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Chiba University
Graduate School of Science, Earth Sciences
Job title
Doctor of Science(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Research funding number

Research Areas

  • Earth and planetary science / Geology / Geomorphology

Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 2006
Professor, Division of Earth Science, Graduate School of Sci., Chiba University
Apr 1995
Sep 2006
Associate Professor, Department of Earth Science, Fac. of Sci., Chiba University
Mar 1989
Mar 1995
Associate assistant, Department of Geoscience, Fac. of Sci., Chiba University


Apr 1981
Mar 1987
Department of Geography, Graduate School of Faculty, Tokyo Metropolitan Univesity

Published Papers

Paleo-uplift along the Kaikōura coastline: evidence from Holocene marine terraces
Litchfield, N, Clark, K., Miyauchi, T., Berryman, K., Barrell, D., Brown, L., Ota, T. and Fujimora, T.
INQUA-PATA      Nov 2017   [Refereed][Invited]
Ishimura, D. and Miyauchi, T.
Marine Geology   286 126-139   Feb 2016   [Refereed]
The source model and recurrence interval of Genroku-type Kanto earthquakes estimated from pale-shoreline data
Sato, T., Higuchi, H., Miyauchi, T., Endo, K., Tsumura, N., Ito, T., Noda, A. and Matsu’ura, M.
68 10   Jan 2016   [Refereed]
Hashima, A, Sato, T., Sato, H., Asao, K., Furuya, H., Yamamoto, S., Miyauchi, T., Ito, T., Tsumura, N. and Kaneda, H.,
Tecotonophysics   679 1-14   2016   [Refereed]
Tsumura, N., Komada, N., Sano, J., Kikuchi, S., Yamamoto, S., Ito, T., Sato, T., Miyauchi, T., Kawamura, T. and Shishikura
Tectonophysics   472 39-50   2009   [Refereed]


Detailed djigital Active fault map of Japan, new edtion
140   Mar 2018
Structurally controlled geomorphology in the southern Boso Peninsula: investigation using seismic reflection profiling
Late Quaternary Marine terrace correlation and chronology in the northern Northeast Japan
Marine terraces in the Tobi-shima Island, Japan
An introductory review of recent Chronostratigraphical Studies on Quaternary marine Sediments and Terraces in Italy
Geophysical exploration of the subsurface structure of the Median Tectonic Live, East Shikoku, Japan
Fault features and three dimensional display of the Ota fault in the central part of the 1896 Riku-u Earthquake fault
Precise location map and late Quaternary activity of the Western marginal active fault zone(Nishine faults group)of the Shizukuishi Basin, Northeast Japan
Precizelocation and subsurface tectonic structures of the western marginal fault zone of the Tsugaru Mounteins, Northeast Japan
Holocene activity of the northern and southern marginal faults of Kamogawa Graben in the Boso Peninsula, central Japan
The Working group of compilation of 1 : 2,000,000 Actine faults map of Japan.
Holocene Geomorphic Development related to Seismotectonics in coastal lowlands of the Boso Peninsula, central Japan
Timing and reccurence interval of the Taisho-type earthquake, analysing Holocene emerged shoreline topography in the Iwai Lowland, the southwestern part of the Boso Peninsula, Central Japan
Detection of Seismic scatters and their geological interpretation around an active fault : the median tectonic Line(MTL), northevestern Kii Peninsula, Japan
Late Quaternary activity of the western marginal fault zone of Nagai Basin, Northeast Japan
Late Quaternary evolution and activity of the northern part of the western marginal fault zone of Nagano Basin, Central Japan
Datazione del methodo Th230/U234 di Cladocora Coespitosa(121Ka) in depositi a Strombus bubonius(Vibo Valentia Marina, Italia meridionale)
Geochronology of Pleistocene marine terraces and regional tectonics in the Tyhhrenian coast, South Calabria, Italy
Vertical tectonic movement in northeastern Marlborough : Stratigraphic, radiocarbon, and paleoecological data from Holocene estuaries
Pleistocene coastal terraces of Kaikoura Peninsula and the Marlborough coast, South Island, New Zealand
Late Quaternary regional crustal movement in the Korea Peninsula and Japanese Islands through paleoshoreline Analysis
Active faults of Japan
Press of University of Tokyo      1991
Tectonic Geomorphology
Kokon-shoin      1990
Enrironmental Earth Sciences
Asakura shoten      1996
Landforms of the World
University of Tokyo Press      1997

Research Grants & Projects

Active morophotectonics and paleoseismology