsuke, Kishimoto Taishiro, Imai Shin Ichiro, Takano Toshiya
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications   271(2) 305-310   May 2000
<p>We identified a novel gene PCCX1 that encoded a nuclear protein carrying a PHD finger, a CXXC domain, and an acidic region. The CXXC domain was found to be sufficient for binding to DNA. The acidic region exhibited a high transactivation abilit...

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Micro-connectome analysis in the marmoset brain
Shibata, Shinsuke
8th Marmoset Meeting   6 Feb 2019   
3D-brain mapping with electron microscopy
59th Japan Neurochemistry   7 Sep 2017   Japan Neurochemistry Society

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Analysis for sensory neural network formation
MEXT,JSPS: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2021    Investigator(s): 芝田 晋介
Analysis for the development of formation of the enteric ganglion cell network
JSPS: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: Apr 2014 - Mar 2016    Investigator(s): Shinsuke Shibata