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Former Institution / Organization Hokkaido University Graduate School of Engineering Division of Quantum Energy Engineering
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Brief Biography; Tadahiko Mizuno
Belonged till 2009 Energy Environmental, Institute of Engineering, Graduate Course of Hokkaido University.
Former: Assistant professor of Atomic Power Environmental Material course.
Present: Hydrogen Engineering Application & Development company, Representative Director; Doctor of Engineering

March, 1968; Graduate of Department of Applied Physics, Hokkaido University, Faculty of Engineering,.
March, 1970; Graduated the Master of Department of Applied Physics, Hokkaido University, Faculty of Engineering.
April, 1972; Degree of a doctor of engineering, Hokkaido University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Engineering .
March, 1976; Obtained doctorate in Engineering "Study on formation process of hydride on the surface of Ti by d, n reaction”
Teaching; Atomic Engineering, Corrosion, X-rays analysis, Electron microscope, Exercise:Mathematics, Physical Engineering.

Publication; "Chemistry seen from the experiment" (Sankyo Publishing), "Sorption of Hydrogen On and In Hydrogen Absorbing Metal in Electrochemical Environments" (Plenum Press), “An understanding of the environment, Global environment and the human life” (Sankyo Publishing), "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Source book" (American Chemical Society).

Research activity; Electrochemical,Metallurgy, Nuclear reaction in condensed matter, Elucidation of the peculiar behavior of hydrogen in the metal, Hydrogen penetration in the metal, Hydrogen brittle, Hydrogen production, Hydrogen separation and purification, Power conversion of Hydrogen. Elucidation of hydrogen behavior. Development of unique method using hydrogen isotopes, Study the behavior of hydrogen on metal.
Book represents a large number of the interaction between hydrogen and the metals.

Overseas activities; International Hydrogen Energy Society,International Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
Domestic Activities; Atomic Energy Society of Japan, Society of Applied Physics of Japan;
award; Preparata medal; international conference of nuclear reaction in condensed matter.

Extramural activities. Monitoring of Hakodate Customs Ministry of Finance,
I was instrumental in smuggling and anti-terrorism measures as part of an international safety measures.





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