IMAI Hideo

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Academic & Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Tohoku University Graduate School of Information Sciences, Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences


A remark on the rational points of abelian varieties with values in cyclotomic Zp-extensions.
Proceedings of the Japan Academy   51(1)    1975
On the Hodge groups of some abelian varieties.
Hideo IMAI
Kodai Mathematical Seminar Reports.   27(3)    1976
On the rational points of some Jacobian varieties over large algebraic number field.
Hideo IMAI
Kodai Mathematical Journal   3(1)    1980
On the construction of p-adic L-functions.
Hideo IMAI
Hokkaido Mathematical Journal   10(2)    1981
On the p-adic heights of some abilian varieties.
Hideo IMAI
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society   100(1)    1987

Books etc

共立出版   2003   
共立出版   2003   
演習 線形代数
概説 線形代数
例解 線形代数学演習

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Research Grants & Projects

Arithmetic on Abelian Varieties
Project Year: 1973   
Arithmetic of Algebraic Function Fields
Project Year: 1995   
Arithmetic of p-adic L-functions
Project Year: 1980