KOZAI Toyoki

KOZAI Toyoki

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KOZAI Toyoki
Chiba University
Job title
Chiba University
Doctor of Agriculture(The University of Tokyo), Master of Agriculture(The University of Tokyo)

Awards & Honors

Prize for Academic Achievement awarded by Japanese Society of Agricultural Meteorology
Prize for Academic Achievement awarded by Japanese Society of High Technology in Agriculture
Prize for Academic Achievemnet awarded by Japanese Society of Environment control in Biology
Prize for Academic Achievemnt awarded by Japanese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and by Yomiuri Newspaper Co.
International Scientific and Technological Award awarded by Kunming City, People's Republic of China


Photoautotrophic growth of sugarcane plantlets in vitro as affected by photosynthetic photon flux and vessel air exchanges(jointly worked) (jointly worked)
Growth and water relations of Paulownia fortunei under photomixotrophic and photoautotrophic conditions (jointly worked) (jointly worked)
Closed systems with artificial lighting for production of high quality transplants using minimum resource and environmental pollution (jointly worked) (jointly worked)
In situ estimation of carbon balance of in vitro sweetpotato and tomato plantlets cultured with varying initial sucrose concentrations in the medium (jointly worked) (jointly worked)
A preliminary experiment to simulate evapotranspiration rate of plug transplant trays in a closed transplant production system (jointly worked) (jointly worked)