SASAKI Hiroshi

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SASAKI Hiroshi
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Ibaraki University

Research Interests


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Academic & Professional Experience

Professor,Dean of the College of Humanities,Dean of the Graduate School of Humanities, Ibaraki University The College of Humanities, Department of Humanities and Communication Studies


Book Review ; Hiroshi Hojo, The Study of Land Tax Reform in the Early Era of Meiji.
Socio-Economic History   58(6) 112-116   1993
Vniqueness of Japanese Capitalism
Jokyo      1993
The Illustrated Japanese Economical History in Eleven Volumes
KEIZAI ORAI      1991
Okamidanomi Structured by the Meiji Revolution
KEIZAI ORAI      1991
Gevernmental Notes in the First Year in the Meiji Era
REKISHI TO CHIRI   415   1990

Books etc

Historical Science and Now
The Power of the Bakuhan and the Meiji Revolution
The Land Tax Refrom
A New Version of the History of Saitama Prefecture ; Book V on its Whole History
The History of Yono City ; Book II on its Whole History in Collaboration

Research Grants & Projects

The Regional History of Modern Ibaraki Prefecture
The Land Tax Refrom
The Refrom of Agricultural Land in Japan