SUEKANE Fumihiko

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SUEKANE Fumihiko
Tohoku University
Research Center for Neutrino Science
Job title
Associate Professor
理学博士(Tokyo Institute of Technology)


1983: As a doctor course student, I joined VENUS electron-positron colliding beam experiment at TRISTAN accelerator, which was under construction at KEK to searched for the top quark. I stayed at KEK as an entrusted student from Tokyo Inst. Tech. and I worked for the central drift chamber (CDC) subgroup. My supervisor was Prof. Takahiko Kondo. I learned to understand particle detectors electromagnetically through the R&D of the drift chamber. I enjoyed making test drift chambers, performing test experiments and designing electronics. My first first-author publication was "Development of a preamplifier for drift chambers". Four years later, the VENUS experiment started data taking. When I saw the first highest-energy Bhabha scattering event (e+e- ---> e+e-) in the event display of the CDC, I felt my four years work was rewarded. My ph.D thesis became the first physics publication from the VENUS group. The number of hadronic events I analyzed for the thesis was only 96. It was like neutrino experiment! My thesis showed that the top quark was heavier than 24GeV. Now it is known that the top quark mass is 170GeV. Therefore, the beam energy was a bit lower.
1987: I obtained a job at KEK and joined KL --> mu + e rare decay search experiment. I was in charge of e/pi/mu particle identification system. Unfortunately, KL --> mu + e decay was not observed in this experiment but KL --> mu + mu branching ratio was measured with the best precision at that time. It was impressive that the famous CP violating rare KL --> pi+pi- decay was a tough background in this experiment.
1989: I moved to Tohoku Univ. and joined the SLD e+e- colliding beam experiment at SLAC to study the Z0 boson. I stayed at SLAC as a visiting researcher for about half of my time for 6years. At SLAC, I was involved in the CRID(Cherenkov Ring Imaging particle identification Detector) and VXD3 (third generation CCD based vertex detector) sub detector groups.
My first work abroad was to develop automatic range-changing oxygen monitor system for CRID. I often visited electronic shop at SLAC to obtain electronics parts for the oxygen monitor. After CRID hardware was complete, I developed a charge division analysis code which improved position resolution along the wire direction a bit.
For VXD3, I worked for readout electronics system and especially developed a cluster processor using, then becoming popular, FPGA. The cluster processor reduces the data size by less than 1/10,000 choosing only hit pixels from the vast sea of 300M pixels in pipeline. I enjoyed tight designing of the FPGA by arranging CLBs (the minimum unit of the logic circuit) manually to maximize the signal processing speed, etc. VXD3 can identify b, c-quarks using a micron meter order of 3D position resolution and CRID can identify s-quark through K/pi separation.
Together with very small and polarized beam, SLD could measure asymmetry of fermion-Z0 couplings and therefore, the weak mixing angle, Theta_W, precisely. The summary paper on electroweak parameter measurements written by LEP experiments and SLD [Phys.Rept. 427 (2006) 257] has been cited more than 1000 times.
While I stayed at SLAC, I also did an accounting job of US/Japan Science and Technology cooperating program. I dealt with a pile of invoices, receipts and contract papers of millions of dollar's of purchases. Then, I learned how to keep large amount of accounts.
My first lodging room in the US was Prof. Tony Siegman's house who was one of the best authorities of lasers. The landlord of my third lodging was Prof. Roger Kornberg who won the Nobel prize in chemistry in 2006. While I stayed at SLAC, Prof. M. Paul won Nobel prize. I saw many prestigious researchers in SLAC and Stanford Univ. and I was very much stimulated by such high level academic environment there.

