SHIBUYA Jun'ichi

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SHIBUYA Jun'ichi
Former Institution / Organization Sendai National College of Technology Department of Architectural Design
(BLANK)(Tohoku University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Tohoku University
Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University


Effects of Local Site Conditions on Damage to Buildings during an Earthquake.
Proceedings of the eventh World Conference on Earthquake Engineering.   2    1980
Observations of Strong Earthquake Motions and Nonlinear Response Analyses of the Building of Architectural and Civil Engineering Department, Tohoku University.
Transactions of the Architectural Institute of Japan.   301    1981
A Ground Structure Model in Sendai Obtained from Underground Observations of Earthquake Motions.
Proceedings of the Sixth Japan Earthquake Engineering Symposium.      1982
Effects of Ground Characteristics on the Destructiveness of Strong Earthquake Motions.
Proceedings of the Seventh Japan Eurthquake Engineering Symposium.      1986
Analysis of Ground Motions on Alluvial Deposit Considering Surface Waves.
Proceeding of the Ninth World Conference on Earthquake Engineering.   2    1988

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Strong Ground Motion Characteristics
Analytical Study on the 3-Dimensional Structural Behavior during Strong Earthquakes