OTA Nobuyoshi

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OTA Nobuyoshi
Tokyo Gakugei University
Faculty of Education, Foreign Languages and Foreign Literature

Research Areas



Hemingway and the Greco-Turkish War
The Rising Generation   145(5) 27-29   1999
Lily Briscoe and the Problem of Expression: The Social Function of Her Painting in To the Lighthouse
SHIRON   28 53-67   1989
Ironic Mode and Jacob's Room: Woolf's Modernist Experiment in Genre
BUNKA   53 1-13   1989
Empire, the Pacific, and Lawrence's Leadership Novels
-   Jun 2003
Representations of Anglo-Saxonism in Modernist Culture
-   2004

Books etc

Across the Generations: Selected Papers from the Twelfth Annual Virginia Woolf Conference "Generations, Legacies, and Imperialisms: The Greco-Turkish War and Jacob's Room"
Center for Virginia Woolf Studies at California State University <http://www.csub.edu/woolf_cener>   2003   
D. H. Lawrence: Literature, History, Culture
Kokusho-Kankoukai Press   Sep 2005   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Modernist Literature, Sexuality, and Cultural Studies