Hiroyuki Enomoto

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Hiroyuki Enomoto
National Institute of Polar Research
Arctic Environment Research Center
Job title
Vice Director-General, Proferssor
Doctor der Naturwissenschaften(Eidgen(]E88D8[)ssische Technische Hochschule Z(]E88DB[)rich)), Master of Science(University of Tsukuba)
Other affiliation
The Graduate University for Advanced Studies


Hiroyuki Enomoto is director of Arctic Environment Research Center (AERC) of National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR) in Japan, and professor of the Graduate University for Advanced Studies. Since 2014, he is vice director-general of NIPR. He received PhD at the ETH Zurich in 1989, on physical geography on sea ice and climate relationships. His research area is climatological investigations of snow and ice of ocean, land and ice sheet in the Arctic, Antarctic and snow cover area in the middle latitudes. Using satellite microwave remote sensing and visiting polar snow and ice field, he is widely scanning changing cryosphere. His first visit to glacier was Patagonia in 1981.Since then, he has worked at many cold regions. He is visited Svalbard by opening Japanese Arctic research station, and also Dome Fuji Antarctica for starting up new Antarctic inland station and drilling site and AWS monitoring. He joined Japanese, Australian and Swedish Antarctic Expeditions, and in the Arctic, he worked often in the Alaska as the collaborator of IARC/UAF and Japanese project on linkage of land-sea ice processes.
Since 2011, he is working as the leading member of the Japanese Arctic research project, and also working with international cryospheric and Arctic meetings. He is happy to seek for scientific frontier of cryosphere, and also collaborations in international polar expeditions and in community works as well.
Since 2015, He is working as the Sub-Project Director of the Japanese Arctic Research Project: Arctic Challenge for Sustainability (ArCS).

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 2014
Vice-Director General, National Institute of Polar Research
Apr 2011
Professor, Gruop of Polar Meteorology and Glaciology, National Institute of Polar Research
Apr 2011
Professor, School of Multisisciplinary Sciences, Graduate University for Advanced Study
Apr 2011
Sep 2018
Director, Arctic Environment Research Center, National Institute of Polar Research
Apr 1996
Mar 2011
Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Kitami Institute of Technology


Oct 1985
Mar 1989
Geography, Natural Science, ETHZ
Geographie, Graduate School, Division of Earth Science, Die Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Z(]J1168[)rich
Apr 1983
Mar 1985
Graduate School of Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University

Committee Memberships

Jun 2018
International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)  Japanese deligate
Oct 2017
IPCC  SROCC Lead Author
Group on Earth Observation (GEO)  GEO Cold Region Initiative (GEOCRI) Lead Group
Jan 2016
WCRP/Climate and Cryosphere (CliC)  Science Steering Group (SSG)
Dec 2013
International Study of Arctic Change (ISAC)  Science Steering Committee
Jan 2011
May 2019
International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)  Cryospheric Working Group (CWG)
Jun 2011
IUGG/International association of Cryospheric Science (IACS)  division head of sea Ice and fresh water ice

Awards & Honors

Sep 2011
Hot-water drilling at Glaciar Perito Moreno, Southern Patagonia Icefield, Paper Award, Japanese Society of Snow and Ice
Winner: S. Sugiyama, N. Naito, K. Tone, H. Enomoto, M. Aniya
May 2004
Outstanding teamwork Earth Observing Syatem (EOS) Aqua mission team, Group Achievement Award, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Winner: Aqua Mission Team
Aug 2004
Outstanding Team Work Earth Observing System (EOS) Aqua Mission Team, Group Achievement Award, NASA
Winner: Aqua Mission Team
Technology Prize, Japanese Society of Snow and Ice
Winner: AWS research group

