OZAKI Akihiro

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OZAKI Akihiro
Tohoku University
Graduate School of Arts and Letters Historical Studies Art History Aesthetics and Western Art History
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Published Papers

The Internal Body Revealed: Rembrandt”Who was a Godless Painter”
OZAKI Akihiro
Art History   (36) 1-7   2015   [Invited]
L'impatto della sfida di Van Gogh a Rembrandt
OZAKI Akihiro
Art History   (35) 1-19   2014   [Invited]
Painted Images of Chinese Porcelain -Symbols of Holland as Seen in Still-Life Paintings
OZAKI Akihiro
(34) 1-12   2013
Rembrandt's Nude: Studey of Danaë
Akihiro Ozaki
Rembrandt and Dutch History Painting in the 17th Century      Oct 2004   [Invited]
Rembrandt and Melancholy--Transgressing between Allegory and Reality---,
Akihiro Ozaki
Rembrandt as Norm and Anti-Norm      Jun 2004   [Invited]
西洋美術研究      Sep 2002   [Invited]
Keith Moxey, Panofsky's Melancolia
OZAKI Akihiro
Studies in Western Art   (4) 30-44   2000   [Refereed]
The Politics of Kavel van Mander : The Visual Strategy for the 'Academy' and the Praise of Painting
OZAKI Akihiro
Studies in Western Art   (2) 26-43   1999   [Refereed]
OZAKI Akihiro
Aesthetics   44(174) 69-73   1993   [Refereed]
Paradoxical Painter : Rembrandt
OZAKI Akihiro
Bulletin of Society of Philosophy   25,1-28    1990   [Refereed]

Books etc

3.11 Disaster and Trauma in Experience, Understanding, and Imagination
OZAKI Akihiro (Christopher Craig, Enrico Fongaro, Andreas Niehaus, eds). (Part:Joint Work, After 3.11: Toward a Rehabilitation of the Mind)
Mimesis   Mar 2019   
Knowledge and Arts on the Move: Transformation of the Self-aware Image through East-West Encounters
OZAKI Akihiro (Part:Joint Work, The Beginning of the never-ending struggle)
Mimesis(Milan)   2018   
How to Learn? Nippon/Japan as Object, Nippon/Japan as Method
OZAKI Akihiro (Part:Joint Work, Vermeer 's Love letter and the East)
Mimesis(Milan)   2017   
Rembrandt: The Quest for Chiaroscuro
OZAKI Akihiro (Part:Joint Work, The Artistic Challenges of Rembrandt as Painter-Printmaker)
Rembrandt as Norim and Anti-Norm
OZAKI Akihiro (Part:Joint Work, Rembrandt and Melancholy: Transgressing between Allegory and Reality)
Graduate School of Letters Kyoto University   2004   
The Baroque Art
OZAKI Akihiro
The Rembrandt's workshop
OZAKI Akihiro
Rembrandt's collection
Ozaki, Akihiro
三元社   Sep 2004   
OZAKI Akihiro
How we understand art ; A cognitive developmental account of aesthetic experience
OZAKI Akihiro
OZAKI Akihiro
OZAKI Akihiro
Imitation and Inspiration
OZAKI Akihiro

Conference Activities & Talks

Transcultural Art Production of Urban Space in Amsterdam: Rembrandt Encounter with Asia  [Invited]
OZAKI Akihiro
"Rescaling Eurasian Cites: Cities as Places of Contact and Change" (International Symposium), Ca' Foscari University of Venice, 20-22 Feb.   21 Feb 2019   
Porcelain’s White Gleam: Iconoclasm and Encounter between the Netherlands and Asia [Invited]
OZAKI Akihiro
Feeling and Emotion in Philosophy   18 Mar 2018   
“After 3.11: Toward a Rehabilitation of the Mind”
OZAKI Akihiro
nternational Conference 3.11:Disaster in Trauma, Experience, and Understanding, and Imagination (University of Ghent)   12 Mar 2018   
Vermeer’s Love Letter and the East [Invited]
OZAKI Akihiro
How to Learn: Nippon/Japan as Object, Nippon/Japan as Method (Palazzo Marucelli-Fenzi, Florence)   29 Oct 2015   
Rembrandt and Islam [Invited]
OZAKI Akihiro
Sympathies and Transformations, The 4th German-Japanese University Presidents' Conference (Tohoku University, Sendai)   15 Apr 2015   

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