SHUTO Toshimoto

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SHUTO Toshimoto
Saitama University
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伊多波 美奈, 首藤 敏元
埼玉大学紀要. 教育学部   66(1) 117-128   2017
Factors facilitating participation in volunteer activities were investigated. Participants were university students (N=50), who applied to volunteer in supporting camping activities of handicapped children. Participants were required to respond to...
名尾典子, 登張真稲, 首藤敏元, 大山智子, 田村沙織
日本発達心理学会大会プログラム(CD-ROM)   27th ROMBUNNO.PB‐36   2016
扇原 貴志, 首藤 敏元
埼玉大学紀要. 教育学部   65(1) 1-14   2016
Relationships between university students' past experience of contact with infants and feelings they had on such occasions were quantitatively investigated. A questionnaire survey was conducted with university students (N = 314). First, a scale fo...
伊多波 美奈, 首藤 敏元
埼玉大学紀要. 教育学部   65(2) 35-46   2016
Correlations between university students' volunteer experiences and their expectations about the results of volunteer activities, self-efficacy, as well as cooperativeness were investigated. A questionnaire survey was conducted with university stu...
登張 真稲, 名尾 典子, 首藤 敏元, 大山 智子, 木村 あやの
人間科学研究   (37) 151-164   2015

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風間書房   Mar 2003   ISBN:4759913661
金子書房   1995   
日本図書センター   1999   

Conference Activities & Talks

Beliefs of east Asian adolescents regarding maternal love and moral autonomy
International Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology.   2004   
Judgments of personal-moral issues in the family: A comparison of six Asian societies.
International Congress of Psychology   2004   
日本パーソナリティ心理学会第13回大会発表論文集   2004   
夫婦と親子の葛藤場面における自己決定の所在 日本(埼玉)と中国(山西省)の幼児を持つ親の判断の分析を通して
日本教育心理学会第46回総会発表論文集   2004   
日本発達心理学会第16回大会発表論文集   2005   

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