Published Papers

Summer melting observation at the marginal region of Antarctic ice sheet by microwave radiometer
Alimasi Nuerasimuguli,Hiroyuki Enomoto, Naohiko Hirasawa
Journal of Japanese Society of Snow and Ice   80(5) 481-490   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Yong Zhang, Hiroyuki Enomoto, Tetsuo Ohata, Hideyuki Kitabata, Tsutomu Kadota, Yukiko Hirabayashi
Journal of Hydrology   553C . 662-677   Sep 2017   [Refereed]
Hiroyuki Enomoto, Nuerasimuguli Alimasi
Journal of Japanese Society of Snow and Ice   79(5) 451-464   Sep 2017   [Refereed]
Surface mass balance on Glacier No. 31 in the Suntar-Khayata Range, eastern Siberia, from 1951 to 2014
Zhang Y., H. Enomoto, T. Ohata, T. Kadota, T. Shirakawa and N. Takeuchi
Journal of Mountain Science   14(3) 501-512   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Nuerasimuguli Alimasi, Hiroyuki Enomoto
Journal of Japanese Society of Snow and Ice   79(1) 17-30   Jan 2017   [Refereed]
Glossary of acronyms for satellites and sensors
Hiroyuki Enomoto, Tomohiro Tanikawa, Masahiro Hori, Kazuki NaHiroto Nagai, Daiki Sakakibara, Takahiro Abe, Kazuhiro naoki, Rigen Shimada
Journal of japanese Society of Snow and Ice   79(1) 83-87   Jan 2017
Yoshimi Ogawa-Tsukagawa,Kumiko Goto-Azuma,Yutaka Kondo, Konosuke Sugiura,Sho Ohata,Tatsuhiro Mori,Nobuhiro Moteki,Makoto Koike,Motohiro Hirabayashi,Remi Dallmayr,Hiroyuki Enomoto
Jpurnal of Japanese Society of Snow and Ice   78(6) 459-478   Nov 2016   [Refereed]
Winter-spring transition of ground conditions over Alaska derived by airborne 6 GHz microwave and infrared observations
Nuerasimuguli Alimasi, Hiroyuki Enomoto, Jessica Cherry, Larry Hinzman, Takao Kameda
Journal of Japanese Society of Snow and Ice   78(6) 365-382   Nov 2016   [Refereed]
Nuerasimuguli ALIMASI, Hiroyuki ENOMOTO, Jessica CHERRY, Larry HINZMAN, Takao KAMEDA, Konosuke SUGIURA and Masahiro HORI
Seppyo   78(4) 185-203   Jul 2016   [Refereed]
Spatial Characteristics of Rainfall at Sparsely Distributed Station Network
Sugiura, K., S. Takahashi, T. Kameda, H. Enomoto, Y. Kononov and M. Ananicheva
International Journal of Earth and Environmental Science   (104)    Mar 2016   [Refereed]


Hiroyuki Enomoto
Ocean Engineering Panel   50th(50) 7-14   Apr 2018   [Invited]
気候影響・利用研究会会報   (39/40) 33‐34   Mar 2017
Hiroyuki Enomoto
OceanNewsLetters -selected papers-   (21) 18-20   Mar 2017
Hiroyuki Enomoto
Canadian Science PolicyCentreNews      Oct 2016   [Invited]
Hiroyuki Enomoto, Dominique Berod, Joseph Nolan, Seong-Joong Kim, Emily S. Choy
AOS 2016, March 15-18, Fairbanks, Alaska      Mar 2016
AOS 2016, March 15-18, Fairbanks, Alaska Thematic Working Group Synthesis Documents
Hiroyuki Enomoto, Dominique Berod, Joseph Nolan, Seong-Joong Kim, Emily S. Choy
Arctic Observing Summit 2016      Mar 2016
地球温暖化   (41) 6-7   Jan 2016
Rapidly Changing Arctic
Hiroyuki Enomoto
Prevention of Global Warming   (9) 7-8   Sep 2015   [Invited]
Rapd warming in The Arctic and its influence to the Globe
Hiroyuki Enomoto
Heat Transfer   (226) 16-21   Feb 2015   [Invited]
Rapidly changing Arctic
Hiroyuki Enomoto
Prevention of Global Warming   35 4-5   Jan 2015   [Invited]
Preliminary study on wave field and grease ice in the sea ice area
Proceedings of Hokkaido Chapter of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers   (57) 502-505   2000
Glaciological data collected by 34th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in 1993(jointly worked)
JARE Data Reports,National Inst.Polar Research   (202) 42   1995
Sea Ice-Atmosphere Interactions in the Antarctic
Kaiyo Monthly, Symposium-Antarctic Ocean   25(9) 537-544   1993
Growth of sea ice in the Sea of Okhotsk and air-sea interaction
Kaiyo Monthly   28(9) 572-575

