IRIE Yasutaka

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IRIE Yasutaka
Utsunomiya University
Graduate School of Engineering, Master's Courses・Doctor's Course
Job title
Associate Professor
Other affiliation
Utsunomiya University

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology


The dynamic soil-building interaction and the reduction of input motion of contemporary timber houses
Proc. of the13th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering      Aug 2004
2004.8 (Vancouver, Canada),     
A study on seismic perfermance and seismic diagnosis, seismic retrofit of Japanese temple
Proc. of the13th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering      Aug 2004
2004.8 (Vancouver, Canada)     
Dynamic characteristics of a R/C building of five stories based on microtremor measurements and earthquake observations
Proc. of the 12th world conference of earth quake engineering, 2000      2000
Wave propagation in soils and wooden houses due tu moving traffic excitations
Proc.of the 11th world conference on Earthquake Engineering,1996      1996
Wave propagation of microtremors generated by motorcars at the vicinity of a cliff
Proc. of the 9th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering   2    1989

Research Grants & Projects

Site observation of traditional wooden houses and design of shear frames
Dynamic characteristics of buildings based on earthquake observations
Input motion to timber houses