ENDO Masatoshi

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ENDO Masatoshi
Iwate University
Doctor of Science(Tohoku University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

 Fellowships of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science for Japanese Junior Scientists, Tohoku University,Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
 Fellowships of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science for Japanese Junior Scientists,Tohoku University,Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
 Lecturer,Social Studies Education,Faculty of Education,Iwate University
 Prat-time Lecturer,Faculty of Liberal Arts,Yamagata University
 Prat-time Lecturer,Faculty of Economics, Fuji University


Geography(Human Geograpy), Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Tohoku University
Department of Geography(Human Geography), Faculty of Science, Tohoku University

Published Papers

Sustainable Blood Kin Relationships among Settlement Dwellers through Fluid Residential Groupings of the Ainu as Hunter-Gatherers in the Mitsuishi District of Hokkaido,Japan,1856-1869
ENDO Masatoshi
Geographical Review of Japan   79(11) 547-565   Oct 2006   [Refereed]
Social Structure and Spatial Application of the Name-givibing Prohibition of the Ainu in the early 1800s
Masatoshi ENDO
Geographical Review of Japan   77(1) 19-39   Jan 2004   [Refereed]
The Mobility of Resident Members of the Ainu in Hokkaido, Japan,in the Mid-nineteenth Century
Masatoshi ENDO
The Science Reports of the Tohoku University, 7th series(Geography)   44(2) 75-102   Jun 1995   [Refereed]
Interrelation between Kinseisonrakus in the Conflict Condition : A Case Study of the Ojika Peninsula
Masatoshi ENDO
Annals of the Tohoku Geographical Association   34(2) 76-87   Apr 1982   [Refereed]
Correcting Data on the Mobility of the Ainu Settlement in the Mitsuishi District of Hokkaido, Japan
Masatoshi ENDO
The Annual Report of the Faculty of Education, Iwate University   51(1) 23-30   Oct 1991


Social Structure and Spatial Application of the Name-givibing Prohibition of the Ainu in the early 1800s
Geographical Review of Japan   77(1) 19-39   2004
Fishing Villages and Folklore in the Sanriku Coarst, North-east Japan
Historical Museum of Tohoku District      1985
Dictionary of Place Names in Japan: Land Japonica
Sougakukan      1996
Dictionary of Japanese Folklore
Yoshikawa-koubunkan      1999

Books etc

The Ainu as Hunter-gatherers : A Geographical Study of Residential Mobility
Taimeido   1997   
Handbook for the Historical and Geographical Study
Kokon-shoin   2001   
Historical geography of the Ajia["jointly worked"]
Asakura publishing company   2007   
Research on Miyagi Prefecture
Seibundo   1983   
Regional Geography of the Noda Village, Iwate Prefecture
Noda Village,Iwate Prefecture   1992   

Conference Activities & Talks

Residential Mobility of the Ainu as Hunter-gatherers in Hokkaido, Japan, in the Mid-nineteenth Century
Zheng ZHANG and Masatoshi ENDO
Masatoshi ENDO and Zheng ZHANG
Expansion process of Japanese names among the Ainu in the Etorohu island in the early 1800s
Msasatoshi ENDO
Kinship relationships and mobility of settlement members of the Ainu in the Mitsuishi district of Hokkaido, Japan, 1856-1869
Masatoshi ENDO


Geographical Survey in Nigeria, Africa
Historical and geographical study on the Orochon in the northeastern part of China
Forming process of fluid residential groupings among northern hunter-gatherers

Research Grants & Projects

Culture and social structure of the Ainu as hunter-gatherers