TAKAGI Hiroshi

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TAKAGI Hiroshi
Kyoto University
Institute for Research in Humanities, Division for Studies of Cultural Processes
Master of Literature(Ritsumeikan University), Doctor of Literature(Hokkaido University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Letters, Ritsumeikan University
Faculty of Literature, Ritsumeikan University

Published Papers

The 50th and 60th Anniversaries of the Meiji Restoration: Memory, Commemoration and Political Culture in the Pre-War Period
TAKAGI Hiroshi
Japanese Studies (Taylor & Francis online)   (38) 329-341   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
TAKAGI Hiroshi
『美術史論壇』11 韓国美術研究所(大韓民国) pp.87-115.      2000
The Meiji Restoration and the Revival of Ancient Culture.
Tsu Yun Hui(eds.)Perspectives on Social Memory in Japan. UK :Global Oriental, pp.134-147.      2005
Fabricating Antiquity in Modern Nara
Hiroshi Takagi
ZINBUN   43 51-60   Mar 2012   [Refereed]
The Buddhist Faith of the Japanese Imperial Family after the Meiji Restoration
Hiroshi Takagi
Japan Review pp131-142      2013   [Refereed]
Tomioka Tessai's and National History:Expressing the Spirit of Confucian Morality(Meikyo) through Art
TAKAGI Hiroshi
THE SHIRIN   101(1) 150-188   Jan 2018   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

明治維新50年、60年の記憶と顕彰―1917年、1928年の政治文化 [Invited]
TAKAGI Hiroshi
The Meiji Restoration and its Afterlives: Social Change and the Politics of Commemoration   16 Sep 2017   
The Old Capital in Modern Times and Images of Kyoto [Invited]
TAKAGI Hiroshi
New insights into The Cultural History of Japan's Ancient Capital   22 Jul 2016   Institute of East Asian Art History Heidelberg University
Meiji Restoration and the Revival of Ancient Culture [Invited]
TAKAGI Hiroshi
15 Jul 2016   Leipzig University
Meiji restoration and the ancient capitals Nara and Kyoto [Invited]
TAKAGI Hiroshi
The Global History and the Meiji Restoration Conference   3 Jul 2015   Heidelberg University
The Buddhist faith of Japanese Imperial family aftrer the Meiji Restoration
TAKAGI Hiroshi
Kyoto's Modern Revolution   15 Mar 2012   The Association for Asian Studies
Fabricating antiquity in modern Nara
TAKAGI Hiroshi
The Association for Asian Studies   5 Apr 2008   The Association for Asian Studies
Meiji Restoration and Revival of Ancient Culture
TAKAGI Hiroshi
6 Sep 2007   National Museum of Japanese History

Research Grants & Projects

The cultural history of the modern Japanese Emperor system
The modern history of cultural properties
Creation of Japanese art history