Rubrecht Brian Guenter

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Rubrecht Brian Guenter
Meiji University
School of Commerce
Job title
Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T)(Georgetown University (U.S.A)), Ph.D. in Foreign Language Education(The University of Texs at Austin)

Research Areas


Published Papers

"Yakudoku" and EFL Instruction in Japan
Studies in English Language and Literature   11 73-78   2003
Japanese Writing and the Writing of English in Japan: A Progression Toward Simplicity or Increased Complexity?
Literacy Across Cultures   6 11-24   2003
Motivation and Japanese High School EFL Students: The Overlooked Learners
Texas Papers in Foreign Language Education   8(1) 53-69   2003
Are Japanese High School Graduates Really Equipped for University Language Study? A Call for Research into the Study Habits of Japanese Students Studying English after Matriculation to University
NUCB Journal of Language, Culture and Communication   6(1) 101-112   2004
Case Studies of Language Learners as a Tool for Helping Teachers Understand the Experience of Language Learners
Horwitz, Elaine K. Hsieh, Peggy Pei-Hsuan Bonzo, Joshua D. Huang, Dafu Na, Yoon-He Rubrecht, Brian G.
Hong Kong Journal of Applied Linguistics   9(1) 1-14   2004


The Influence of Television on Language Acquisition in the Absence of Human Interaction: A Study on a Bilingual Child
Perceived Obligation and Language Learning Motivation : A Preliminary Inquiry into the Individual Versus Group Obligation Orientations of Japanese EFL High School Students and Their Motivation to Learn English
UMI      2004
End-user databases: An effective digital data management tool for teachers and researchers
明治大学教養論集   (487) 123-144   Sep 2012
Comparing native speakers' intelligibility and acceptability judgments of Japanese EFL learners
Current Trends in Experimental Phonetics   282-285   Dec 2017

Books etc

Classroom as society: Using peer review to teach an unfamiliar writing style in foreign language writing instruction
ISLS   Jan 2016   

Conference Activities & Talks

Television and the bilingual child
TexTESOL Conference   27 Oct 2000   TexTESOL
Pilot study on the language learning motivation of Japanese English language learners
TexTESOL Conference   3 Nov 2001   TexTESOL
Language learning motivation and the lifelong learning of Japanese high school students
JALT2004 International Conference   23 Nov 2004   JALT
Japanese university students' changing English study methods
4th Annual International Conference on Social Sciences   11 Jun 2005   International Conference on Social Sciences
Conducting interviews for qualitative research
JALT2005 International Conference   10 Oct 2005   JALT

Research Grants & Projects

The language of Star Wars
Project Year: 2015 - Today
Pronunciation training for production and discrimination between English /l/ and /r/ by native Japanese
Project Year: 2008   
Foreign Language Learning Motivation
Project Year: 2002