OTANI Hisako

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OTANI Hisako
Former Institution /Organization Ibaraki University College of Education Teacher Training Course(Educational Health)
Job title

Research Areas



Buildeing up Counseling Ability of SNT Part2 Our analysis of questionnaires revealing the conuseling ability of SNT
2(1) 39-45
The direction of research in our academic society "education for the school nurse-teacher" ; The tendency of research in academies on allied professions
1(1) 46-58
An Attempt in Freshman Seminer of School Nursing Teachers ; Encounter and Picture book Exercises in the Group Work
TheProcess of a Socialization in a Studend who Attend to thenSchool Infirmary Only -Considered from the Educational of School Health Nurse-
47(2) 116-128   2005
Analysis of "school nursing"measures:a case study of first aid treatments
Studies in School Health Counseling   1(1)    2005

Research Grants & Projects

Progressing the Abilities for the School Nurse
Project Year: 1969   
Training and Education for School Nurse
Project Year: 1969   
Health Counseling by School Nurse
Project Year: 1992