KURITA Satoshi

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KURITA Satoshi
Former Institution /Organization Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering Department of Architecture and Building Science
Job title
Associate Professor
Doctor of Engineering(Tohoku University)

Research Areas



Bearing Mechanism of Building Supporting Piles During Earthquakes
Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ)   (#N394) 118-129   1988
On the Coherency and the Characteristics of Transfer Functions Between Seismic Waves with Instrument Array
Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ)   (#N395) 28-39   1989
Fundamental Study on Cross-Correlation Functions of Analytical Signals in Elastic Wave Propagation Problems
Journal of Structural Engineering   35B 177-184   1989
Characteristics of Multi-dimensional Propagation of Seismic Waves by use of Statistical Analyses
Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ)   (#N398) 31-42   1989
Some Analyses on bearing Mechanism of piles based on Earthquake Array Observation
Proceedings of the Second East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction   1 769-774   1989

Research Grants & Projects

Behavior of piles supporting buildings during earthquake
Prediction of earth quake input motion by using fault model
Project Year: 1990   
Dynamic Chracteristics of Base-isolated Buildings
Project Year: 1994   
Project Year: 2000