OKADA Keishi

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OKADA Keishi
Hirosaki University
Faculty of Education, Department of Fine Arts
Job title
Professor Emeritus(describe the name of university in title)
Master of arts(Tokyo University of the Arts)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
Department of Fine Arts, Sculpture, Faculty of Education, Tokyo National University of Education


The Principle of Sculpture
66    1991
The Structure of Taciturnity and Volubility on the Sculpture Aspect-through works of Isamu Waka-bayashi-
42    1979
The Space and the Existence and the Time-An Occasional Essay of Sculpture-
45    1981
The Property and the Contents of Sculpture Study
43    1980
An Introduction of an Assay on Art with a Poetical Scene
Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Hirosaki University   69,81-96    1993

Books etc

The Basic Technique of Formative Arts
A Personal Work of Contemporary Sculpture-some literary frag-ments of modern & contemporary fine arts-
Tugaru-shobo(in Hirosaki)   


"Cleaving A Stone"("The Biennale of Kobe at The Suma Detached Palace Garden, The 5th contemporary Sculpture Exhibition")(White granite, iron, 138x148x200cm)
Artistic Activity   1976
"The Beam(Black, White)Series"("One Person show of Sculpture at Tokiwa Gallery in Tokyo & Denega Gallery in Hirosaki)(wood, iron, copper, 20,5x10,2x26cmx11)
Artistic Activity   1986
"The Critical Relation I-IV"(One Person Show of Sculpture at Denega Gallery in Hirosaki)(iron, 251.5x49.0x22.8cm and 22 works)
Artistic Activity   1985
"A Project : the Plant"(iron, 122.5×49×42cm), "Wind Tunnel Laboratory"(iron, bronze, 175.5×56.5×80cm ahd 6 works)(Lower Merion Baptist Church, Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia, U. S. A. , The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia U. S. A. )
Artistic Activity   1989
"Three Wishes" The Closing Memorial of Hirosaki 1st Taisei Primary School.(bronze, white granite, approx.3m high)

Research Grants & Projects

Working of Contemporary Sculpture,steel,clay Expression of Poetical Scene Using steel and clay
Beyond Time and Space of Modern Sculpture