Around 1996, I returned to Tohoku Univ. and became a starting member of the KamLAND experiment. KamLAND measured the reactor antineutrinos coming from several nuclear reactors hundreds of kilometers away and identified the second neutrino oscillation and solved the solar neutrino problem.
I was in charge of the 3000 m^3 of large liquid scintillator (LS) and buffer oil, 13m diameter transparent plastic balloon to contain the 1200m^3 LS, and background control etc. For me, it was a big jump from 10g of solid sate CCD vertex detector to kilo tons of liquid scintillation detector, from above-ground neat accelerator lab. to a deep underground lab., from physics of 91GeV Z0 to milli-eV neutrinos. I was novice to the new research conditions and necessary detector techniques. At first I was at a loss thinking of the required transparency and radio-purity of the massive liquid scintillator. It was needed to learn about hydraulic engineering, petrochemicals, plastic engineering, natural radiation sources, driving 4WD LandCruiser in narrow tunnels, etc. My skills of drift chambers and analog electronics did not help much. Thanks to the help from many people, it was possible to realize a good detector in the end. It took several months to fill the detector with liquid scintillator. I looked at the bottom metal flange of the balloon 20m below, from the top of the chimney everyday. I was afraid the flange might become invisible while the liquid level raise due to lack of the transparency of the LS. To my relief the metal flange could be kept seen until the filling finished.
The construction of the KamLAND detector finished in 2001. The detector is still now the world largest homogeneous LS detector. When I saw the scintillation light yield and the background were satisfactory in the first data, I felt very much relieved. After starting physics data taking, I plotted a histogram of neutrino energy in a graph paper one event by one event by hand and gloated over the less neutrinos than expectation!
In 2002, KamLAND announced the detection of the reactor neutrino deficit and published it in 2003. The paper has been cited 2482 times by now. I received the first Koshiba prize for "Development of the large liquid scintillator detector for the measurement of the reactor neutrino deficit" with my two colleagues in 2004.
In 1998, we wrote a PRL paper [cited 95] with Prof. Raju Raghavan on detecting geo-neutrinos by KamLAND and Borexino. The sensitivity of the KamLAND detector turned out to be good enough to detect the geo-neutrinos whose energy and flux are much less than the reactor neutrinos. KamLAND measured the geo-neutrino for the first time and the result was published in Nature [cited 200] in 2005.
In 2015, the initial KamLAND group was awarded Breakthrough Prize.

KamLAND showed that the neutrino oscillation parameters, Theta12 and Dm12 are large. This means there is possibility to measure leptonic CP violation by neutrino oscillations in the future, if another neutrino mixing angle Theta13 is relatively large. Then precise measurement of the Theta13 became next very important subject. We wrote a paper (cited 203 times) in 2003 and showed that reactor measurement of direct theta13 at a baseline 1.5km, is effective to reduce the ambiguities of the accelerator measurement of Theta13. I, together with my experimental colleagues, proposed a reactor-Theta13 experiment, KASKA, which was supposed to use the world largest Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power station. We made an one ton prototype liquid scintillator detector and tried to detect neutrinos from Joyo research reactor at JAEA. This prototype detector is now used for R&D of reactor operation monitor by neutrinos for safeguard use. However, unfortunately the KASKA project was not supported in the end.
In 2006, the KASKA group joined French reactor-Theta13 project, Double Chooz. The budget request was approved by JSPS as a category of special promotion of Grant-in-Aid for scientific research. Double Chooz Japan group took part in constructing the neutrino detector taking responsibility of the photo multiplier, light calibration and data acquisition monitor systems.
The detector construction was complete in the end of 2010. In 2011, the Double Chooz group reported an indication of a finite Theta13 for the first time using reactor neutrinos and published a paper in 2012. The paper has been cited 878 times by now. Since then we have been improving the precision of the Theta13 measurement with more statistics and better analyses. We could measure the background directly using reactor-off data.
In 2013 four of us analyzed the baseline dependence of the reactor neutrino deficits measured by Double Chooz, Daya Bay and RENO experiments and extracted effective Dm31 for the first time and published a paper. A doctor course student of Tohoku University, T.J.C.Bezerra wrote his ph.D thesis with the Theta13 and Dm31 measurements and was awarded the presidential prize of Tohoku University, the JAHEP(Japan Association of High Energy Physicists) encouragement prize and has been nominated to the JPS young scientist award.
In the fall of 2014, the construction of the Double Chooz near detector was complete and commissioned by a PD of Tohoku Univ., Dr. Chauveau Emmanuel. In early 2016, the DC announced the high precision Theta13 results (preliminary) with the near and far detectors. The measured Th13 value is a bit different from Daya Bay result with significance 1.6-sigma.
In 2015, I wrote a book "Neutrino Oscillations: A practical guide to basics and applications" from Springer. I leaned that writing a book is learning the subject deeper. To my pleasure, this book is said to be downloaded well.

