ENDO Takeshi

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ENDO Takeshi
Chiba University
Job title
Chiba University
Ph.D.(University of Tsukuba), M.Sc.(Chiba University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2017
Professor, Graduate School of Science, Chiba University
Apr 2007
Mar 2017
Professor, Graduate School of Science, Chiba University
Apr 2005
Mar 2007
Professor, Faculty of Science, Chiba University
May 1993
Mar 2005
Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, Chiba University
Dec 1989
Apr 1993
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science, Chiba University
Sep 1987
Nov 1989
Research Associate, Faculty of Science, Chiba University
Apr 1984
Aug 1987
Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School/Children's Hospital Boston


Apr 1980
Mar 1984
Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tsukuba
Apr 1978
Mar 1980
Graduate School of Science, Chiba University
Apr 1974
Mar 1978
Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Chiba University

Published Papers

Takahashi K, Itakura E, Takano K, Endo T.
Exp. Cell Res.   376(2) 168-180   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
Kanno E, Kawasaki O, Takahashi K, Takano K, Endo T.
Exp. Cell Res.   362(1) 111-120   Jan 2018   [Refereed]
Maeda R, Tamashiro H, Takano K, Takahashi H, Suzuki H, Saito S, Kojima W, Adachi N, Ura K, Endo T, Tamura T.
J. Biol. Chem.   282(8) 3201-3212   Feb 2017   [Refereed]
Endo T.
Bone   80 2-13   Nov 2015   [Refereed][Invited]
Watanabe-Takano H, Takano K, Hatano M, Tokuhisa T, Endo, T.
PLoS One   10(5) e0127888   May 2015   [Refereed]
Watanabe-Takano H, Takano K, Sakamoto A, Matsumoto K, Tokuhisa T, Endo T* (*corresponding author), Hatano M*.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA   111(22) E2291-E2300   Jun 2014   [Refereed]
Yamamoto DL, Vitiello C, Zhang J, Gokhin DS, Castaldi A, Coulis G, Piaser F, Filomena MC, Eggenhuizen PJ, Kunderfranco P, Camerini S, Takano K, Endo T, Crescenzi M, Luther P, Lieber RL, Chen J, Bang M-L.
J. Cell Sci.   126(23) 5477-5489   Dec 2013   [Refereed]
Koizumi K, Takano K, Kaneyasu A, Watanabe-Takano H, Tokuda E, Abe T, Watanabe N, Takenawa T, Endo T.
Mol. Biol. Cell   23(23) 4647-4661   Dec 2012   [Refereed]
Mayer SI, Müller I, Mannebach S, Endo T, Thiel G.
J. Biol. Chem.   286(12) 10084-10096   Mar 2011   [Refereed]
Takano K, Watanabe-Takano H, Suetsugu S, Kurita S, Tsujita K, Kimura S, Karatsu T, Takenawa T, Endo, T.
Science   330(6010) 1536-1540   Dec 2010   [Refereed]

Books etc

Protein Modifications in Pathogenic Dysregulation of Signaling (Inoue J, Takekawa M, eds)
Endo T, Takano K (Part:Contributor, Actin filament formation in myofibrils and cell protrusions regulated by signal transduction.)
Springer   2015   
Methods in Enzymology, Vol. 403: GTPases Regulating Membrane Targeting and Fusion (Balch WE, Der CD, Hall A, eds)
Sun P, Endo T. (Part:Contributor, Assays for functional properties of Rab34 in macropinosome formation.)
Elsevier Academic Press   2005   
Reactivation of the Cell Cycle in Terminally Differentiated Cells (Crescenzi M, ed)
Endo T. (Part:Contributor, Reversal of terminally differentiated state in skeletal myocytes by SV40 large T antigen.)
Landes Bioscience   2002   
Cellular and Molecular Biology of Muscle Development (Stockdale F, Kedes L, eds)
Endo T, Nadal-Ginard B. (Part:Contributor, SV40 T antigen induces reentry of terminally differentiated myotubes into the cell cycle.)
Alan R. Liss, Inc.   1989   
Calcium-Binding Proteins in Health and Disease
Nadal-Ginard B, Gallego M, Andreadis A, Breitbart RE, Yu Y-T, Koren G, White G, Bouvagnet P, Endo T, Mahdavi V. (Part:Contributor, Promoter selection and alternative pre-mRNA splicing are used to generate complex contractile protein phenotypes.)
Academic Press   1987   

Conference Activities & Talks

Molecular mechanisms of myofibrillogenesis in skeletal and cardiac muscles [Invited]
Endo T.
Symposium of the 94th Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Japan “The Frontiers of Muscle Physiology: Molecular Mechanisms of Muscle Formation and Diseases”   28 Mar 2017   The Physiological Society of Japan
Signal transduction mechanisms regulating myofibrillogenesis and alveolarization
Endo T.
2nd International Symposium on Protein Modifications in Pathogenic Dysregulation of Signaling   23 Jan 2015   KAKENHI for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas “Protein Modifications in Pathogenic Dysregulation of Signaling”
Nebulin-mediated N-WASP activation is required for IGF-1-induced muscle formation [Invited]
Endo T, Takano K, Watanabe-Takano H, Suetsugu S, Takenawa T.
BMB2008 Symposium   11 Dec 2008   
Muscle dedifferentiation and regeneration induced by AAV vector-mediated gene transfer [Invited]
Endo T, Ohgoshi Y, Kurose T, Yamada K, Mizukami H, Kume A, Ozawa K.
The 2nd Nikko International Symposium 2005 (Jichi Medical School 21st Century COE Program)   30 Sep 2005   Jichi Medical School
Molecular mechanisms of myocyte migration and myofibrillogenesis during skeletal muscle regeneration [Invited]
Endo T, Takano K, Watanabe H, Kawamura K, Kurita S.
6th French–Japanese Workshop on Muscular Dystrophies   2 Jul 2005