Books etc

Encyclopedia of Climate Variation
Yamakawa, S., Tokiwa, K., Torai, Y. (Part:Joint Work, Air-sea interaction in the Arctic cryosphere)
Asakura Shoten   Dec 2017   ISBN:9784254161298
A Farewell to ice -A report from Arctic-
Peter Wadhams (Part:Supervisor)
Nov 2017   ISBN:9784562054442
Ocean White Paper 2014
Hiroyuki Enomoto (Part:Contributor)
Ocean Policy Research Foundation   2014   
Global Warming-an approach from the atmospheric-hydrospheric science-

Conference Activities & Talks

Activity and movement of WCRP ”Climate and Cryosphere” (CliC) [Invited]
Hiroyuki Enomoto
JpGU   May 2018   
Yuji Kodama, Hiroyuki Enomoto, Tetsuo Ohata
JpGU   May 2018   
Long-term trends of snow cover extent and duration in the Northern Hemisphere derived from imagery collected by polar orbiting optical satellites
M. Hori, K. Sugiura, K. Kobayashi, T. Aoki, T. Tanikawa, M. Niwano, H. Enomoto
ISAR5   Jan 2018   
Japanese activities under EGRIP (East Greenland Ice Core Project)
K. Goto-Azuma, F. Nakazawa, M. Hirabayashi, N. Nagatsuka, W. Shigeyama, J. Okuno, S. Fujita, H. Enomoto, T. Homma, N. Azuma, T. Saruya, A. Abe-Ouchi, R. Greve, F. Saito, M. Miyahara
ISAR5   Jan 2018   
Arctic research and educational collaboration plan between Japan-Norway
A. Yamakawa, *S. Sandven, S. Saitoh, H. Enomoto, Y. Kodama, N. Otsuka
ISAR5   Jan 2018   
Alimasi Nuerasimuguli, 榎本浩之, 榎本浩之
雪氷研究大会講演要旨集(Web)   2018   
Toward the Pan-Arctic coverage for international research collaboration
Hiroyuki Enomoto
8th Symposium on Polar Science   Dec 2017   
Rresearch/observation facilities for international collaborative studies and capacity building
Hiroyuki Enomoto
8th Symposium on Polar Science   Dec 2017   
Winter-spring transition of ground conditions over Alaska derived by airborne 6GHz microwave and infrared observations
7) Alimasi, N., H. Enomoto, J. Cherry, L. Hinzman and T. Kameda
8th Symposium on Polar Science,   Dec 2017   
矢吹裕伯, 杉村剛, 照井健志, 榎本浩之
日本リモートセンシング学会学術講演会論文集(CD-ROM)   21 Nov 2017   
Hiroyuki Enomoto
日本地球惑星科学連合大会予稿集(Web)   May 2017   
Hiroyuki Enomoto
JpGU   May 2017   
宮岡宏, 塩原匡貴, 内田雅己, 後藤大輔, 榎本浩之
極域科学シンポジウム(Web)   2017   
Analysis of the long-term trend of Northern Hemisphere snow cover extent using satellite and in-situ snow data
Masahiro Hori, Konosuke Sugiura, Tomonori Tanikawa, Teruo Aoki, Masashi Niwano, Hiroyuki Enomoto
The 7th symposium on Polar Science   16 Dec 2016   
Naoko Nagatsuka, Fumio Nakazawa, Kumiko Goto-Azuma, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Hiroyuki Enomoto
The 7th Symposium on Polar Science   2 Dec 2016   
Yoshimi Ogawa-Tsukagawa, Kumiko Goto-Azuma, Yutaka Kondo, Konosuke Sugiura, Akane Tsushima,Atsushi Sato5, Satoshi Omiya6, Makoto Koike, Sho Ohata, Tatsuhiro Mori, Nobuhiro Moteki,Motohiro Hirabayashi, Hiroyuki Enomoto
