NAMIKI Takayasu

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NAMIKI Takayasu
Master of Arts(Tokyo University of Education(Japan))

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Ibaraki University College of Education, Teacher Training Course(English Language Education)
:Assistant, College of Education
:Lecturer, College of Education
:Conducted linguistic research, specifically English morphology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst on all-expense Fulbright grant
:Associate Professor, College of Education


English Linguistics, Graduate School, Division of Letters, Graduate School, Tokyo University of Education

Committee Memberships

Vice-Chair of the Editorial Board of English Linguistics (2001-2003), Chair of the Editorial Board of English Linguistics (2003-2005), Councilor of the English Linguistic Society of Japan (1990- )
Apr 1998
Morphology and Lexicon Forum  
Nov 1983
The English Linguistic Society of Japan  
Nov 2003
Nov 2005
The English Linguistic Society of Japan  Chair of the Editorial Board of English Linguistics
Nov 2001
Oct 2003
The English Linguistic Society of Japan  Vice-Chair of the Editorial Board of English Linguistics


Changes from Affixes to Words: in English and Japanese
Takayasu Namiki
Omika Studies in English Language and Literature   (18) 1-19   2014
An Interesting Phenomenon in English Grammar and Interface between English Grammar and Word Formation
Takayasu Namiki
Bulletin of the College of Education, Ibaraki University (Educational Sciences)   (増刊) 229-243   2014
Compounds and Derivatives
Takayasu Namiki
Lexicon Forum   (6) 43-57   2013
On the Promotion of Awareness of Language at Elementary Schools: Compounds and Foreign Language Activities at Elementary Schools
Takayasu Namiki
53-79   2012
Designing Japanese Language Activities for In-service Primary Teacher Training on Foreign Language Activities
Shin'ichi Inoi, Takayasu Nsmiki, and Hidetoshi Ssito
Bulletin of the College of Education, Ibaraki University (Educational Science)   (60) 97-109   2011

Books etc

The Basics of English Linguistics: A Contrastive Study of English and Japanese
Kurosio Publisher   2013   ISBN:978-4-87424-600-9
The Secret of the Structure of Words: An Investigation into Word Formation of English and Japanese
Kaitakusha Publishing Co., Ltd.   2009   ISBN:978-4-7589-2514-3
Fields of Linguistics (I)
Asakura Publishing Co.   2009   ISBN:978-4-254-51561-9
Word Formation in English
1995   ISBN:4-13-015103-7
Word Formation in English
Taishukan Publishing Company   1985   ISBN:4-469-14212-3 C3382

Conference Activities & Talks

Generalization of Meaning in the Head of Compound Nouns
Compound-specific semantic concepts: The case of "compound-specific submeanings"
Unusual properties of compounds made of foreeign words in Japanese: The case of "rinse in shampoo"


Toward the Advanced Processing of Natural Languages
Grammatical, Semantic, and Morphological Properties of the Lexicon of Japanese
Oct 2009
An Integrated Study of English Grammar on the Basis of the Theory of Language Acquisition
Apr 1985 - Mar 1987

Research Grants & Projects

Compounding in Present-day English
Project Year: 1985   
Universalities in Word Formation
Project Year: 1993   
Complex Elements in Compounds
Project Year: 1998   
A Neurolinguistics Study of Word Formation Processes