Together with the scientific studies, I am performing R&D for the reactor operation monitor by neutrinos for the safe guard purpose. The reactor neutrino monitor is one of the candidates of the novel technology program of IAEA. It was quite an experience for me to visit the IAEA head quarter in Vienna. Their work bench was much neater than ours. Dr. H.Furuta is now building the second small neutrino detector for the reactor monitor R&D.
Now, Tohoku group is involved in the preparation of the sterile neutrino experiment JSNS2 being proposed at the MLF beam line of JPARC accelerator complex.
I have been involved in the measurements of ThetaW, (Theta12, Dm12) and (Theta13, Dm31). I am hoping to measure (Theta14, Dm41) next, by detecting sterile neutrinos.

In July 2016, I was selected as a Blaise Pascal Chair of French for subject of "Promotion of Neutrino Science".
From April 2017, till Aug. 2018, I stayed at APC/CNRS, France for 1.3 year. I performed many seminars, Double Chooz experiment, R&D of novel neutrino detector technology, LiquidO, and writing a text book.

I am now putting my major effort to realize the JSNS2 sterile neutrino experiment. And I am now studying possibility of new neutrino experiments which use decay at rest neutrinos which have several good features, stimulated by the JSNS2 experiment.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2019
Profossor, Research Center for Neutrino Science, Tohoku Univ.
Mar 2007
Mar 2019
准教授, 東北大学ニュートリノ科学研究センター
Apr 2017
Aug 2018
Guest researcher, Neutrino, APC lab., Paris
Apr 2016
Mar 2017
客員教授, 東邦大学理学部
Feb 2010
Jan 2012
客員准教授, 東京工業大学


Mar 1987
物理学, Graduate School, Division of Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Mar 1981
物理学, Faculty of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Committee Memberships

Oct 2007
Sep 2008
JPS  素粒子実験領域 代表
Oct 1999
Sep 2000
日本物理学会  世話人
Apr 2007
Double Chooz group  Technical Board, PMT group leader
Apr 2007
Mar 2013
Double Chooz Geoup  Executive Committee, Financial board
Oct 2005
Sep 2009
日本物理学会  代議員

Awards & Honors

Jul 2016
(Promotion of Neutrino Science), Blaise Pascal Chair, Fondation de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure, France
CERN Courierページ:
Nov 2015
(The fundamental discovery and exploration of neutrino oscillations, revealing a new frontier beyond, and possibly far beyond, the standard model of particle physics), Breakthrough group prize, breakthroughprize organization
Winner: KamLAND group
Apr 2004
(ニュートリノ振動発見のための、1000トン液体シンチレーター検出器の開発), Koshiba Prize, 財団法人 高エネルギー加速器科学研究奨励会
Winner: 井上邦雄、白井淳平、末包文彦

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Neutrino-Based Tools for nuclear verification and diplomacy in North Korea
SUEKANE Fumihiko
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KamLAND collaboration
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Paper Comittee member
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KamLAND Collaboration
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Paper Committee Member
KamLAND Collaboration
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SLD Collaboration
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SLD Collaboration
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日本物理学会講演概要集(CD-ROM)   74(1) ROMBUNNO.16pK305‐6   Mar 2019
日本物理学会講演概要集(CD-ROM)   73(2) ROMBUNNO.15aS12‐7   Sep 2018
Marco Grassi, Francesco Pessina, Anatael Cabrera, Stefano Dusini, Hiroshi Nunokawa, Fumihiko Suekane
   Jul 2018
We introduce a novel approach to investigate CP violation in the neutrino
sector, based on the simultaneous detection of Tex and Tex
stemming from the oscillation of Tex and Tex produced in
the decay at rest of ...
パリティ   33(1) 49‐50   Jan 2018
明午伸一郎, 長谷川勝一, 春日井好己, 酒井健二, 坂元眞一, 鈴谷賢太郎, 岩井瑛人, 丸山和純, 西川公一郎, 太田良介, 新山雅之, 中野貴志, 平岩聡彦, 古田久敬, 末包文彦, 坂井勇登, LOUIS W.C., MILLS G.B., VAN DE WATER R.
日本物理学会講演概要集   68(2) 16   Aug 2013

