NARITA Shin-ichiro

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NARITA Shin-ichiro
Kyoto University
Institute for Virus Research, Center for Emerging Virus Research
Job title
Research Assistant
Doctor of Science(Kyoto University)

Research Areas



Morita Y, Narita S, Tomida J, Tokuda H, Kawamura Y
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Tsukahara J, Narita S, Tokuda H
FEBS Letters   583(18) 2987-2990   2009
Yasuda M, Iguchi-Yokoyama A, Matsuyama S, Tokuda H, Narita S
Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry   73(10) 2310-2316   2009
Tsukahara J, Mukaiyama K, Okuda S, Narita S, Tokuda H
FEBS Journal   276(16) 4496-4504   2009

Books etc

Biogenesis and membrane targeting of lipoproteins. In A. Böck, R. Curtiss III, J. B. Kaper, P. D. Karp, F. C. Neidhardt, T. Nyström, J. M. Slauch, C. L. Squires, and D. Ussery (ed.), EcoSal—Escherichia coli and Salmonella: Cellular and Molecular Biology.
ASM Press (Washington, DC, USA)   2010   
Sorting of bacterial lipoproteins to the outer membrane by the Lol system. In A. Economou (ed.), Protein secretion (Methods in Molecular Biology)
Humana Press (Totowa, USA)   2010   

Research Grants & Projects

Lipoprotein localization mechanism
Project Year: 2003   
Bacterial cell surfaces