YAMAOKA Tsuyoshi

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YAMAOKA Tsuyoshi
Former Institution / Organization Akita University Faculty of Education and Human Studies Program in School Education

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo


A chronological survey of utilization of bromthymol blue in science education of junior high schools in Japan.
Bulletin of Educational Research Institute   25    1988
On a false 'Respination-detecting experiment' which appears in some authoriged junior-high-school textbooks now in use in Japan.
Research Reports on Educational Technology, College of Education Akita University   9    1987
Changes in the coagulating ability of pectin during growth of soybean hypocotyls.
Plant and Cell Physiology   24(7)    1983
Purification of a cell wall bound pectin gelatinizing factor and examination of its identity with pectin methylesterase.
Botanical Magazine, Tokyo   96(1042)    1983
Analysis of extracellular macromolecular substances of tobacco cultured cells in comparison with cell-wall macromolecules,
Botanical Magazine, Tokyo   90(1019)    1975

Research Grants & Projects

development of students' concepts in elementary and secondary science education
Regulation of acid growth by calcium ions