Books etc

Modern Particle Physics: Experimental Perspectives of the Standard Model
Morikita Publishing Co. Ltd   Dec 2016   ISBN:978-4-627-15581-7
Publisher HP,
Review in JPS magazin
Neutrino Oscillations: A Practical Guide to Basics and Applications
Fumihiko Suekane
Springer   Apr 2015   
Publisher HP,
CERN courier review,

About 1300 downloads a few 100 prints as of 2018/10
素粒子・原子核物理学の基礎 〜実験から統一理論まで〜
末包文彦,白井淳平,湯田春雄 (Part:Joint Work)
共立出版   May 2011   ISBN:978-4-320-03467-9
Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, by A.Das & T.Ferbel,
2nd edition, World Scientificの日本語訳



Conference Activities & Talks

Status of JSNS2 experiment [Invited]
SUEKANE Fumihiko
NuFACT2019   30 Aug 2019   
Initial Design and Construction of the KamLAND Detector [Invited]
SUEKANE Fumihiko
Workshop of Jinping Neutrino Experiment   28 Jul 2019   
LiquidO R&D: Novel Detector Concept for Neutrino Experiments
SUEKANE Fumihiko
Joint workshop of FKPPL & TYL/FJPPL   10 May 2019   
Conference program URL:
LiquidO: CP violation
SUEKANE Fumihiko
5 Dec 2018   
@ APC Paris
Neutrino Oscillation & Other Quantum Oscillations
Fumihiko Suekane
IPHC Physics seminar   2 Mar 2018   IPHC
Neutrino Oscillation & Other Quantum Oscillations [Invited]
Fumihiko Suekane
PSI physics seminar   1 Mar 2018   PSI
Neutrino Oscillation & Sterile Neutrino Experiment JSNS2
Fumihiko Suekane
LPSC Physics Seminar   27 Feb 2018   LPSC
Neutrino Oscillation & Sterile Neutrino Experiment JSNS2
Fumihiko Suekane
CPPM Physics Seminar   22 Feb 2018   CPPM
Sterile Neutrino Experiment JSNS2: The direct test of the LSND anomaly
Fumihiko Suekane
LPNHE physics seminar   19 Feb 2018   LPNHE
Neutrino Oscillation & Other Quantum Oscillations
Fumihiko Suekane
CENBG Physics seminar   16 Feb 2018   CENBG
Neutrino Oscillation & Other Quantum Oscillations
Fumihiko Suekane
LAL Physics seminar   13 Feb 2018   LAL
Neutrino Oscillation & Sterile Neutrino Experiments [Invited]
Fumihiko Suekane
CIEMAT Physics Seminar   25 Jan 2018   CIEMAT
Neutrino Oscillation & Other Quantum Oscillations
SUEKANE Fumihiko
SUBATECH Physics Seminar   7 Dec 2017   SUBATECH
Sterile Neutrino Search at JSNS2 experiment [Invited]
SUEKANE Fumihiko
GDR Neutrino meeting   20 Nov 2017   LPNHE
Neutrino Oscillation & Other Quantum Oscillations: A collection of various oscillations & mixings [Invited]
INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF NUCLEAR PHYSICS 39th Course (Erice school)   16 Sep 2017   Galileo Galilei Foundation, World Federation of Scientists, Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture
General Review on Neutrino Oscillation [Invited]
SUEKANE Fumihiko
GDR Neutrino meeting   29 May 2017   
Reactor theta13 measurement and Double Chooz Multi Detector Results [Invited]
Fumihiko Suekane
Workshop on France Japan Particle Physics Laboaratory   10 May 2017   IPHC
Neutrino Oscillation [Invited]
SUEKANE Fumihiko
Biennale APC 2017   24 Apr 2017   APC Lab.
Review of Short Baseline Programs in the World
The international workshop on future potential of high intensity accelerators for particle and nuclear physics (HINT2016)   8 Dec 2016   
R&D Experience for KamLAND 3M liter Liquid Scintillator Detector [Invited]
Frontiers of liquid Scintillator Technology (FroST16)   18 Mar 2016   