The 7th Symposium on Polar Science   2 Dec 2016   
CO2 emission from permafrost soils of Alaska under the freezing/
Goldschmidt2016   25 Jun 2016   
Variations in Sr and Nd isotopic ratio of dust in Arctic snow
Nagatsuka, N., K. Sugiura, Y. Ogawa, K. Goto-Azuma, H. Enomoto, T. Nakano
IPICS, Hobart, Australia   7 Mar 2016   
猿谷友孝, 末吉哲雄, 榎本浩之
日本地球惑星科学連合大会予稿集(Web)   2016   
東久美子, 東久美子, 川村賢二, 川村賢二, 藤田秀二, 藤田秀二, 奥野淳一, 奥野淳一, 阿部彩子, GREVE Ralf, 齋藤冬樹, 本間智之, 東信彦, 榎本浩之, 榎本浩之, 本山秀明, 本山秀明, DAHL‐JENSEN Dorthe
日本地球惑星科学連合大会予稿集(Web)   2016   
藤田秀二, 藤田秀二, 東久美子, 東久美子, 榎本浩之, 榎本浩之, 榎本浩之, 福井幸太郎, 福井幸太郎, 平林幹啓, 堀彰, 保科優, 保科優, 飯塚芳徳, 望月優子, 本山秀明, 本山秀明, 中澤文男, 杉山慎, SURDYK Sylviane, 高橋和也
日本地球惑星科学連合大会予稿集(Web)   2016   
杉山慎, 津滝俊, 津滝俊, 榊原大貴, 榊原大貴, 斉藤潤, 斉藤潤, 大橋良彦, 大橋良彦, 丸山未妃呂, 丸山未妃呂, 片山直紀, 片山直紀, Podolskiy Evgeny, 箕輪昌紘, 箕輪昌紘, 松野智, 松野智, 澤柿教伸, 的場澄人, Greve Ralf, Seddik Hakime, Funk Martin, Genco Riccardo, 榎本浩之
雪氷研究大会講演要旨集(Web)   2016   
猿谷友孝, 末吉哲雄, 渡邊達也, 池田敦, 榎本浩之
日本地球惑星科学連合大会予稿集(Web)   2016   
永塚尚子, MATEIU Ramona Valentina, 東久美子, 東久美子, 塚川佳美, 杉浦幸之助, 榎本浩之, 榎本浩之, 青木輝夫
日本地球惑星科学連合大会予稿集(Web)   2016   
塚川佳美, 東久美子, 近藤豊, 杉浦幸之助, 大畑祥, 森樹大, 茂木信宏, 小池真, 平林幹啓, DALLMAYR Remi, 榎本浩之
日本地球惑星科学連合大会予稿集(Web)   2016   
堀雅裕, 谷川朋範, 青木輝夫, 青木輝夫, 榎本浩之, 榎本浩之
雪氷研究大会講演要旨集(Web)   2016   
塚川佳美, 東久美子, 東久美子, 近藤豊, 對馬あかね, 佐藤篤司, 大宮哲, 小池真, 大畑祥, 森樹大, 茂木信宏, 平林幹啓, 榎本浩之, 榎本浩之
雪氷研究大会講演要旨集(Web)   2016   
Satellite, Air- borne and Ground Observation of Microwave Emission from Snow Melting Area
Alimasi, N., H. Enomoto, Jessica Cherry, Larry Hinzman, K. Sugiura, M. Hori and T.o Kameda, Satellite
18 Nov 2015   
Long-term datasets of satellite-derived Northern Hemisphere snow cover extent in 5km spatial resolution prepared for JAXA’s GCOM-C mission
Hori, M.,K. Sugiura, T. Tanikawa, T. Aoki, K. Kuchiki, M. Niwano, H. Enomoto
30th International Symposium on Space Technology and Science,Kobe   Aug 2015   
Evaluation of JXAM5 snow cover extent product using ground based snow depth information and Landsat images
Hori, M., K. Sugiura, T. Tanikawa, T. Aoki, K. Kuchiki, M. Niwano, H. Enomoto
2nd International Satellite Snow Products Intercomparison(ISSPI) workshop, Colorado, USA   Jul 2015   
Sea ice decrease in the Arctic and increase in the Antarctic- Discussions from the bi-polar perspectives -
Hiroyuki Enomoto, Takeshi Tamura, Masahiro Hori,, Takashi Yamanouchi, Naohiko Hirasawa, Hironori Yabuki
IUGG   25 Jun 2015   
Researches on Linkages between Greenland Ice Sheet and Sea Ice in the Baffin Bay
Nuerasimguli Alimasi, Hiroyuki Enomoto, Takao Kameda
IUGG   25 Jun 2015   
Future projection of the surface mass balance of Altai glaciers using WRF meteorological data and CMIP5 models
