EDA Hiroshi

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EDA Hiroshi
Former Institution /Organization Ibaraki University College of Engineering Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering
Job title
Dr.Eng.(Osaka University)

Research Areas


Awards & Honors

Certificate of Appreciation
Top cited articles from 2003 – 2004 - Precision Engineering -


Ultraprecise Machine Tool Equipped with a Giant Magnetostriction Actuator - Development of New Materials, Tb_x_Dy_1-x_(Fe_y_Mn_1-y_)_n_, and Their Applications
Annals of the CIRP   41(1)    1992
Fracture and Deformation of Alloy Metal Grains in Ground Surface - Ground Surface Layer Obtained by the Use of CBN, Diamond and WA Grinding Wheels -
Bull. JSPE   14(1)    1980
Verhalten und Schleifvermogen einer NC-Flachen Schleifmaschine mit Adaptiver Reglung
Werkstatt und Betrieb   113(6)    1980
The Formation Mechanism of Ground White Layer
Bull. JSME   24(190)    1981
Influence of Martensite Amount on Machinability of Steels in Turning with CBN Tools
Bull. JSPE   16(4)    1982

Books etc

Ultra Precision Mechining
Torikeps Co. Ltd   1986   
Abrasive Grinding Engineering
By JSPE   1987   
Opitical and Magnetic Memory Enginineering
By JSPE   1992   
Metal Handbook
By JIM   1990   
Precisiun Machining Handbook
By JSPE   1990   

Conference Activities & Talks

Surface Grinding Layer in Carbon Steel
15th Jap. Cong. Mat. Res.   1972   
Reduction of Tool Wear by Jet Infusion Method of Cutting Fluid
21st Jap. Cong. Mat. Res.   1978   
Electron Microfractography of Cutting Edges of Borazon CBN Abrasives
20th Jap. Cong. Mat. Res.   1977   
Topography of Chips Formed by Grinding
20th Jap. Cong. Mat. Res.   1977   
On the Topography of Cutting Chips
20th Jap. Cong. Mat. Res.   1977   


Molecular dynamics Simulation of friction on atomic scale
Computer Simulation in Abrasive Grinding Process, Int, Jour. JSPE, Review
Production and Humanity
Study on Ultra Fine Machining Technology of Semiconductor Material
Study on Development of Probing System for Evaluation such as Semiconductor Circuit
Artistic Activity   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Micromachining of Carbon Steel
Basic Science Research Program
Project Year: 2000 - 2008
Study on Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Machining
Basic Science Research Program
Project Year: 1998 - 2005
Development of Micro Manipulation System in Scanning Electron Microscope
Project Year: 1996 - 2002
Development of Cell Automatic Manipulation System
Project Year: 2002 - 2006
New Advanced Materials, Mesoscopical Mat
Basic Science Research Program
Project Year: 1988 - 2008