Hunt for Sterile Neutrinos: Decay at Rest Experiments [Invited]
Prospects in Neutrino Physics   16 Dec 2015
JPARC MLFでのステライルニュートリノ探索実験 JSNS2
東北大CYRICセミナー   5 Oct 2015   
Complementarity of T2K/HK with Other Longer Baseline Experiments [Invited]
Workshop for Neutrino Programs with Facilities in Japan   4 Aug 2015   
Japanese Reactor Neutrino Projects (History, Status and Future)
The International Workshop on Non Accelerator New Physics (NANPino-2013)   25 Jun 2013   
Future Prospects of Neutrino Oscillation through the window of theta13
UC Davis Physics Seminar   28 May 2013   
Status of KASKA Prototype R&D
8th Applied AntiNeutrino Physics(AAP2012)   4 Oct 2012   
Future Prospect (of neutrino physics)
日本物理学会   11 Sep 2012   
Application of Reactor Neutrinos
Neutrino 2012   4 Jun 2012
Double Chooz 1st Results and Related Topics
第25回 宇宙ニュートリノ研究会   29 Mar 2012   
The 1st Results from Double Chooz
JPARC Physics Seminar   14 Dec 2011   
English talk.
Double Chooz実験による ニュートリノ振動解析の最新結果
東京大学素粒子国際センター 物理セミナー   17 Nov 2011   
Double Chooz実験による ニュートリノ振動解析の最新結果
東北大学 GCOE セミナー   15 Nov 2011   
PMT status
Double Chooz Collaboration meeting   24 Oct 2011   
Lectures on Neutrino Physics
France Agea Particle Physics School   18 Oct 2011
原子炉θ13実験Double Choozの現状(for young theorists)
素粒子物理学の進展2011@京都大学基礎物理学研究所   10 Mar 2011   
日本物理学会   11 Sep 2010   
Status of the DoubleChooz experiment
Masaki, Ishitsuka
6th International workshop on Applied Antineutrino Physics   3 Aug 2010   
Status of the Double Chooz experiment
France-Japan Particle Physics Laboratory workshop   15 Jun 2010   
Prospects for Future Reactor Neutrino Experiments
Japan-US seminar on Double Beta Decay and Neutrinos   12 Oct 2009   
Prospects of Reactor neutrino Oscillation Experiments
International School of Nuclear Physics 31st Course Neutrinos in Cosmology, in Astro-, Particle- and Nuclear Physics (Erice School)   16 Sep 2009   
高エネルギー研究者会議将来検討委員会   5 Sep 2009   
Geo Neutrino Detection at KamLAND
5th Workshop on Applied Antineutrino Physics (AAP2009)-II   20 Mar 2009   
Made 2 talks on theta13 and geoneutrinos.
θ13: A Review of the Current Status of Double Chooz, Dayabay and Reno
5th Workshop on Applied Antineutrino Physics (AAP2009)-I   19 Mar 2009   
Made 2 talks on theta13 and geoneutrinos.
A High Precision Reactor Neutrino Detector for Double Chooz Experiment
Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics 2009 (TIPP09)   11 Mar 2009   
Study of Neutrino Detection at Joyo Fast Research Reactor
Focused Workshop on Antineutrino Detection for Safeguard Applications   28 Oct 2008   
Current and Future Reactor Based Reactor Neutrino Experiments
Physics of Massive Neutrinos   20 May 2008   
Status of Japanese Activities for DoubleChooz Experiment
French Japan Particle Physics Laboratory Workshop   15 May 2008   
日本物理学会   25 Mar 2008   
Status of the DoubleChooz Experiment
IPMU Focus Week (Neutrino Mass)   19 Mar 2008   
KASKA and Its Prototype
Applied Antineutrino Physics Workshop   13 Dec 2007   
A Trial of Neutrino Detection from Joyo Fast Research Reactor
JAEA-IAEA Workshop on Advanced Safeguards Technology for the Future Nuclear Fuel Cycle   14 Nov 2007   
Double Chooz: A Reactor theta-13 Experiment
International Workshop on Double Beta Decay and Neutrinos   13 Jun 2007   