Yong Zhang, Hiroyuki Enomoto, Tetsuo Ohata, Hideyuki Kitabata, Tsutomu Kadota
IUGG   24 Jun 2015   
Naoko Nagatsuka, Ramona Valentina Mateiu, Kumiko Goto-Azuma, Yoshimi Ogawa, Konosuke Sugiura, Hiroyuki Enomoto, Teruo Aoki, Katsuyuki Kuchiki, Motohiro Hirabayashi
IUGG   24 Jun 2015   
Hiroyuki Enomoto, Matti Lepparanta, Yasuhiro Tanaka, Kazutaka Tateyama, Nuerasimuguli Alimasi,Takao Kameda
IUGG   20 Jun 2015   
Seasonal Change and Long-term Trend in the Arctic Cryospheric -Discussion from Bi-polar perspective-
Hiroyuki Enomoto, Takeshi Tamura, Masahiro Hori, Takashi Yamanouchi, Naohiko Hirasawa, Hironori Yabuki
JPGU   26 May 2015   
Satellite Observation of spring snow melt in the Arctic
Nuerasimuguli Alimasi1,2, Hiroyuki Enomoto, Konosuke Sugiura, Masahiro Hori, Takao Kameda
JPGU   26 May 2015   
Pan-Arctic Snow Conditions of Freezing and Melting for Analyzing Regional and Interannual Changes, and application to Field Observation Planning
Alimasi, N., H. Enomoto, K. Sugiura, M. Hori and T. Kameda,
ASSW205/ISAR4   29 Apr 2015   
A Long-term data set of satellite-derived northern hemisphere snow cover properties in 5km spatial resolution prepared for JAXAS GCOM-C mission
Hori, M., K. Sugiura, T. Tanikawa, T. Aoki, K. Kuchiki, M. Niwano, H. Enomoto:
Fourth International Symposium on the Arctic Research (ISAR-4)   29 Apr 2015   
Geographical Variations in Sr - Nd isotopic ratios of mineral dust in Arctic Snow
Nagatsuka, N., K. Sugiura, Y. Ogawa, K. Goto-Azuma, H. Enomoto, T. Nakano
ASSW2015/ISAR-4   29 Apr 2015   
Concentrations of black carbon in the Arctic snow analyzed with a single particle soot photometer (SP2).
Ogawa Y., K. Goto-Azuma, K. Sugiura, Y. Kondo , S. Ohata, T. Mori, N. Moteki, T. Aoki, K. Kuchiki, R.Dallmayr, M. Hirabayashi, and H. Enomoto
ASSW2015/ISAR-4   29 Apr 2015   
Comparisons of Arctic Decrease and Antarctic Increase in Sea Ice
Hiroyuki Enomoto、Hironori yabuki
Intl. Symp. on Sea ice and Okhotsk Sea   15 Feb 2015   
Glacier Changes in Suntar-Khayata Mountains in North-East Siberia.
Ohata, T., H. Enomoto, T. Kadota, T. Shirakawa, A. Fedorov
AGU   15 Dec 2014   
Interactions in the Polar Cryosphere investigated by Arctic data Archive System
Hiroyuki Enomoto, Nuerasimuguli Alimasi, Hironori Yabuki, Takeshi Sugimura, Takeshi Terui
20 Sep 2014   
A development of snowfall estimation model for Antarctica
Kazue Suzuki, Hideaki Motoyama, Takashi Yamanouchi
20 Sep 2014   
Concentrations of Black Carbon in Arctic snow
20 Sep 2014   
14C dating of insects found in a glacier in Suntar-Khayata range, eastern Siberia
Nakazawa,F., M. Uchida, P. Konstantinov, M. Kondo, R. Kusaka, H. Enomoto, M. Miyairi, A. Fedorov, T. Ohata, T. Shirakawa, Y. Fujisawa, H. Yabuki, T. Kadota