R&D for Reactor theta-13 experiments
France-Japan Particle Physics Laboratory workshop   9 May 2007   
日本物理学会   25 Mar 2007   
KamLAND & KASKA Prototype (In view of safeguards)
Apploed Antineutrino Physics Workshop   24 Sep 2006   
Neutrino Oscillations: The Present and Perspectives
2nd Symposium on Neutrino and Dark matter in Nuclear Physics   3 Sep 2006   
Status of KASKA
Workshop on Systematic Errors in theta_13 Measurement at Nuclear Reactors   17 Feb 2006   
KASKA Project
Reactor Neutrino Planning Workshop   9 Dec 2005   
KASKA project
Particle and Nuclei International Conferfence, Satellite meeting   24 Oct 2005   
Reactor Neutrino Oscillations: KamLAND and KASKA
7th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections   3 Oct 2005   
International School of Nuclear Physics 27th Cource, Neutrinos in Cosmology, in Astro, Particle and Nuclear Physics (Erice School)   16 Sep 2005   
Status of the KASKA Project
4th Workshop for Future Low-Energy Neutrino Experiments   24 Feb 2005   
日本物理学会   28 Mar 2004   
Status of the KASKA Project
3rd Workshop for Future Low-Energy Neutrino Experiment   20 Mar 2004   
KASKA:(微)The Reactor theta13 Project in Japan
10th ICEPP Symposium   17 Feb 2004   
KASKA : The Japanese Reactor theta13 Experiment
2004 International Workshop on Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin   11 Feb 2004   
New Direction of particle physics (TEA03)   15 Oct 2003   
Status of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Project
2nd Workshop on Future Low-Energy Neutrino Experiments   9 Oct 2003   
Reactor sin^22\þeta13 Measurement
NuFact04J   16 May 2003   
A Realistic Idea of Precise sin^22theta_13 Measurement Using Reactor Neutrino
Workshop for Future Low-Energy Neutrino Experiments   30 Apr 2003   
precise sin^22\þeta_13 measurement using reactor neutrino
Baksan School   24 Apr 2003   
日本物理学会   30 Mar 2003   
A Preceise Measurement of sin^22th13 using Japanese Reactors
2003 International Workshop on Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin   10 Feb 2003   
A High Precision Measurement of sin^22¥Theta_ using Kashiwazaki Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant
第10回特定・宇宙ニュートリノ研究会   22 Nov 2002   
KamLAND and Its status
International Conference. on Nuclear Emulsion Technique   5 Mar 2002   
A Preceise Measurement of si^22¥theta_ using Japanese Reactors
NOON03   10 Feb 2002   
The KamLAND Experiment
The 5th KEK Topical Conference - Frontiers in Flavor Physics -   21 Nov 2001   
KamLAND and Its status
New Directions to Unified Theories   15 Oct 2000   
KamLAND (Physics, Technology and Construction status)
Nufactory2000   14 Sep 2000   
Status of the KamLAND Experiment
Europhysics Neutrino Oscillation Workshop (Now’98)   7 Sep 1998   
Status of the Kamland Experiment
1998 ASPEN Winter Conference   28 Jan 1998   
The Tohoku1000ton Liquid Scintillator Antineutrino Detector Project at Kamioka = Kam-LAND =
CIPANP07   1 Jun 1997   

Social Contribution

[Others]  30 Jul 2016
@東邦大学 習志野キャンパス
[TV or radio appearance, Contribution]  NHK  10 Nov 2011
2011年11月に発表したDouble Chooz実験結果に着いて。
[Others]  5 Oct 2015
[TV or radio appearance, Contribution]  朝日新聞  14 Jun 2012
ニュートリノ変化の兆候 短い距離でも確認
[TV or radio appearance, Contribution]  日本経済新聞  11 Nov 2011
2011年11月に発表したDouble Chooz実験結果に着いて。