The Thirteenth International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry   26 Aug 2014   
Polar Research using Satellite Microwave Remote Sencing
ENOMOTO, Hiroyuki; ALIMASI, Nuerasimuguli; SURDYK, Sylviane ; FUJITA, Shuji ; YABUKI, Hironori; SUGIMURA Thuyosi, SUGIYAMA, Shin ; HOLMRUND, Per ; INGVANDER, Susanne
Apr 2014   
Enomoto, H., N. Alimasi, Y. Tanaka and K. Tateyama
IGS Hobart   Mar 2014   
Recent Activities and Selected Outcomes of the GRENE Arctic Climate Change
Takashi Yamanouchi, Hiroyuki Enomoto, Yoshiyuki Fujii
Intl. Symp. on Sea ice and Okhotsk せあ   15 Feb 2014   
Ice covered seas and coastal regions monitoring using Arctic Data archiving System (ADS) II
Alimasi, N., T. Sugimura, H. Yabuki, H. Enomoto
International Symposium on Sea ice and Okhotsk Sea   Feb 2014   
Ice covered seas and coastal regions monitoring using Arctic Data archiving System (ADS) I
Enomoto, H., N. Alimasi, T. Sugimura, H. Yabuki
International Symposium on Sea ice and Okhotsk Sea   Feb 2014   
Hiroyuki Enomoto
AGU Fall Meeting   Dec 2013   
Meteorological observations on No.31 Gracier, Suntar-Khayata Range, Russia from 2012 to 2013
12 Nov 2013   
Seasonal variations of black carbon and ionic species at NEEM, Greenland
Kumiko Goto-Azuma,,,Hiroyuki Enomoto
Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly DACA-13   Jul 2013   
New movement of Japanese Arctic Research Activity
Hiroyuki Enomoto
Arctic Observing Summit   Apr 2013   
Overview of regional and interannual variations of snow and surface conditions at GRENE Arctic observation sites by satellite microwave data
Alimasi, N, Enomoto, H., Takahashi, S.
ISAR-3   Jan 2013   
Cryospheric study in the GRENE-Arctic project: Plan and report from research in 2012
Hiroyuki Enomoto
ISAR-3   Jan 2013   
Understanding the mechanism of warning amplification in the Arctic
Nozawa, N. A. Sugimoto, J. Ukita, H. Enomoto, S. Aoki.,
The Fourth Symposium on Polar Science   2013   
Research related to seasonal snow cover in the Arctic Climate Change Project as one of GRENE programs
Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2012   22 May 2012   


Glaciological Survey in Patagonia, Chile
Ice Boring Project in Norway, Arctic
Glaciological, Meteorological Survey in Spitsbergen, Arctic
Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition, Wintering Observation
1992 - 1994
Patagonia Glacier Research

Research Grants & Projects

Changes of cryosphere in higher Latitudes
Development of Satellite Remote sensing of Cryosphere
Atmospheric Circulatin in the polar regions
Development of meteorological and snow research instruments
monitoring of environments by satellite


A. Yamamoto,H.Tanaka,H.Enomoto,S.Takahashi,K.Tateyama